Founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded individuals and organizations, and with funding from a private donor, Intact America is the largest professional organization in the world advocating children’s rights to an intact body. This is our timeline. 

Intact America counts among its supporters and advisors many long-time intactivists and thousands of newcomers join our cause each year. Together we are committed to protecting all babies and children—male, female, and intersex—from forced genital cutting. Our efforts to change how America thinks about male child genital cutting in particular are evident by our major accomplishments, from our founding and every year since.


June 26

NYC Pridefest

Intact America distributes nearly 10,000 flyers, foreskin fact cards, stickers and “Foreskin Pride” condoms at its double booth at NYC Pridefest.
June 14

2nd National Public Opinion Survey

Intact America conducts a second national survey on Americans’ attitudes toward circumcision, which shows that 14 percent of Americans now agree with that statement “baby boys should be kept intact”—an increase of four percentage points since Intact America’s original survey was conducted in 2014.
May 6

MADE to STICK Campaign Launched

Intact America launches a foreskin protection campaign after learning 2 out of 5 boys are being forcibly retracted.
April 16

Forcible Foreskin Retraction Survey

Intact America conducts a nationwide, random-sample survey revealing 43.3 percent of intact boys have had their foreskins needlessly and forcibly retracted at least once by the age of seven.  
September 13

CircumcisionDebate.org Launched

Intact America launches CircumcisionDebate.org—an entry-level website designed to inform and persuade newcomers to the circumcision question. A companion Facebook page is also set up, along with a press release.
June 25

Foreskin Frank Debut

IA introduces Foreskin Frank at NYC Pride, proclaiming “the foreskin is out of the closet!” The 6-foot intact penis with working foreskin was an instant hit at our PrideFest booth.
March 30

50,000 Facebook Followers!

The number of followers on Intact America’s main Facebook page surpasses 50,000!
February 13

Tipping Point Strategy Published

Intact America publishes a white paper explaining the organization’s strategic focus on reaching a “tipping point” and describing how this strategy and our tactics differ from (and complement) individual education efforts by other intactivist organizations.
January 16

4th Summit Meeting

The Chicago summit meeting focused on IA’s strategic narrative. All eighteen attendees completed a comprehensive strategic narrative survey based on the work of the Center for Story-Based Strategy.
June 26

NYC Pride Float

After eight years marching in NYC Pride, Intact America launches the “Foreskin Pride” campaign with a large float traveling down Fifth Avenue seen by millions of bystanders.