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First, we want to thank everyone who’s contributed to Intact America’s 10th birthday campaign. The campaign raised $11,000 in one-time donations and $600 in first-month recurring donations; we are very excited that more and more of our supporters are choosing the monthly donation option, so projecting forward, the campaign will result in an additional $7,000 over the next 12 months. It’s your help that makes our work possible.

Speaking of work, I want to point out one of Intact America’s most significant accomplishments – one that helps us to measure progress toward our goal of changing the way America thinks about circumcision. We are the only inactivist organization that has conducted statistically valid national surveys about circumcision, and we’ve done three – two of them in 2018.

The first survey sought to measure the change in public opinion from the original study conducted in 2014, asking respondents whether they agreed or disagreed with the statement: “Baby boys should be kept intact (uncircumcised).” In 2018, a full 14 percent of respondents expressed agreement – up an astonishing four percentage points from 2014. We attribute this to a very real change in people’s awareness about how unnecessary circumcision is, and how normal the intact penis is. At this rate, and with your help, we WILL reach that tipping point we keep talking about.

The second survey this year sought to measure the extent of a growing problem as more boys are kept intact – forcible foreskin retraction. Intact America has gotten an increasing number of complaints from parents whose intact sons were subjected to forcible retraction of their foreskins, so we decided to measure the scope of the problem. Our survey asked a national sample of parents of intact boys 6 years old or younger whether their sons had ever experienced forcible retraction at the hands of an adult. We found that more than 40 percent of the boys in question have been victims of this painful and damaging practice – mostly at the hands of medical professionals, and this despite the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics unequivocally condemns the practice.

As a result of this finding, Intact America has launched its Foreskin Protection Campaign. Phase One consists of data collection: the survey and soliciting stories from parents whose sons have experienced forced retraction. These stories are rolling in – and each one is horrifying. In the first half of Phase Two, we’ll compile these responses into a Voices essay for our newsletter. We will also send a report to the American Academy of Pediatrics, informing them of the extent to which their recommendations are being routinely violated and asking them to issue a prominent warning and undertake to educate their members and pediatric facilities around the nation.

Surveys are very expensive. Even a small national survey costs nearly $10,000. We are so fortunate to have raised sufficient funds in our 10th birthday campaign to cover the cost of the two surveys from 2018. Your ongoing support will help us continue to survey our progress. It will also help us to expand the Foreskin Protection Campaign efforts to reach more parents, more child caregivers, and more doctors and nurses.  It’s all part of changing the way America thinks about circumcision!

We will keep you updated on future efforts. And, please continue to post in your stories on our registry. They do make a huge difference.




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Even sixty-four years later, I can still remember the seemingly trivial conversation between my father and I that devastated my sexual integrity and eliminated my trust in my father’s benevolence towards me. 

Interested in lending your voice? Send an email to [email protected], giving us a brief summary of what you would like to write about, and we will get back to you.




In 2014, Intact America commissioned a national survey that asked (among many other questions) respondents; “Should baby boys be kept intact?” {the word “intact” was explained.} Only 10 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative, i.e., “Yes, baby boys should be kept intact.” In 2018, we asked the same question in a second national survey; fully 14 percent said yes, baby boys should be kept intact.

When Intact America was founded a decade ago, our expressed goal was “To Change the Way America Thinks about Circumcision.” The results of our surveys show that Intact America and the intactivist movement are moving public opinion in the right direction.

Many of you have read about our “Tipping Point” strategy. The strategy comes from decades of research about successful social change movements Put simply, a “tipping point” is:

...an event or a stage (as in a social movement) where a critical mass of people accepts a new idea or alternative to the previous status quo.

Thus, for circumcision, the new idea/alternative to the status quo is the belief that the intact male body is normal and desirable, and that keeping a baby intact is also normal and desirable.

Social change experts know that behavior follows beliefs – not the other way around. People stop drinking sugary drinks after they hear about other tasty less-sugary alternatives that are growing in popularity.

That’s why the messages Intact America employs are designed to change public opinion, and popularize the foreskin and the intact male body. Here are some examples:

  • Three-quarters of men in the world are intact and have no problems with their foreskins.

  • The foreskin provides protection, lubrication and pleasure to a man and his sexual partner.

  • The intact penis requires no special care.

Our messages are working! Funds permitting (a reliable national survey costs $7,000-$10,000 to implement), Intact America will survey the public to measure progress toward the tipping point. In the meantime, we'll continue to promote foreskin-positive messages so that every American begins to see the foreskin as normal and natural, and believe that keeping a baby boy intact is the natural thing to do.



Every week, our YouTube curator and former Intactivist of the Month, Shelton Walden uploads both new and vintage clips, covering the many perspectives of circumcision in the United States and beyond. Feel free to browse our videos and audio files, and share them with friends.

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