APRIL/MAY 2012: This Mother’s Day, as we honor the women, mothers, and grandmothers who have impacted our lives, Intact America celebrates the “founding mother” of the intactivist movement—Marilyn Milos, RN. Thanks to Marilyn’s vision, passion, dedication, and leadership, thousands upon thousands of people across the country have found the courage to stand up for the rights of newborn children; countless babies have been spared the knife; and parents, doctors, and medical professionals are finally realizing that an intact penis is a normal penis.

As a young nurse, Marilyn witnessed a circumcision and heard screams that will haunt her to her grave. After hearing the doctor say, “You know, there is no medical reason for doing this,” Marilyn set out to tell parents and others the truth about circumcision. The organization she founded is the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), which has at its center the word “information.”

Since the advent of medical science, the rite of circumcision has been justified under successive waves of pseudoscience. Marilyn has taken them on, one wave at a time, with truthful information. Those screams she heard as a nurse are still all too common. But thanks to Marilyn’s tireless efforts, that is changing. We know for a fact that more babies now leave the hospital intact than those who don’t.

This year, in honor of Marilyn and all the other mothers who’ve had the courage to stand up in defense of baby boys, Intact America is launching the Marilyn Milos Education Fund. Donations to this fund will be used by both Intact America and NOCIRC solely to reach doctors, medical professionals, medical students, and parents all over America with the information that circumcision is medically unnecessary, harmful, and unethical.

As the American Academy of Pediatrics continues to threaten us with new recommendations in favor of circumcision, and as those with an interest in promoting circumcision trot out new justifications, one after the other, we must work harder than ever to get the truth out. Intact America needs your help. Marilyn needs your help. Every future parent who does not yet know that baby boys are fine just the way they’re born, needs your help. By joining forces, NOCIRC and Intact America have made the movement stronger. With your support, imagine how many more lives we can affect, how many more babies we can save? Donate now to the Marilyn Milos Education Fund.

Says Georganne Chapin, Executive Director of Intact America, “Marilyn is that rare person whose reaction to a single event can open up a moral universe. That circumcision she witnessed, and Marilyn’s response, set in motion a new human rights movement, one that for many years subjected its founder to mockery and derision. Marilyn gets up every morning and works until bedtime, organizing events, writing and editing papers, and fielding phone calls from parents worried about their sons, from men who are processing their loss, from curiosity seekers, and from the press. The circumcision rate in the United States is now at its lowest in 50 years, and it continues to fall. Intact America is immensely proud to have Marilyn as one of its founding members, and we honor her for her past and present work, for her wisdom compassion and bravery, for the future victory to which she may certainly lay claim, and for the MILLIONS of babies spared the painful loss of their normal sexual anatomy.” Please help Intact America to honor our mother Marilyn Milos, and to protect our baby boys.

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