DECEMBER 2012: One of the biggest issues facing the intactivist movement is convincing legislators in each state to end Medicaid funding of circumcision. Craig Garrett, an active member of Colorado-NOCIRC, has been dedicated to education and advocacy for genital integrity for more than ten years—and his activism and outspokenness led directly to the Colorado legislature voting to end Medicaid funding for routine infant circumcision.

In addition to maintaining Colorado-NOCIRC’s website, Craig writes educational materials and pamphlets, organizes communication among intactivists within the state (see Craig along with other Colorado-NOCIRC activists in the photo below), makes presentations on circumcision to local natural childbirth groups, and is working to ensure elective circumcision stays off the list of Medicaid-reimbursable services in Colorado.

When the bill was passed in 2011 to end such funding, Craig noted that Colorado Medicaid was also paying for surgeries to repair botched circumcisions. “I know that there was at least one doctor in Colorado who had a full time job repairing botched newborn circumcisions. Repairing a botched newborn circumcision can be very expensive because it often involves one or more reconstructive surgeries. The reduced number of newborn circumcisions will result in fewer botched circumcisions, resulting in eIntact America: Craig Garrettven more cost savings.”

Colorado-NOCIRC activists with Craig Garrett (far right)

Craig has also become a major supporter of Intact America. “I am very proud of how Intact America has become a nationally recognized organization, and consistently gains the attention of the national media,” he says. “Reaching both social media and traditional news outlets is becoming ever more important, and Intact America is doing exactly that. I admire their hard work, vision, and strong stance in favor of bodily integrity rights.”

“Craig Garrett is a tremendous supporter of intactivism and Intact America,” says Georganne Chapin, Executive Director of IA. “He understands that both hard work and stable funding are essential to our cause, and he is right there, all the time, with both. Craig is also an excellent thinker and strategist for the movement, and is generous with his insights and ideas for future action. It is a pleasure working with him. Thank you, Craig!”

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