We are excited to announce that beginning in February 2018, Intact America launched Voices, a regular column in our newsletter and on our website. People share—in their own words—their circumcision impact stories. These stories are about such topics as: emotional/sexual/physical pain, what happens after circumcision, what does circumcision mean, what is the foreskin’s worth, what does uncircumcised mean, and regrets.

Each personal story is a priceless gift when shared with others who may be going through a similar crisis. Your experiences matter regardless of what role circumcision has played in your life. Your story, shared with the public, will help America to reach a tipping point. Read them all at “Voices.” 

Interested in telling your circumcision impact story? Send an email to us, giving us a brief summary of what you would like to write about. Each story is about 500 words. You can write it yourself, or with the help of our Voices editor Sally Parker.

The “Voices” column replaces our previous feature Intactivist of the Month.