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MARCH 2018
Proposed Ban on Child Circumcision in Iceland

Circumcision is rare throughout Europe. Countries that have proposed banning infant and child circumcision in recent years include Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Greenland. None have been successful yet, though such a ban would be consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which recognizes children’s rights to form and express their own religious beliefs, and also states that countries should ban practices prejudicial to the health of children.

Most recently known as a hot spot for cool tourists, now it’s Iceland making international headlines because of a proposed bill that would outlaw circumcision for children under 18 years of age. With a population of only 335,000 people – barely larger than that of Corpus Christi, Texas – and a land mass slightly smaller than the state of Kentucky, Iceland has captured world attention as it struggles for children’s rights in opposition to those who claim that a ban on child circumcision is a threat to religious freedom.

The proposed bill, introduced in February, has the support of large numbers of physicians and nurses. According to a spokesperson from the Progressive party – one of the four political parties supporting it – the bill simply replaces the word “girls” in a 2005 law banning female genital mutilation with the gender-neutral word “children.”

Jewish, Muslim and – most recently – Catholic leaders have expressed the fear summarized recently by the Bishop of Iceland Agnes M. Sigurðardóttir, that “… if this bill becomes law, … Judaism and Islam will become criminalised religions, [and] individuals who subscribe to these faiths will be banned in this country and unwelcome.”

This assertion is clearly rhetorical, and meant to intimidate those who would protect children from the painful, unnecessary surgical removal of part of their genitals.

Furthermore, young children have not yet formed their own religious beliefs, and permanently marking their bodies in a religious or cultural ritual clearly deprives them of the ability to make their own autonomous choices.

Intact America believes that all children – regardless of their race, ethnicity, or culture of origin – have the right to be protected from bodily harm.

We recognize the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their own cultural and religious standards. However, this right is not limitless. A child’s right to bodily integrity outweighs parental preference, cultural norms, and religious rituals.

Georganne Chapin




Genital Integrity Awareness Week 2018: Washington, D.C. March 28 – April 3, 2018. More info >>

15th Internation Genital Autonomy Symposium: San Francisco, CA May 4 – 6, 2018. More info >>

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Since the mid-1990s, I have been deeply immersed in the frustrating and maddeningly thorny topic of male circumcision. Like a bolt from the sky, I was struck hard and deep by the realization that in the United States of America, boys are being systematically assaulted and deprived of their normal genitalia for life.

That bolt from the sky came from a woman named Polly Strand. In 1994, I was a producer and host at WBAI Radio in New York City. I hosted a fairly popular public affairs show called “Walden’s Pond,” and Polly, who lived in California, was the show’s producer. Read more >>

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The 15th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy & Children’s Rights will be held in San Francisco, May 4 – 6, 2018.

The Symposium has a long and illustrious history. Created by Marilyn Milos, founder of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (or NOCIRC), now renamed Genital Autonomy – America, the first Symposium was held in 1989. The impetus for that gathering was to support a resolution by John Hardeback, MD, which called for the California Medical Association to rescind its pro-circumcision statement (authored by the late Aaron Fink, MD) that had been passed the previous year. Since then, a Symposium has been held every two years at locations around the world, serving as a centerpiece of the children’s rights movement. Over nearly three decades, attendees have included social scientists, philosophers, attorneys, clinicians, clergy and grassroots activists – all focused on protecting children from the unconsented-to removal of their healthy genital tissue, for cultural, religious or pseudo-medical justifications.

This year, the Symposium will return to the venue of the 1991 gathering – the lovely Hotel Kabuki in the center of San Francisco. Featured presentations/events include:

— A keynote address by Brian Earp.

— Screening of "American Circumcision", the newly released film by Brendon Marotta.

— An update from Dr. Antony Lempert about intactivist activities in Europe.

— An intactivist strategy session.

— A special Sunday night banquet performance by New York blues singer Audra (MsBlu) Berger.

— And most importantly – the opportunity to socialize, analyze and strategize with dozens of your colleagues – people who don’t need an explanation of why cutting children’s genitals is not ok.

On Monday morning, May 7, in celebration of the Worldwide Day of Genital Autonomy, there will be a demonstration at the San Francisco Ferry Building.

For more information about the Symposium, and to register, see here.




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