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Ask Marilyn – Cut Penises Aren’t Cleaner

Dear Marilyn: I am having a boy this summer. My sister-in-law is a nurse and she insists that I should circumcise my son. She says it will be easier for me and for him to keep his penis clean and prevent infections. She adds that it is particularly gross when men grow...

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Ask Marilyn – Stop the Steroid Cream!

Dear Marilyn: I read your response to Katherine in Canada in which you said the doctor was wrong to prescribe a steroid to retract a boy’s foreskin when it was likely that the boy had a yeast infection. The question is timely because I’m facing a similar situation...

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Voices – RHF

I was born in 1944 in a small town in central Ohio. I learned early on that my penis was different than most boys'. In elementary school, going to the bathroom for No. 1 was like "show all, tell all." I was still too young to have retracted my foreskin naturally to...

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Ask Marilyn – Let the Balloon Go!

Dear Marilyn: My son's foreskin gets swollen when he urinates. Is this normal? Does something need to be done? —Lauren, Los Angeles, CA  Dear Lauren: If the foreskin opening remains small, while the urine stream is considerable, the foreskin might balloon with urine...

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