AUGUST 2011: Shelton Walden is a media producer, videographer, and host/producer of “Walden’s Pond,” a weekly radio program on health, culture and politics that’s been airing on New York’s WBAI/Pacifica Radio since 1989. Shelton is also a long-time intactivist, donating his time and skills to helping Intact America in its efforts to reach the public with the message that circumcision is harmful and wrong.

Shelton’s passion for intactivism began in 1995, when he interviewed Marilyn Milos, founder of the National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers (NOCIRC), on his radio program, an interview that changed his life. Shelton was inspired to get more involved in efforts to end infant circumcision, attending conferences and working through the media to change perceptions and hearts to protect children and their basic human right to bodily integrity. Since that interview with Marilyn, “Walden’s Pond” has featured many programs on the topic of genital mutilation, including interviews with many of the leading figures in the fight to end male circumcision; Georganne Chapin, Executive Director of Intact America, is a frequent guest.

“Shelton began talking about infant circumcision regularly on a New York radio station, at a time when it was NOT acceptable to question the practice,” said Georganne. “He has played a critical role in exposing the travesty of male genital cutting to a diverse audience for whom the topic provokes conflicting emotions, and he handles callers and guests with intelligence and consideration. We are lucky to have Shelton’s brave voice in the exposition of the circumcision problem.”

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