His Body His Rights Button

His Body His Rights Button

With another Thanksgiving upon us, I have a long list of people and organizations that I want to thank. Here goes.

To Amy, Jennifer and Ted – your day to day support means more to me than you’ll ever know.

To Marilyn – my humble thanks for trusting me to carry on the work you and others began.

To the informal but dynamite Intact America steering committee, whose members contribute their expertise, opinions, criticism, labor and love to this movement – I am sure you know I use you all for brains and strength.

To the kick-ass intactivist community, growing in number, depth, insight and commitment – you know we’re winning, right?

To Intact America’s donors and action-takers – keep it up!

To Dean Pisani – on behalf of the boys and men you are helping, thank you for your generosity. And thank you for your trust in me.

To the American Academy of Pediatrics – thank you for issuing a report so blatantly self-interested and unethical as to reveal your true colors as a money-grubbing trade association that wants to ensure that its members continue to get paid for carrying out painful, risky surgery on children who do not need it and cannot consent.

To the New Orleans Police Department – thank you for the respect. discipline, and guidance you showed with regard to Intact America’s demonstration in front of the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, during the AAP convention. Thank you for telling the AAP representatives who asked you to make us go away that we were within our rights to protest, and that we were not breaking any laws. And thank you for your interest in our message; we were so privileged to share it with you.

To members of the press whom I will NOT name here, but who have moved from the “skeptical” or even “hostile” column to the “hmm, maybe they’ve got a point column,” and now to the “intactivist sympathizer” if not the “flat out intactivist” column – thank you for being open-minded, and for listening.

To my immediate family – Pablo, Ernesto, Hank, Julia, Chip, Nick and Paul – and to my extended family and friends who have inspired, in one way or another, my passion for this all-important human rights issue.

Above all: To the men who are speaking out, claiming the stage to express their pain and outrage at having been violated as children – it takes a brave man to defy the cultural bias that, first, applies a sexist double standard to genital mutilation and, second, denies the legitimacy of boys’ and men’s protests. I am honored to be at your side.

Thank you all. Again, you know we are winning, right?

Georganne Chapin