Intact America has created a collection of circumcision resources to help supporters and activists to Change the Way Americans Think About Circumcision. We are in the process of updating collateral and creating new items.

Foreskin Facts Pamphlet - Intact America

Foreskin Facts

A one-page flyer covering foreskin features and bathing with a forcible retraction warning. The intact penis needs no special care or cleaning. Plain water and gentle wiping with fingertips will remove any urine or smegma (white matter) that may accumulate. The foreskin should NEVER be forcibly retracted!  Retraction causes pain and bleeding, serves as an entry point for bacteria, and can lead to infection, adhesions, and scarring. The boy should be the first person to retract his own foreskin. No physician, other health care professional, or parent should ever forcibly retract a boy’s foreskin [DOWNLOAD]

Intact Care Guide

A two-page flyer for parents and caregivers new to caring for intact boys. It covers foreskin anatomy, bathing, a foreskin retraction warning, as well as foreskin issues a parent might encounter. Caring for an intact boy – one who has not been circumcised – is EASY. Bathe him in warm water and “only clean what is seen!” NEVER FORCE HIS FORESKIN BACK. Forced foreskin retraction by an uninformed adult is the greatest penile risk boys face.[DOWNLOAD]