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It’s a critical time for Intact America and the intactivist movement. Now — more than ever — we need help from dedicated, serious intactivists like you, to keep up the momentum toward the critical tipping point — where keeping boys intact is “the new normal.”


In 2014, Intact America commissioned a nationwide survey of Americans’ attitudes and beliefs about circumcision. The results showed that the vast majority of our fellow citizens were either oblivious about circumcision, or — if they’d thought about it at all — considered cutting the genitals of baby boys to be beneficial, or at least harmless. We also found that a great majority of them were not moved by arguments about human rights.


IA took those findings to heart. With the results of the survey, and additional feedback and observations, we have been working steadily and strategically to develop and disseminate new and powerful messages, targeted not just to die-hard intactivists (we already “have” them), and certainly not to die-hard opponents (that would be a waste of time). Rather, we are crafting messages designed for everyday people who are uninformed, misinformed, or simply curious about this practice that they’ve always accepted as normal.


We identify this audience as “the persuadable public.” Messages for reaching “persuadables” include foreskin-positive information as well as personal stories from parents who regret having circumcised their sons, parents who have protected their sons, and adult men and women talking about how circumcision has impacted their lives. Our first step toward reaching this demographic, was the launch of our new website CirumcisionDebate.org, which was featured in the mobile billboard that toured the public streets of Chicago during the annual convention of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Social change research tells us that to achieve a dramatic shift in popular opinion, 20 to 25% of the adult population needs to accept the new alternative. With regard to circumcision, this doesn’t mean that newly converted individuals need to be ardent intactivists; it only means that they accept intactness as, essentially, an unremarkable, fact of life. It means that they don’t bat an eyelash when they find out that their future grandson will not be circumcised. It means that they think of the foreskin as a normal, healthy part of the male anatomy. When all of this occurs, we will indeed have achieved a profound cultural shift.


To change the status quo, to reach a tipping point, Intact America needs to expand our influence and leverage our gains. What does all this mean for people like you, people who are already on the right side of the issue? It means Intact America truly needs your support. Now.


If you’ve been with us these last eight years, then we know this issue REALLY matters to you. That’s why you’re reading this newsletter. That’s why you’re helping us to continue this fight. You care about the wellbeing of baby boys and the men they will become. You care about the harm that’s been done, and want to make sure that harm will cease for today’s boys — tomorrow’s men — and their loved ones.


Over the years, donations from die-hard intactivists have enabled Intact America to grow, to create new communication channels, and to reach an ever-larger audience of persuadables, and I am so grateful for that support. But to ensure that our progress continues, we need your financial support, and the support of your persuadables — friends, family, colleagues and neighbors. Tell them about your commitment to protecting the rights of all children, and tell them how important Intact America is in that fight. Encourage them to check out CircumcisionDebate.org. Give them the opportunity to get on board with one of the most important human rights issues of the 21st Century.

Georganne Chapin


P.S. Thank you for your dedication. And thank you for being willing to leverage our progress by reaching out, and finding your “persuadables.”



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One of Intact America's greatest strengths is the diverse and supportive intactivist community. Our "Intactivist of the Month" segment highlights some of the most ardent opponents of infant and childhood circumcision, whose tireless efforts will ensure a future where all babies are kept intact.

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 By Georganne Chapin 

Congratulations! You gave birth to a baby boy, you protected him from circumcision, and you took him home whole, happy and peaceful!

So — we’re good! That should be the end of it, right?

Unfortunately, too often that’s NOT the end of it. Most North American health care professionals are woefully uninformed about the anatomy, functions, development, and care of the normal penis. And, also unfortunately, many of them are ready, willing — and even insistent — on trying to turn your boy’s healthy, normal foreskin into a problem.

Every few days, either via Facebook or email, Intact America hears from a parent who’s taken their baby to the doctor for a well-child visit, and encountered unexpected trouble. Read more >>



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