On Sunday, June 25, 2017, Intact America will have a BIG presence at NYC Pride — with a fabulous float traveling down 5th Avenue, and an informational booth at Pride Fest (the street fair), at the corner of Hudson and Bethune.

Intactivists have been welcomed in the NYC Pride March since we first asked to be included in 2006. We’re there to throw a big, informative party for the foreskin, and celebrate the right of every person — male, female or intersex — to keep and enjoy the whole body that nature gave them.

This year, in addition to “Foreskin Pride,” we’re unveiling a new theme: “The Foreskin is Out of the Closet!”

Successful human rights movements depend upon people willing to buck social norms, to risk embarrassment, to come out, and to speak out loudly and clearly against injustice.

Movements for social change and social equality depend upon people who care more about justice than about being popular among their peers.

LGBTQ people know that coming out is a political act. It’s also a profoundly personal act. Coming out says, “I am who I am. I’m ok. I’m out, and I’m proud!”

It’s the same for intactivism.

Parents who allowed their sons to be cut because they didn’t know any better are now coming out and saying, “We regret what we allowed to happen, and we are speaking out so other parents won’t make the same bad decision.”

Men whose foreskins were stolen from them when they were babies are coming out and saying, “I feel grief, I feel anger, and I am speaking out so that other boys and men won’t have to suffer the same fate.”

New parents are OUT and PROUD about keeping their sons intact.

Men with foreskins can say, “I am who I am. I am natural. I am proud.”

So — if you’re in or around New York City on June 25, please join Intact America on our March for justice. Or come by our booth at PrideFest, at the corner of Bethune and Hudson, to see the foreskin coming out of the closet!