Founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals and organizations, and with funding from a private donor, Intact America is the largest professional organization in the world advocating children’s rights to an intact body. This is our timeline. 

Intact America counts among its supporters and advisors many long-time intactivists and thousands of newcomers join our cause each year. Together we are committed to protecting all babies and children—male, female, and intersex—from forced genital cutting. Our efforts to change how America thinks about male child genital cutting in particular are evident by our major accomplishments, from our founding and every year since.


October 16

Intact.gay Website Launched

Intact America’s third and newest companion website, Intact.gay, launched. The site answers the questions we most often hear at Pride.
July 1

GA-America Merger

Genital Autonomy America, formerly the National Organizations of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NoCirc), merged with Intact America. NoCirc’s founder, Marilyn Milos, RN, joins IA’s board of directors.
August 11

MCGC Solicitation Survey

Intact America conducted the first-ever survey investigating the solicitation of newborn circumcision. The national, random-sample survey revealed that such “selling” of this unnecessary practice increased uptake 173% and that mothers where solicited an average of eight times. The survey also revealed that the first few solicitations were the most “effective” at selling to procedure. [Press Release]
November 5

Website Relaunch

Intact America refreshes its website with all new content and incorporates our blog. The relaunched website includes changes to navigation and structure, and is mobile friendly. Hosted on cloud servers and using a robust platform with advanced features, the website will serve Intact America and its supporters for many years to come.
August 16

International Conference on Men’s Issues

Intact America exhibits at the 5th annual three-day International Conference on Men’s Issues held this year in Chicago. This was our first official foray into the greater men’s issues community. Many of the presentations covered male child genital cutting (a.k.a circumcision). Our presence was well received and greatly appreciated by attendees and speakers.
August 14

ACEs Initiative

Intact America proposes that child genital cutting (including circumcision) be added to the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) questionnaire. The initiative includes a new website and apps with revised auto-scoring quiz substantiated by our white paper.
June 30

NYC Pridefest

Intact America participates for the 10th year in the NYC Pride celebration, the largest in the world. Intact America distributes nearly 10,000 flyers, foreskin fact cards, stickers and “Foreskin Pride” condoms at its double booth at NYC Pridefest.
May 2

3rd National Public Opinion Survey

Public support increases to 15.7 percent! Once again, Intact America conducted a random-sample survey of Americans regarding their opinions and knowledge of genital cutting. Public support for the position: “All baby boys should remain intact (not circumcised)” is gaining traction, indicating that we are moving toward a tipping point.
March 14

Intact America Condemns State Legislatures

Intact America issues strongly worded statements and press releases concerning the unconstitutionality of bills introduced in California, Connecticut, Iowa, and Washington prohibiting female genital cutting. These bills violate their state constitution’s equal protection clauses. Iowa also introduced a bill protecting intersex children from genital cutting, making Iowa uniquely sexist.
January 28

Georganne Chapin prominently shown in documentary

The game-changing documentary “American Circumcision” by Brendon Marotta features pro and con interviews including Intact America’s executive director. The response has been nothing less than phenomenal. With the documentary now on Netflix, we have seen scores of individuals requesting Intact America’s e-newsletter, writing to ask questions about our organization, sharing their stories, and wanting to become more involved.