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Voices – Rev. Vincent Turner

Recently, a longtime friend confided that had his wife given birth to a boy rather than to their daughter, he would not have allowed his son to be circumcised. He had researched circumcision and found it unnecessary and unjustified. After hearing my friend's...

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Do You Know: Your voice is needed?

Each year, the month of June marks the national celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride in the United States. This year's Pride celebration in New York City is anticipated to be the largest ever, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Despite how far...

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Voices – James W.

Inspired by the "Me Too" movement, I would like to voice my own victim’s impact statement. For years, I have written to legislators, the courts, and to other "rights" organizations about the genital slicing that was forced on me shortly after my birth. I have written...

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Voices – Mark Wilder

For most of my life, circumcision was not an issue. I was circumcised, and I noticed one of my childhood friends was intact, but aside from that I didn’t give it much thought. Sometime in my mid-40s, however, I read an article about the unnecessary circumcision of...

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“Born Complete”: International Hypocrisy Day 2019

by Georganne Chapin On Wednesday, February 6, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) rolled out — with much digital fanfare — International Zero Tolerance Day for Female Genital Mutilation.” After scanning the promo, I’m inspired to suggest a few alternative...

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