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Voices – Dusty Drake

Intact America interviewed Dusty Drake (they/she) following her heartwarming and open TikTok account of their circumcision complications. A transcript of the interview and her video follows.  How did you discover Intact America and what does the intactivist movement...

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Ask Marilyn—What are Langerhans Cells?

Dear Marilyn: I have read that the foreskin produces anti-microbial agents, including Langerhans cells. Is that true? What are Langerhans cells? —Richard in Virginia Dear Richard: Yes, Richard, Langerhans cells have important immunological properties. Langerhans cells...

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A tribute to Richard Schwartzman

Richard Schwartzman, a psychiatrist who wrote and spoke about child rearing, including the harm of infant circumcision, passed away on July 20, 2022. He was 83 and is survived by an immediate family that includes Rebecca Wald, her husband, and their children. For...

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Voices — James F. Verrees, M.D., FACOG

During my Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency, I had the opportunity to learn newborn circumcision. Because of the frequency of the procedure, I agreed to the training. Yes, the Siren on the rocks of "cultural normalcy" called me. Immediately prior to the training, I...

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Ask Marilyn—Kiddo Is Having Painful Erections

Dear Marilyn, My almost 5 year old keeps having erections and is complaining that it's hurting. Is that normal for an intact kiddo? My oldest is circed as is hubby so this is new to me and hubby. What can I do to help him? —Emily in Indiana Dear Emily, How does your...

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Ask Marilyn—Is a second circumcision advisable?

Dear Marilyn, The doctor cut off only a little bit of foreskin—way less than I’ve noticed in other circumcised babies his age (4 months)—when she circumcised my son. Should I take him for a second circumcision? Should I do it now or wait until he is older? How old?...

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