Skin In The Game

When Intact America launched our Voices series in 2017, we had trouble finding even one person willing to reveal their name and send a photo to publish with the story of the damage they had suffered from having their genitals cut as helpless babies or children. Now we are working to amplify the voices of those victims sending us a torrent of inquiries and submissions. More and more people have found the price of secrecy and self-repression too great to endure.

This groundswell of people aching to tell their stories paved the way for Intact America’s new story-telling photo campaign, called “SKIN IN THE GAME: Circumcision Cuts Through Us All.” The campaign, photographed by Kevin Garrett and designed by Hector Sanchez, is premised on the same elements of success as the other social movements that reveal the human faces of injustice and amplify the voices of victims. The photographs for “SKIN IN THE GAME” were taken in a series of three photo shoots, two in Atlanta and one in Dallas in 2023. Virtually all of the participants were unknown to Intact America before they responded to online ads inviting interested people of any race, ethnicity, sex, and body type to have their pictures taken and share their circumcision story with Intact America, identified as “a nonprofit organization working to end male child genital cutting (circumcision).” Over a period of nine days, those who came were asked why they had responded to the ad, and if they would like to share their stories. Some said they’d been thinking about the evils of circumcision for years; others said they had never consciously considered the harm until they saw the ad. We met men and women of all ages, of every ethnicity and sexual orientation. The atmosphere was magical. As the hours and days progressed, we realized that virtually everyone in our country has a circumcision story to share whether they know it or not. The resulting photos and quotes of participants in the photo shoots are intensely emotional and illustrate the important messages of the two new memoirs, This Penis Business by Georganne Chapin and Please Don’t Cut the Baby! by Marilyn Fayre Milos, and the vital ongoing work of Intact America. Change is coming.