“Can I get my foreskin back?” is a question Intact America hears regularly. The answer is a qualified yes. There is a non-surgical, skin-stretching method called foreskin restoration that many men have used successfully. While Intact America’s mission is to stop newborn circumcision so men are no longer being harmed, we are sensitive to the millions of men who have been cut. The information compiled at Intactiwiki is a great resource for anyone curious about foreskin restoration. Here is an excerpt from their website:



“Foreskin restoration refers to the process of expanding the residual skin on the circumcised penis by non-surgical means in order to recreate the foreskin which was removed in circumcision. It can also refer to the process of expanding existing skin on an intact penis whose foreskin is abnormally short or non-existent (see aposthia).

Foreskin restoration can be achieved via surgical and/or non-surgical means. Men take up foreskin restoration to restore sensation to the glans penis and to restore the gliding action of the natural penis. Another reason for restoring is a desire to create the natural appearance of an intact penis with the foreskin covering the glans penis. Foreskin restoration techniques are most commonly undertaken by men who resent having been circumcised as children, or who have sustained an injury. They are also used by intact men who simply desire a longer foreskin.”  [read more]