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10 Out of 10 Babies Say NO to Circumcision

Male child genital cutting (aka circumcision) is a hotly debated issue. Your support for Intact America will help us to spread the message that circumcision of baby boys—and the men they will become—is harmful, unnecessary, and wrong.
Intact America® is the largest group working to end child genital cutting and to ensure healthy sexual futures for all people. We do this by challenging social and sexual norms, and empowering our supporters and volunteers through creative messaging, advocacy and education.

Chapin and Milos memoirs

Skin In The Game – New Campaign

SKIN IN THE GAME Intact America’s new storytelling campaign shows how “routine” circumcision cuts through us all. Part of the campaign are two new memoirs written by intactivist leaders:

This Penis Business, by Georganne Chapin
Please Don’t Cut the Baby! by Marilyn Fayre Milos

The memoirs are available for preorder.

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10 Eye-opening Statistics About The Dangers of Circumcision

10 Eye-opening Statistics About The Dangers of Circumcision

According to the World Health Organization, approximately one-third of males around the world are circumcised, primarily for cultural reasons. Despite the commonality of circumcision in the United States—and other countries around the globe—this surgery comes with...

8 Uncircumcised Celebrities & Famous Intactivist Men

8 Uncircumcised Celebrities & Famous Intactivist Men

Even though the intactivist movement has shifted routine infant circumcision from a fringe movement to a mainstream cause, conversations about the downside of male genital mutilation and the upside of retaining the foreskin are still relatively taboo. One positive...

Forcible Foreskin Retraction: When Intact Do Not Retract!

Forcible Foreskin Retraction: When Intact Do Not Retract!

Forcible foreskin retraction, which is the practice of pulling back a child's foreskin to any degree, is an issue in the United States. At Intact America, most of the complaints we have received about this practice come from parents of boys who have suffered from the...

Every man who has been circumcised has two stories…
…the one he can’t remember,
…and the one he can’t forget.

As a newborn, he probably will not recall being restrained, or his penis being clamped and cut (one in five men say they do remember it). What he is unaware of is that his brain may not develop normally because of the severe pain and trauma.

As a man, he might be reminded daily that his penis is not whole, not fully functional, and has a scar running around it. And he might know that he may still suffer from complications, like being at an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

Four Reasons We Do This Work


Three quarters of all American males are walking around today with an important part of their penis missing. Many are oblivious to the damage. All have been harmed, and they—and their sexual partners—have never had the chance to enjoy the protective and pleasurable qualities of the foreskin.

Mothers are solicited an average of eight times by doctors and nurses to agree to having their newborn sons circumcised. Peddling this unnecessary surgery is profiteering, violates the AMA’s code of ethics, and is illegal in many states.

Every day, thousands of newborn boys are forcibly restrained and their penises are surgically and permanently altered. Even if they receive pain relief during the procedure, circumcision is still painful and traumatic. Many boys will experience complications, some severe, and a few will die.


Four out of ten intact (not circumcised) boys will experience having their foreskin forcibly torn from its foundation by misguided adults. This traumatic, painful and unnecessary action can lead to complications, such as bleeding, infection and eventual amputation of the foreskin. Early traumas are known to cause developmental and lifelong psychological problems.


Foreskin Protection Campaign

Now, as more boys are remaining intact, more are at risk for Forced Foreskin Retraction (FFR). It is time for America to take a refresher course on penile care.

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By Georganne Chapin

Georganne Chapin, Chairperson

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