Why—in the 21st century—do children still need protection from genital cutting? Although it’s been abandoned in most modernized countries, circumcision of baby boys persists in America, a relic from a practice predating modern medicine and science. Until boys are safe, all children—including female and intersex children—are at risk.

Our Strategy

Our two-pronged strategy is simple: (1) change America’s opinion about male child genital cutting (a.k.a. infant circumcision); and (2) promote the value of the male foreskin. Our immediate goal is to reach a tipping point—that time when a critical mass of Americans accept the intact male body as the normal male body. Our overarching commitment is to protect every single child—male, female and intersex—from genital cutting.

Social change happens along an S-shaped curve. As public support increases, potential for a new status quo begins to emerge. When 20–25% of the public agree that baby boys should remain intact, conditions become ripe for a tipping point. When a tipping point is achieved, support grows very quickly as people share our position with others. The result is a paradigm shift, a new status quo. At this point, permanent policy changes are easy to accomplish.

Download our Tipping Point Strategy white paper to learn more.

Where Are We Now?

Intact America commissioned a nationwide survey in 2014 and found that 10 percent of the public agrees with Intact America’s position that baby boys should be kept intact. We repeated the survey in 2018, 2019, and in 2021 are pleased to reveal that 21.5 percent are now aligned with us.