Male child genital cutting (MCGC, a.k.a. circumcision) of baby boys is still widespread in America, despite rising evidence of real harm to boys and the men they will become. Stopping baby circumcision is a nascent cause, and is gaining strength as more people speak out. Intact America is an intactivist advocacy organization seeking to end MCGC in America, and to ensure healthy sexual futures for all people.

Our Vision

Intact America envisions a world where children are free from medically unnecessary surgeries carried out on them without their consent in the name of culture, religion, profit, parental preference, or false benefit.

Our Approach

Education: Raising consumer awareness, particularly among millennials, through outreach, conversation, information, and support.
Advocacy: Influencing government, insurers, physicians, midwives, nurses, and birth planners, and working to alter their perceptions and attitudes toward male child genital cutting (MCGC, aka circumcision).
Activism: Attracting attention and mobilizing support, and conducting campaigns and initiatives against child genital cutting.
Empowerment: Providing our supporters, partners, and volunteers with the principles and language of intactivism, so they can effectively communicate the message to others.