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Ask Marilyn—Is a second circumcision advisable?

Dear Marilyn, The doctor cut off only a little bit of foreskin—way less than I’ve noticed in other circumcised babies his age (4 months)—when she circumcised my son. Should I take him for a second circumcision? Should I do it now or wait until he is older? How old?...

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Ask Marilyn – How to Stay Involved?

Dear Marilyn: You wouldn’t remember me, but we met many years ago at a conference. I’m an intactivist. I donate my time and money to the cause as much as I can. I am writing to ask you how you have managed to keep going for so long. You see, I am very angry at having...

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Voices — Friendships

I think a lot about friendship these days. Becoming an intactivist eight years ago really changed how I interact with the world—not because I fear rejection, but because I know what I believe is sound and resolute—and this has had a profound impact on my friendships....

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