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APRIL 2018
Our Plans for Spring

American Circumcision: The Movie
Spring seems to be on its way, and with it, Brendon Marotta’s new award-winning documentary “American Circumcision” is making its way across the United States. Somehow, in just under two hours, this young filmmaker has managed to raise and explore the major themes of this most-disturbing American custom. Click here for a list of upcoming screenings, and here if you’d like to organize a screening in your town or city.

Measuring Public Opinion: Intact America’s National Survey
Intact America needs your help to launch a national survey about Americans’ attitudes toward circumcision. Read more about it in our "Do You Know" section.

Plans for NYC Pride
June is Pride month in New York City and many other cities around the country. Intact America will be representing! We’ll have many, many marchers in the parade, and an awesome booth at PrideFest, the street fair being held in Washington Square Park.
If you’d like to march or volunteer for the booth, send us an email at [email protected]. Also, let us know about intactivist Pride activities in other cities – and we’ll share the news on Facebook.

 Foreskin Protection Campaign
Later this year, we’ll be rolling out our Foreskin Protection Campaign. Stay tuned for details!




15th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy & Children's Rights: San Francisco, CA May 4 – 6, 2018. More info >>

Toronto Sun: Hassan: Circumcision laws can be drafted that don't infringe upon religious rights. More info >>

Rights Info: Child rights and religious freedoms collide in the infant male circumcision debate. Read more >>

BBC: 'No-consent' circumcision doctor will not be prosecuted. Read more >>

BBC: Should child circumcision be outlawed?

Huron Daily Tribune: New pediatrician values rural healthcare. Read more >>

Westword: The fight against circumcision in Colorado and beyond. Read more >>

Advocate: What circumcision and 'religious freedom' have in common.



A couple of years before our 35-year-old son’s accidental death, he challenged me with the question of why he was circumcised at birth. I was a bit taken aback but apologized profusely, while stammering something about how we thought we were doing what was best for him and that infant circumcision was at that time considered routine. He didn’t pursue the topic, but I sensed my response did not totally satisfy him. I suspect he never fully forgave us.

The truth is that I was a cocky, ill-informed 25-year-old when I made that decision. (His mom left the decision to me.) I focused on such things as his potential acceptance in the locker rooms of his life rather than honoring and respecting him as a beautifully formed, embodied being. Read more >>

Interested in lending your voice? Send an email to [email protected], giving us a brief summary of what you would like to write about, and we will get back to you.



If you’ve been listening to the news lately, you know that data rules! And Intact America is working hard to get the data we need to change the way America thinks about circumcision.

Intact America conducted its first nationwide opinion survey in 2014. That survey found that only 10 percent of the American public disapproved of “routine” circumcision. The survey also revealed that neither human rights nor children’s rights arguments were persuasive for the vast majority of people surveyed. As a consequence of that survey, we changed our messaging considerably, focusing on the positive aspects of being intact and on the foreskin’s value. Now, Intact America is about to conduct a follow-up survey to measure whether Americans’ attitudes have changed since 2014. We need your help to accomplish that, and, of course, we’ll share the findings with you!

Whether you’re selling a new energy drink, recruiting young people to join the military, or peddling the latest weight-loss fad, having good information about the characteristics of your target audience is all-important. That’s what market research is all about — essentially, surveying the current behavior, thinking and preferences of your target audience.

Market research also is critical when you are “selling” an idea or concept. For instance, when you are trying to change somebody’s beliefs, first, you need to know what they believe NOW, what shapes the decisions they make, and what would motivate them to change their preferences. THEN, based on that research, you can craft persuasive arguments and messaging for that audience.

Later, to know if you’re making a difference, you can look at any number of indicators. In the commercial world, you’d look at sales numbers: did the sales of your energy drink increase since you started your advertising campaign? For military recruiting, you’d look at enlistment trends — but you might also want to know whether your campaign changed people’s minds about serving in the military; after all, potential recruits will be influenced by their families and friends opinions, too. For an idea or concept — like Intactivism for example, you will want to know what your audience thinks about circumcision and the intact male penis — and you’ll want to compare those results since the last time you conducted your survey.

The goal? We are aiming to reach a tipping point — that time when a critical mass (20-25 percent) of Americans believe that the intact male body is normal, and that keeping babies intact is normal and desirable.

But survey research is expensive, and we need your help. Please support Intact America’s survey initiative. Help us shape and measure intactivism’s progress toward the tipping point!



Every week, our YouTube curator and former Intactivist of the Month, Shelton Walden uploads both new and vintage clips, covering the many perspectives of circumcision in the United States and beyond.

Feel free to browse our videos and audio files, and share them with friends. Subscribe today!




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