Do You Know? is a regular column in our newsletter concerning foreskin, penis, and circumcision information. Each one speaks informatively about a specific topic, including the penis, foreskin, sex, erectile dysfunction, ridged band and frenulum, restoration and rejuvenation, gliding action, UTIs, healthcare, intactivism, foreskin retraction, tissue piracy, and a myriad of other subjects.

Do You Know: Foreskin Ballooning is Normal?

Every week, Intact America receives at least a couple of inquiries from mothers or fathers concerned about the "ballooning" (or puffing up) of their young son's foreskin when he urinates. Some have consulted a doctor, and have been told that the boy "needs to be...

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Do You Know: About foreskin trafficking?

Trafficking in human organs is a crime that occurs in three broad categories, according to the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN GIFT): First, there are cases where traffickers force or deceive the victims into giving up an organ. Second,...

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Do You Know: About phimosis?

One of the most frequently misdiagnosed conditions of the foreskin is phimosis. The reason for this misunderstanding is because the very paper that ended circumcision in England in 1949, recognizing that the attachment of the foreskin to the glans at birth is normal,...

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Do You Know: About the Ridged Band and Frenulum?

Despite the popular myth that the foreskin (or prepuce) is "just a flap of skin," it is actually a complex structure that plays a significant role in both penile protection and sensual/sexual enjoyment. Identified by Canadian anatomist Dr. John R. Taylor, the ridged...

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Do You Know: About premature forced foreskin retraction?

You protected your son from circumcision at birth and now you'll need to protect him from premature forcible foreskin retraction (PFFR). Too often, uninformed healthcare professionals and caregivers do not understand the anatomy, functions, development, and care of...

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