40 Common Circumcision Complications

As the tide is shifting against routine infant circumcision in the United States, a lot of young moms and dads feel confused about what to do. You are probably reading contradictory information about circumcision on Facebook, in chat groups, and even on medical websites. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend routine circumcision but claims the benefits outweigh the harms and health insurance companies should pay for it, which is confusing and contradictory. Your partner may be circumcised and have strong feelings about his penis, either positive or negative. Your doctor may be telling you that circumcision is the healthiest choice. Your family, especially if your heritage is Jewish or Muslim, may be putting pressure on you to circumcise the baby. If your baby is born in the hospital, a nurse may come in and announce, “Time for his circ!” assuming that you want to have him circumcised even if you don’t.