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Lousy Sex

In a new “listicle” posted on its website this week, The Huffington Post outlines Eight Things America Gets Wrong About Sex. From health care to homophobia, the piece covers a range of historical and sociological reasons for America’s sexual dilemmas. It speaks to just about everything, except anatomy. And what’s one thing about American sexual organs that’s unique compared to much of the rest of the world? That’s right—routine male circumcision.

It astonishes me that in talking about sex, pretty much nobody mentions that most adult men in the United States today have been deprived of the most pleasurable, sensitive part of their penises. Without a foreskin and its sensory feedback, a man has difficulty controlling the timing of his orgasm. Also, because he’s missing the very organ that serves a gliding and lubricating function—and because he has a scar where his foreskin used to be—his penis is calloused and dry, when compared to that of an intact man; this creates a friction during intercourse and compromises the pleasure of both sexual partners.

Don’t believe me? Then explain the uniquely American proliferation of lubricants and masturbation creams, the existence of which many Europeans—most of whom are intact—find strange. CIRCUMserum is available for those who want to combat what it calls “Dullness Syndrome” by restoring “natural feeling for more intense sex”; Stroke 29, Wicked Cream, and others are designed to help circumcised men seeking solitary pleasure, who find the after-effects of circumcision to stand in the way of sensory pleasure.

Understandingcircumserum the history of American circumcision helps to explain all of this. In fact, when doctors began promoting circumcision in the Victorian era (late 1800s), the purpose was precisely to reduce pleasure and cause pain–to dissuade men from the “immoral” and “unhygienic” practice of masturbation. Among those who pushed the circumcision solution to masturbation were American physicians Abraham Jacobi (the organizer of the American Pediatric Society) and J.J. Moses (then-head of the New York State Medical Society and president of the Association of American Physicians).

Just as Jewish physician and philosopher Maimonides had recognized 800 years earlier, these fathers of American medicalized circumcision believed that its physiological and psychological effects–aversive pain memory and loss of sensory tissue–would help to diminish sexual gratification, whether self-sought or through genital contact with a partner.

Should we be surprised, then, with findings such as those from Denmark, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology in 2011, showing that circumcised men have greater difficulty reaching orgasm, and that female partners of circumcised men are less likely to feel sexually satisfied?

What is astonishing is that American doctors persist in a practice designed to ruin the natural pleasures of sex, and then deny that it in fact does so. Meanwhile, the vast majority of adult American men are living with scars instead of foreskins. Half of the couple is missing a most basic, sensual part of his anatomy, and we wonder why Americans find sex less than fulfilling.

Georganne Chapin




  • Paul Frohlich

    April 8, 2014 11:56 am

    Its amazing Dan when I read your papers on this topic, so true and only few Americans know this. It reminds me Nietzsche and his ” Thus Spoke Zarathustra” a metaphorical story on how humans in a crowd behave.Just like monkeys, copy each other and their leaders any mentally ill ideas are absorbed without a question because other do it. America pride itself in individuality. What a rubbish! Most just act as those in Zarathustra story. No individuality at all. And so no wisdom.No intellect. It hurts me. As a child living in communist part of Europe I admired America. How did this happen?

  • Marilyn Milos, RN

    April 9, 2014 11:59 am

    Not only does a circumcised man have “difficulty controlling the timing of his orgasm,” he is incapable of doing so because the fine sensory nerve endings surrounding the opening of his foreskin that would have provided feedback to his brain are missing. So, instead of riding the wave to orgasm, a circumcised man has uncontrollable ejaculation. Fortunately, pleasure is pleasure, but the circumcised male, as CJ Falliers wrote in 1979, experiences the satisfaction of a biological urge and not the refined sensory experience he was meant to have. Premature ejaculation is not the fault of the circumcised man experiencing it, it is the fault of the doctor who circumcised him! Isn’t it time for the Second Sexual Revolution, when men stand up and say “No more, this sexual assault ends with me!”? And, by the way, April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, so this conversation is timely!

  • Gianluca

    April 10, 2014 2:09 pm

    So, when they say circumcised men “last” longer, it’s because they have reduced sensitivity and thus they have no other option other than keep thrusting longer hoping they will eventually climax.

    • Paul Frohlich

      April 21, 2014 12:54 am

      Wonder what that thrusting do to a woman and her cervix? Why there are two times more cases of cervical cancer in the USA and in places like Finland, where all man are intact (except those religious fanatic) and they have half of this cancer than in USA? Nature intended for the glans to be an internal organ that meets the cervix, also an internal organ. Those 2 can not hurt each other in mating. When the glans is not protected it become rough and might damage the cervical mucosa and the virus , if present, can get past the ” skin” of the cervix and infect it? Just wonder. But there is a hope for people like Laurence. If he restore, the glans regain the same sensitivity as the one of the intact male and some of the feelings will come back as with other man of the same problem report. If he do nothing he will become impotent. In my opinion the sexual mechanic need to be activated from time to time, if not the functions as Nature intended them to be, will become weaker or vanish all together. Right foods are also very important, no smoke or drugs of any kind , mostly organic if possible, raw fruits and vegetables,strong Oster blender that is very cheep and last for years, to mix fruits with a cup of almonds, 10 dates, 2 bananas, melons or , apple, orange and some distilled water so it become liquid after 3 minutes blending, this better for the production of the reproductive material than anything else can be. I can last on this all day without eating anything else……..or in the bed if my wife feel like that and I am much older than Laurence, in fact he could be my son………..and I gave life to 2 year old and there will be more. Laurence should be very angry but there is a way out of his problem, even if not as perfect as it should be if he be left intact.

  • The Ugly Truth

    April 12, 2014 5:34 pm

    Thanks to the American Academy of Greediatrics, doctors can now bilk insurance companies with impunity.

    All they have to do is cite the organization’s policy statement on circumcision and its reimbursement recommendation and their claims will most likely be approved.

    Dan Bollinger is absolutely correct.

    Doctors use their position of authority to promote circumcision for profit.

  • justin

    April 12, 2014 5:55 pm

    Oh look, endorsement for silly products, c’mon, might at well advertise Extenze while your at it too…….

    • Henry

      April 22, 2014 7:45 pm

      Way to miss the point.

  • Gianluca

    April 15, 2014 12:23 am

    Circumserum: The problem is that softening the glans might alleviate only part of the problem. You are still lacking the erogenous tissue of which the foreskin consists of. But, it’s probably better than nothing.

  • Lawrence Newman

    April 19, 2014 7:01 am

    I was circumcised at 14 without my informed consent. I’m now 35. I’ve had 21 years of anxiety, depression and failed or unsatisfying sexual experiences. I took the red pill a few years ago and simply gave up on sex. What is the point in having sex if you can’t feel it? I had my ridged band and all of my frenulum and frenular delta excised completely. I don’t regard what I have now as a sexual organ since I cannot feel any pleasure from it. That was the intention of circumcision when it was adopted by the West in Victorian times.

    The only way we will topple this is with a violent revolution. Unfortunately most men are ignorant about what they’ve lost because they were cut as babies. Men like me who know what they’ve lost want to rise up and kill the bastards like Brian Morris who allow this to continue.

    Who’s with me?


    [email protected]

    • Paul Frohlich

      April 19, 2014 11:58 am

      I am with you even if I was not sexually mutilated since I was born and lived in Central Europe under the Czech communist. Can you imagine, communism is a bad dictatorship and even they do not do such a thing to rob a person of his sexuality as Nature intended it like in the USA for a lousy little bit money most doctors spend in a day. This is a crime words can not describe. Nation that pride itself for its liberty and constitution. Where is the liberty if a helpless person do not have his own right for his private body parts? Stolen and sold to industries for its values, or so the lubricant industries make profits, or sex stimulating drugs make billions in profit! Even the Nazi did not make money in this way as America do.This thing started to bug me long time before Intact America was established. At first I did not pay much attention but when a doctor Dean Edell ….think was his name ….started to oppose it on his radio show in USA and Canada at first I did not understand what he was talking about in 1992 me living in California . I started to search medical books but they all show man with exposed inner organ that supposed to be protected from the outside rough world.Since magazines and books did not provided an answer I asked one day ” for what purpose would Nature put it on all mammal male species”? and the answer hit me within an hour. Me who is not a doctor, I did not study for years about all the body parts and their functions, how can a doctor be this stupid, ignorant uneducated on such a simple fact even even the most brainless would understand? The problem is America treating the doctor as God. And how dumb a religion can get! When God that perfect and yes Nature- God is perfect the way life is build and the Universe with its endless Suns and planets all is magical and here comes man who think he knows better. This is a mental disorder. I started to get very angry at the human species, how this big brain creature can be indoctrinated, in a communal environment in to any insane act Have children from before and started to write for 8 years to my future wife. I was shy to talk about it but I did indirectly in most of my letters and when we finally met and she got pregnant the same month and a beautiful boy came out of it I keep on telling her that if I be mutilated we would not have this now 2 year son.It just makes me angry what happened to you Lawrence and so many others around this globe.Just get out and fight the best you can those creeps that promote this insane criminal act.

    • Paul Frohlich

      April 19, 2014 2:00 pm

      Europe is heading to total prohibition even for religious reasons on a child that is unable to consent, America sooner or later will go this way, doctors will not be able to fool parents in the age of computers. Over a million future man sexually damaged each year, how can a doctor do this crime and than go sleep and not worry that one of those many millions in 20 or so years loose his mind and do something dramatic? A violence on any doctor that practice this insane act? The way its going in 20 years many of those effected realize what was done to them without their consent. Will all just ignore it? None of them will get angry unable to control them self? They just do not see ahead, common sense gone, or they just feel safe with all their money made from those operations that got them rich houses and security systems? Me I could not sleep at night.

    • Gianluca

      April 20, 2014 7:44 pm

      I’m with you. Brian Morris is a victim of genital mutilation himself! This is the reason why he promotes it, like many others who do. Child abuse is often transmitted and circumcision is child abuse. It’s necessary to break out from this cycle.

    • Paul Frohlich

      April 21, 2014 12:48 pm

      Do understand your anger, would feel the same as you if in that situation but why you not restore? Not as perfect but from what I read the glans will become as sensitive as with the intact one. Did not know you British, what in the Hell happened , what, who made you go to that doctor who got paid paid for damaging your reproductive like that? Perhaps a doctor who do not know I would understand but those doctors if they know and choose to ignore for a profit reasons , in a real world that is not politically correct, they should be put on a short trial and hung after that. No such a crime on a child should be forgiven. Just in USA alone this robbery done on people that can’t consent, will bring close to 4 billion in profit to all kinds of industries not just to the doctor. The way things are going in America, its heading to a second civil war and if that happen this idiotic nonsense done on children should be a part of it.Once a child is born she or he is a person with the same rights as an adult. Religious reasons or not its a crime to damage a body on purpose, for a profit or whatever. Those creeps! They would not wait till that person is 18 to make his own informed decisions they cut him when he helpless. If they let them to decide at age 18 profits would drop to almost zero. Only a mentally disturbed would go for such a thing.

  • Paul Frohlich

    April 21, 2014 3:08 pm

    The December 2008 Glamore magazine carried a front page story written by Katharine O’Connell M,D ,on how 66% of USA woman will suffer pain, sooner or later, in sexual contact with their man dryness cervical pain and so on and on and how to fix it to make sex better. That doctor lady would explain “all” the reasons on why it is so but the main one , she ignored or just did not know. And so I decided to write a letter to that magazine on what is the major reason for this in America and their response was silence. I was so naive, my first thought was that those people just do not know that, writing for all those woman magazines. Now I know why they would not talk about it even if they knew its true. Its all about profits. What it would do to a woman when you tell her, husband is not perfect because he was mutilated down there? She might get pissed of and no more buy that magazine. Humans can be such a dump ignorant apes. Ah……..! so sorry,it is not my intention to insult the real apes in the jungle, they do not have this over-sized brains with over-sized idiotic ideas as humans can have in a tribal,environments, where the many become the world.The Zen like wisdom available to each of us if we seek. They in the crowd would say “Who cares for that we in the crowds are bigger than the one who look other direction than us” People like Adolf Hitler are created in a social or communal environments. The “me” is no more it is now the “us” that is the “real” world. A very deadly philosophy or the lack of the right one. Each of us shall seek the Ultimate responsible for all the existence. Human is not the meaning of the infinite Universe. only tiny friction of it………..(but the Universe is made out of those frictions)…… Einstein would call on all the people to get rid of the chains that limit us………and keep our mind in the jail of human ignorance and prevent most, to embrace the beauty all around us, above us, and beyond us, they just ignore to see. Only if all can free them self from those chains of human social ignorance, they, the many around us that try to indoctrinate the Nature within us all since birth, that person will be able to enter the cosmic consciousness needed for humans to survive this age of scientific discoveries . This knowledge can wipe us all out if not careful or not conscious of the damage it can cause, mentally or physically.The genital mutilations of boys or girls is one of the many stupidities in human kinds and we that know, or woke up to all of this, its our duty to declare war on any kind of ignorance we are able to see.This not my mother language hope hope the tiny me made itself clear….

  • Ed Rose

    May 1, 2014 1:40 pm

    Interesting timing for discussion of lubricants. There is a relevant article, surrounding fertility testing, in the current issue of Laboratory Medicine. The longstanding dogmas surrounding collection for semen analysis is “no lubricant,” as it can interfere with microscopic and macroscopic analysis. That has been the standard, although it may change with the advent of Pre-Seed, the product tested in the study in question. Small sample, only microscopic analysis tested, and only in vitro application of the product. No mention of circumcision status in the article, which looks to have been funded by the manufacturer. In any event, circumcision’s impact on fertility testing has eluded discussion all these years.

  • Daria

    May 2, 2014 8:46 am

    I wanted to share this. It’s very informative and HILARIOUS! http://www.collegehumor.com/video/6966989/the-real-reason-youre-circumcised

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 2, 2014 11:25 am

      Seems to me the video is a little bit propaganda of the medical or pro circumcision industry? At one moment the guy had a great sex and the information on what is wrong with him spoiled something. Its to say that there is nothing wrong to be mutilated? The statistical reality is that 66% of USA woman will complain of pain in sex sooner or later despite all the lubricants product the industries provide.And no need to go in to what it cause to man as well sooner or later when the exposed inner organ become insensitive with time plus up to 20.000 nerve sensors, needed for the proper communication to the brain as intended by Nature are gone. But that will not diminish reproductive instinct as as Ayyan Hirsi Ali writes in her “Infidel”. She was mutilated at the age of 4 together with her 5 year old sister and 6 year old brother on the same day. Her sister, the most happy and alive child in the world up to that moment become depressed and died from insanity at the age of about 20 when running in front a moving vehicle.Those that promote any kind of a mutilation on a child should be hung.

      • medicalbillingsolutions

        May 2, 2014 12:24 pm

        The video is clearly ANTI-circumcision. And makes fun of the “medical industry” that began and continues to support the practice. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that it somehow is supportive of it. Also, the guy in the beginning wasn’t having sex yet, but was about to. Maybe watch the video in it’s entirety so you can understand the message. I think this is a great tool to use with young people to get them thinking about this well before they start their families. It’s funny and catchy which will get the teens/20-something’s and beyonds’ attention. I hope it goes viral on Facebook!

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 3, 2014 2:18 am

          OK, you say so, I just misunderstood.

    • Gianluca

      May 5, 2014 9:19 pm

      It seems that the video is not available any more. Am I wrong?

      • Daria

        May 5, 2014 9:58 pm

        No, it’s still there. Sometimes it seems it will play a commercial, then the screen goes black and you have to just close and open it again and you’ll be able to watch it. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Gianluca

      May 7, 2014 1:39 am

      Ok, I was finally able to play it, thanks. Really hilarious! “Adam ruins everything” brings the guy back in time explaining that circumcision was introduced by Kellog to prevent masturbation. At the end of the movie, the guy says “I like it this way” and Adam replies in order to console him “it’s ok, there is no harm but also no benefit”. But is there really no harm? As they explain at a certain point in the movie, the foreskin has a function, but for many men circumcised at birth it might be difficult to recognize the harm. It would have been nice if at the end Adam had said “It’s fine if you are ok with it but there is no reason to do it to any future son you might have”.

      • Daria

        May 7, 2014 9:31 am

        Yes, I totally agree! That comment about it not being any harm to be circumcised was out of place and obviously wrong. I just found it refreshing that there was a funny and informative video that is great for teens and 20-somethings. It’s more accessible than a regular article, for example. And now I can step off my soapbox for a minute while they watch it and then we can discuss from there. Glad you liked it.

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 7, 2014 9:49 am

          Once the damage is done on a baby its much harder to change the adult brain chemistry. The mind is unable to register something without experience. This why those no good creeps do it on babies. In my view they should be hung.

  • Noel Trudell

    May 7, 2014 7:13 pm

    Well, here I go with my first blog on a subject that I have been interested in since my first child was born. The first born was a baby girl, so no circumcision. However, the seed was planted, and the phrase “genital mutilation” reached my ears. I was born in 1974 and circumcision was common. Almost all of the boys that I knew were circumcised. To the extent that when, on rare occasion, an intact penis was viewed it was something to laugh at. We mock what we don’t understand. I felt normal until I was thirty three and found out I have been genitally mutilated my whole life. What a hit to my sexual confidence. Anyways, I now have a beautiful five year old son that has never been cut in his whole life by his parents. We even opted for a lotus birth that allowed the umbilical cord and placenta to naturally fall off at the belly button. No cutting required. Since my son has been born, I have suffered my fate, I am constantly reminded of what I am missing, and I even lost my partner to an intact man. She claims that it is rather required in a relationship for her now. I think it is some “Freudian” energy. My son and I look different down there. I am learning how to relate this to him.
    Now I am single and sexually frustrated. I wallow over the sexual pleasure that I have never been able to experience, and how it has affected my relationship with myself and anyone I am attracted to. I feel incredibly insecure, and am scared of being sexually inadequate to a partner, and losing them to an intact man. I am doing my best to integrate this into my life. The information is like wildfire. Knowledge can be a burden. Anyways, I have much to be thankful for, and am glad to be a part of stopping this infant harm.
    I do, however, believe that everything that has a strength has a weakness. Some of the strengths of circumcision are obvious. Cleanliness, STD,s, and, well, the ability of the cut and injured man to be more in touch with their emotions. During infant circumcision the energy of the personality is shocked out of their physical bodies, and into their emotional one. As cut men lost their natural physical pleasure in intercourse, their emotional relationships with partners become more important to the relationship. Also, I believe that cut men produce less testosterone naturally than uncut men, which would help a man connect and balance easier with his emotions and feelings. I feel this has affected the US by changing the dynamics of the married couple. Sexually unsatisfied couples will stay together, and possibly create a bond that is deeper that just “skin deep”, or lower chakra gratification. The body can become a complete vessel for bliss response. Beyond just the genitals. I also believe that men in the US have done this to perpetuate the empowerment of the female. Yes, I believe, that circumcision has fueled the feminist movement. What else is a population of sexually unsatisfied women going to do? So for all the upset women in the US who may never know sexual gratification due to circumcision, I can relate to you. However, thank the cut men in your life for learning about how to relate to you on a more emotional level. Perhaps, this is the “natural” course for uniting both our male and female polarities within us. I do feel unique in knowing that I am a small percentage of the men in the world with an ability to get over myself, and see the big picture. So keep moving on you masculine women and feminine men. Sex is over emphasized in a world where sex and power sells. “Remember” their is much more to life than sensory gratification. Ha

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 8, 2014 1:09 am

      Why you do not restore? I read that those that did their sensitivity will be similar to the uncut one. The cut of nerve sensors , up to 20.000 can not be restored but the glans will and woman are more happy because there is less friction.The low testosterone might be caused by lack of confidence in part. If you restore, more confidence and so more testosterone. if I be in your spot I start right away

      • Noel Trudell

        May 8, 2014 1:54 am

        The restoration systems and ideas I have seen appear rather awkward and unnatural. I already feel unnatural, what would compel me to use a device which creates even more uncomfortableness in my day? Also, I am a father of three young beautiful children. That is somewhat difficult to explain right now to them. Restoration devices are like eye glasses. They may have some use, but they do get in the way. I have, with limited and slow success, been using a technique that simply breaks up the scar tissue. The idea is that no scar, no cut. Also, the body naturally would like to return to its original state, I attempt to help it. I am not in a hurry, and I have the rest of my life to approach this. I don’t have to wear anything uncomfortable, and I have found that the technique has created some frenular tension. I prefer to attempt to accept my choices, and fate. I believe that I chose this so that I was less likely to allow my natural hedonistic tendencies to over take my choices. After all, I am American, and I am amazing at burying my feelings in compulsion. I masturbated plenty as a young person. If sex was any better, I could have been an addict. I truly appreciate who I am and I wouldn’t change any of it. I may just be lucky in life and unlucky in love, and I can feel blessed with that. I do share compassion for the many men in the states who resist this knowledge we share purely through hurt, and denial. Perhaps it’s fuel for the next generations to question authority and listen to our hearts. I appreciate the interest you show in protecting the children from those who would make righteous choices for them.

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 8, 2014 10:52 am

          I ask myself how did this happen to the once free spirit, individualistic , Wild West America. The founders were not mutilated. Its unconstitutional. To cut of the most sensitive sexual communication mechanic with the brain on an individual that did not agree to this is pure criminal insanity. And if the cutter know that he-she do a harm to a person without his consent, its a punishable criminality in the mind of any rationally thinking person. Man evolved in to what he is today because of the ability to learn from each other and so we have computers and can go on the Moon. But this blind trust in mans ideas is very risky for all life on this planet not just man. A communal mentality where the many, in millions, dance to the doctrines of the few in power ,(to doctors) included,Nature is ignored and to be dominated. The human specie create the computer but also a nuclear bomb……something wrong in this picture. I get very upset about genital mutilations of boys and girls because it show something how a human in the crowd can be manipulated in to any absurdity. What good is a knowledge when there is no wisdom?

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 8, 2014 12:18 pm

          Nature intended the glans to be an internal organ that in love making will meet another internal organ, the cervix, Nature covered it so it stay soft and sensitive and do not cause harm to the cervix. So sensitive is the glans, that when a boy touch it for a first time in his life it gives a sharp burn like feeling just like if a person slide a dry finger over the eye under the protective eye lid. I think its not wise in your situation not to recover it even when it will suck for some time. You are right, some woman leave their boyfriend or a husband because of circumcision, like this young lady in San Francisco I know about from a friend who left her husband of two years for somebody else for this reason. Not fair, specially when the couple have children. When a man restore , I read, that woman will feel far less friction and more pleasure for both.

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 8, 2014 1:46 pm

          It is my view that even an intact male just can not do what Nature did not intended him to do. A human is the only animal that masturbate be it male or a female. When a male do and he do not provide a conditions doing it as it is in the female inside during mating it might cause infection. The glans that is protected from the outside is a very sensitive organ and so are the inner covers . The outside cover is different its a skin and a friction do not harm it much. But to do dry frictions to the inside is not natural without some kind of a natural lubricant that is in the female or some substitute. A female naturally lubricate for a reason, if she would not not only her but he too would hurt a little also or even more than her because some 70- 80% of his sensitivity is located in that area exposed in mating. If you Noel would not be cut you would understand it. Yes I can do love to a dry lady just as an experiment to prove for what purpose the foreskin is,and I did in the past without a harm to her but it feels a little uncomfortable at first until she start to lubricate and she always will because she start to feel pleasures that trigger the lubrication this without the anti friction”sliders” would not be possible if the girl feel friction she will not lubricate so easy or not at all When I came to America i read somewhere that 66% of American woman will feel pain in sex sooner or later. many years later I read in 2008 December Glamour magazine on the page 155 Dr,Katharine O’ Connell who wrote that article say the same some 30 years later, that the same number of woman , 66% will experience pain but to my disbelieve she do not know or do not want to say the real reason for this It took millions of years of evolution in all mammals including the human one and its very disturbing the American doctor do not know this as the European doctor start to realize and talk about it. Americas doctors act like a organized mafia that care just for the profit.

          • Noel Trudell

            May 8, 2014 2:45 pm

            I am thankful that I have found an outlet for this subject in you. As you can imagine, discussing this topic with cut American men is quite sensitive. Mostly, the outspoken critices of circumcison in the states right now are women. I can imagine that women in the states are feeling cheated from sexual pleasure as more information come to light. However, lets remember that many of the choices of circumcision are made by the mother. Whether she has been led to believe in the benefits or not. I have also met an individual who at 23 years older decided to have himself cut based only on the fact that he wanted to fit in. The desire to fit in and be accepted can be just as strong as sexual desires. He had no medical reason for doing this. I have seen medical problems with both cut and uncut men. I refuse to take any stance on the matter except that is should be left up to the child. I agree that to cut a baby boy before they can choose for themselves is criminal. I feel that this unique position that American men are in today will have huge implications on the future. Circumcision is a dying practice, yet has some social purpose. As I said before, the American women should be thankful to cut men. Through this nationwide practice relationships between men and women has evolved. Sex is just one aspect of a relationship. I don’t have sex with my children, and I love them just the same. Lasting relationships in America have become based more on emotions than desire. I can understand the religious reasoning behind this practice. Sexual infidelity may be diminished through men or women’s lack of sexual enjoyment. Ha ha. Once again, I don’t agree with the practice on baby boys, yet I understand that nothing is simply black or white. I appreciate you Paul for being an outlet for my feelings on the matter. As you can imagine, there isn’t alot of unbiased opinions on the matter in the states. Remember, the cut men in the states has created the country that it is today. Although we are perverse in some matters, and we thrive on power, we have a unique gift to the world in social reform. Circumcision is one of them. As I stated before, I believe that during circumcision the personality of the baby is shocked out of the physical body, and into it’s emotional body. Emotions are the currency in manifesting. Strong emotions can lead to convicted men who may be able to withstand the Jezebels of the world, and resist sexual gratification. Let’s remember the eunuch’s of the world past. They were trusted and responsible for looking after the most desirous women of the society. I can image that they knew those women more intimately then even the women’s lovers. I believe in choice. Everything that has a strength can have a weakness. Even women can have sexually gratifying relationships with other women without a penis involved. It may be a big topic in the states right now, but in a hundred years?…. Foreplay also becomes a bigger part of the sexual practices in American couples. Cut men need the lubrication that foreplay creates. Maybe we as a society of men decided that we would give up foreskin to focus on foreplay. That is just a joke Paul. Be well. I do wonder if there exists a correlation between circumcision and obesity. I realize that Americans are generally the most obese people of the world. Instead of sexual gratification, we may turn to other forms of gratification. Noel

            On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 11:16 AM, The Intact America Blog wrote:

            > Paul Frohlich commented: “It is my view that even an intact male just > can not do what Nature did not intended him to do. A human is the only > animal that masturbate be it male or a female. When a male do and he do not > provide a conditions doing it as it is in the female inside duri” >

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 8, 2014 11:24 pm

            Why you say that cut man created America? This not correct, the founding fathers of the US constitution were intact and so were all man some 120 years after 1776 Declaration of Independence will say more but just doing something at this moment

          • Noel Trudell

            May 9, 2014 12:12 am

            I apologize for being misleading. I understand the founding fathers were intact men. I am more speaking of the last century of the United States. I don’t even claim that anything is better or worse, just different. What I do claim is that a wildfire like this has an incredible amount of cleansing and rebirthing ability. Think of the mass energy of this in a nation. I explained that this is a very sensitive subject in America. We are proud and arrogant in general. How humbling of a situation for the men of the states. You have to imagine how challenging it is to have this conversation in the States with all the righteousness we are smothered in. Culture has yet to be established in the States. Perhaps, this is just another reason for the population of the United States to continue questioning our ruling powers. And for your information, western medicine organizations are very similar to the mafia. Power and wealth are common in ruling institutions. Even the churches. Once a person wields power it becomes harder to let go of. The fear of loss is common among the powerful. Maybe circumcision is symbolic of loss of power, of the sexual nature. Ha ha. Once again, choices are more than black and white, and everything that has a strength can have a weakness, and vice versa Thank you Paul. Be well.

          • paul frolich

            May 9, 2014 1:39 am

            You are an interesting guy the way you talk, most man seem to hate this subject, there is a lot of I can say to this but its late night and also English is not my native language and it takes me a while to express myself well. I have 3 children as you all boys the oldest 30 and the youngest 2 years old. I tell my wife that if I be damaged sexually as it is done in America we would not have this boy and so fast. We wrote to each other for over 8 years and than finally when I came to see her for the first time for just 3 weeks she conceived our baby within the first 5 days of our meeting in Cebu City, she just ovulated and and wanted a baby, there was no time to arrange a marriage as we planed. She was still a virgin at 31 and that was a little challenge with such a short time given. If I be cut that would be next to impossible to make her first sexual experiences ……..what the words? whatever. This matter bugs me for a very long time ,even before the time I had my first computer and Intact America existence. I often go on ” The Drudge Report” and if there is some suitable story I make a comment but almost always use the opportunity to mention shortly about the genital mutilation in the USA. Some get angry at me and some give me good words, at one time I had most of the pluses . I try my best not to hurt the feelings of those man effected. Its not their mistake . But its midnight and must go sleep, will say more later………

            Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 04:42:38 +0000 To: [email protected]

          • Noel Trudell

            May 9, 2014 12:18 am

            Intomecu is my facebook avatar. I do very little with it right now. Perhaps we could communicate easier through it though?

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 1:47 am

            Ah so its you on the Facebook? OK I except at least you can see my new family. Only very busy and my time for communication is limited.

          • Noel Trudell

            May 9, 2014 2:02 am

            I am among a growing number of cut fathers who are attempting to relate and accept this atrocious act upon ourselves and the baby boys of this country. I enjoy talking about this subject. The conversation helps me learn how to relate this to my five year old son who is intact, without him feeling sorry for me. I will avoid pity the best I can. There is alot to be sad about. Much to be thankful for also. Whatever we look for in a situation is what we see. Goodnight Paul. Congratulations of a new baby boy. Baby boys don’t seem to come to parents who would circumcise. Those parents seem to get baby girls. Ha ha. Seems to be true unless other karmic energies exist. Many insurance companies in America are beginning to refuse to pay for the cutting of newborn boys. We learn.

            On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 11:17 PM, The Intact America Blog wrote:

            > Paul Frohlich commented: “Ah so its you on the Facebook? OK I except > at least you can see my new family. Only very busy and my time for > communication is limited.” >

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 11:03 am

            ” The Mind At Birth Is Like A Blank Slate Waiting ,To Be Written On By The World Of Experience”……….John Locke ……..This philosopher had a huge impact on the founders of your once a great country, he is behind what is called America today.Today America is no more what it was, we shall try our best to bring that spirit, the passions of those day back. Or at least the few of us…..The impact of John Locke words you can see from your own experience. You were only few moments or days old and the world of experience started to be written in to your mind in the worst way possible. In opposite to you I am very angry not at the individual but the one who sell herself or himself to the crowd.My hatred for the many, the weak that want to feel strong and join the many. The many can be manipulated by a few the leaders of the crowds, be it elite doctors or presidents or religious leaders seeking power by using gods created in in mans own image. However I do not put down the real Got, as metaphor for the real thing and I do not put down those like my wife who believe in Jesus…i know why ( John Locke again) but will not try to change her as long as she is good and learn to think. My opposition to man in the crowd started already when I was a small child and it got stronger when I discovered thinkers like Nietzsche who ” Thus Spoke Zarathustra” opened my eyes like never anything else before. We all are born to understand Zen but only few will because the doctrines written in to all of us by our early environment. Only few of us will brake the chains man kind put on us. A Master tells that Zen can’t be spoken, a Zen Master can not tech Zen, it each of us that are willing must discover the cave of Zarathustra on our own. A true philosopher can not be repeated like a parrot will, its something he or she must build within. Sometimes we can act as the many but in each of us is the Me. Me and God is one. Me and Zen is one.You and me, we are all particles of literally infinite Universe with endless Suns and planets around those, many with life………Georgiano Bruno paid with his own life some 500 years ago for this statement, was burn by the stake for this what is true true. Why I am so passionate about man ruining somebody reproductive……in part that is? because its done by the weak that sold them self to the many, done on a helpless tiny individual, given to this world by the mystery of Nature. She is millions times smarter than the us. Who is She, what is God? nobody knows but we try to find out and so we have some in science and philosophy that deal with this question. I talk like a progressive. No I am not. Politically I am a very conservative guy and if you are a one of those that support people like Obama try not to go in to that. just like in the case of genital mutilations I am as well passionate in my political philosophy. At first I sound like a progressive…, am vegetarian- vegan most of my life hate how we pollute this planets life and do understand some Obama points. But it ends here.I strongly oppose the murder of a growing being in a pregnant woman. Only Nature can abort life She started, if the woman do wrong things or live under unnatural conditions or what else. Life do not belong to me and you but to that what caused us to be. I hate the way how politicians let the the USA flood this place from people of other cultures and than let the illegals vote for them. I hate big government, i am the one responsible for my own actions, not somebody not related to me or my family. But if I am harmful to life on this planet, the government is here to stop it. But no matter where Obama might be correct, he is a lying creep, that hate America and her constitution. he got no intellect, people of intellect do not seek to rule over others because the know its useless in the long run. Einstein rejected the offer to be a president of Israel. A true philosopher do not seek to rule over others but try to build the self that is in each. And I must go work.

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 11:42 am

            Just a while ago I looked at Drudge report that talk that syphilis reached the highest level in USA and so I made a comment relative to the useless genital cuttings in USA. If you go on the Drudge you might find that comment . This how I do my part my duty in little ways to fight this stupidity in man kind

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 12:12 pm

            By the way I like Rand Paul, his father Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate who dare to oppose circumcision and feel sorry to let this happen to his 2 sons. If Rand Paul would become a president , my feeling is something will change in the regard of genital cuttings.Both Ron and Rand are medical doctors I could agree with.

          • Noel Trudell

            May 9, 2014 3:39 pm

            Have you ever heard the Buddhist story of the farmer who horse runs away? A farmers horse runs away and all the towns people say ” How unfortunate for you”. The farmer replies “perhaps”. A few days later the farmers horse returns followed by three wild horses. The farmers horse leads the three wild horses into the corral, and now the farmer has four horses. All the towns people said ” How fortunate for you.” The farmer replies “perhaps. Days later the farmer’s son is saddle breaking one of the wild horses and gets thrown off and breaks his arm. All the townspeople say to the farmer. ” How unfortunate for you.” the farmer responds ” perhaps” Again, days later a military drafter come the the farmers house and attempts to draft the farmers son for war. The farmers son has a broken arm so he cannot be drafted for war. All the townspeople say to the farmer. “How fortunate for you.” The farmer says perhaps”……. You get the point? So a high percentage of men in the states are genitally mutilated. How fortunate or unfortunate is the drama and the struggle of righteousness that we all must face within our own egos. Judgement is something I will leave to powers beyond me. I know how I feel about the situation, and I have freed myself from my kharma by leaving my son intact. Intact is how nature presented my son to me, and I will listen to nature. Do I believe it is fortunate or unfortunate? What does anybody know for sure enough to sway anybodies choices. Regardless of the institutions who endorse circumcision, the parents of the states still chose to listen to the powers that be. It is the choice of the individual not the masses. When the people of the States remember that they are this great country, not the wealthy influential powers that be, we as a nations will begin to inherit our birthright. I believe that the topic of circumcision is one of those catalyst to help the people learn how to trust their own individual choices. The best part of failing to be responsible for one’s own life is that there is always someone to blame. All in all, I believe that we are both speaking of being responsible caretakers of the planet, and its population. Choice is our greatest strength and worst curse. I enjoy the space of dichotomy. Choice is more than just good and bad, and black and white. Choice can be empowering, yet power can corrupt. “perhaps”. Ha

            On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 9:42 AM, The Intact America Blog wrote:

            > Paul Frohlich commented: “By the way I like Rand Paul, his father Ron > Paul is the first presidential candidate who dare to oppose circumcision > and feel sorry to let this happen to his 2 sons. If Rand Paul would become > a president , my feeling is something will change in the regar” >

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 11:21 pm

            Yes I do know the story and understand what you try to tell me.and I do not just pretend that you are very smart guy the way you put things, I like to read you. But as I said I am more warlike against humanity ignorance. Did humans submit you because of your experience as a baby? Do you feel like that? If I be cut would I be less warlike and more in submission? The way I feel now and with all the knowledge I have and if cut and the doctor still alive would I come and smash him in peaces? Or would I be different psychologically? Just wonder

          • Noel Trudell

            May 9, 2014 4:01 pm

            So, I choose to leave my son intact. How fortunate? Perhaps. I also have experienced my wife leaving me for an intact man through some Freudian energy. How unfortunate? Perhaps. I just don’t know enough about how the universe works to allow judgement on the “perhaps” to affect my life in any other way than just to help me learn acceptance of what is. Only until I can accept “what is” can I begin to accurately make future choices for the benefit of myself and others. Perhaps. Please, Paul, release yourself from your anger. Teach the children how to accept. There is much to be angry about, and much to be thankful for. Whatever we perceive will be the substance of our lives. Let’s embrace choice without judgement and righteousness. Only until we experience loss can we appreciate what we have. I have no regrets in leaving my son intact, even as the choice created some interesting and challenging situations in my life. Be Well.

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 10:40 pm

            Perhaps you see things differently, me I like emotions like hatred or something similar.And do you think it ruin my days? Not at all I am a very happy optimistic person and its perhaps reflected in the music I love in the last 8 years even my wife got in to. Its called a Trance, Vocal Trance or some call it Rave or Techno. Some of it suck but most is very good. Each evening I put radio Amsterdam vocal Trance on my computer. We Europeans love this music but its also very popular in N. America. If I be angry man i would choose a different music.I think the more you know me the more you might get confused because I sound like full of contradictions. On one side almost spiritual and on other at war with ignorance. To be at peace with evil or ignorance as you suggest would be boring

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 9, 2014 11:00 pm

            How do you know , or what do you know about that intact man? Who is he,did your wife told you a reason she leave for him? i said something about you to my wife and she do not like what your wife did to you…….but than since I was not there in that situation how can I judge? My wife, Maria, told me if I cut she would ask me to restore but would not leave me.She also told me how she met a woman in her church who marry an Austrian who is intact and the woman did not like it and she told me when she meet her again she will mention something she did not know about before she met me…….she had no experience, not sure what she mean her English is still not the best……….but her sister marry a Canadian last year who is cut and they fight a lot……….wonder why, is she happy in her love life?

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 10, 2014 10:34 am

            Since you knew to the internet and did not know yet look up on your search bar “sexasnatureintendedit” There are lots of woman comments, stories, pictures, videos, very informative.

          • Noel Trudell

            May 10, 2014 11:42 am

            Have you ever heard of the phrase ” the grass is greener on the other side” I am visiting my children this weekend, so I will have limited amounts of time to communicate on the internet. A restored man will still never have the sexual sensations and timing that an intact man will. Information is power, and power can be destructive. Anger can be useful when it is directed well and not allowed to turn into rage.

            On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 8:04 AM, The Intact America Blog wrote:

            > Paul Frohlich commented: “Since you knew to the internet and did not > know yet look up on your search bar “sexasnatureintendedit” There are lots > of woman comments, stories, pictures, videos, very informative.” >

          • Paul Frohlich

            May 10, 2014 12:41 pm

            This piss me of. You should have equal time with your children, you did not leave she did. The children need both parents and not some stranger who live with their mother. By the way, just because I talk angry that do not mean I am and I do not go in to an rage unless somebody keep on stepping on my toes but so far that did not happen, I avoid conflicts, unless its very important like ruining children reproductive.Wish you good time with your family. you did well. Wish all Americans are as you in this particular regard.

  • Noel Trudell

    May 12, 2014 5:25 pm

    Circumcision affects our whole culture in the states. Not only in the bedroom and family structure, but in the whole way cut me feel about themselves and their environment. I feel that a cut man is more uncomfortable with his nakedness and body in general. Most circumcisions are unsymmetrical. Studies that I have read lead to the conclusion that we as individuals are attracted to symmetry. An intact penis is much more symmetrical. Also, I believe that the foreskin is super important to blood flow in that area. The foreskin supplies back pressure to recycle blood back through the body after an erection. Which would minimize pooling of blood in the sexual organs. Cancer and disease would be reduced with proper blood flows. Their are many strengths to foreskin and being intact an intact man. However, I choose to look at both sides. I know that my father who raised me was cut as a child. I know that my father has struggled with how he feels about himself his whole life. This is common in the cut man. Since sexual gratification is minimized in relationships, the focus on an individuals life is redirected in the area of emotional well being. I am speaking generally and en mass. I don’t claim that a uncut man can never be as emotionally connected as a cut man, I do claim that in general that would be a trend in a relationship with a cut man. Lasting relationships in the states are emotional centered. We have a very interesting counter culture. My son is intact, but my second nephew is cut. Anger would lead me to conflict with my family in this regard. Would my father, who is seventy, like to find out that he has never know the sexual gratification that a uncut man does? Does my niece want to know that she took away her newborn sons sexual satisfaction? Does any man in the states want to be heard that they got genitally mutilated as a boy, and will never know the pleasure a uncut man will? Does any mother in the states who choose to mutilate the sexual organ of their sons want to know that their sons may just become upset with them when they find out they will never experience their fullest sexual gratification? No, people like to be presented with both sides. This is what I do. I attempt to present both sides. Anger begets anger. Compassion is a key for me in this situation.
    So, I believe that the answer to this culture dilemma lies in, believe it or not, the internet and pornography. I believe the rise of pornography is associated with circumcision. The cut man who has difficulty becoming aroused may turn to pornography, The wife of the cut man may also be exposed to it. And in pornography we find the big “O” orgasm. I have studied the orgasm and how cut and uncut men orgasm, and I have seen more uncut men experience a full body orgasm, and multiple orgasms compared to the cut man. Their sexual partners are also rewarded through the full body orgasm of their partner. Isn’t that what sexual union is? Two into one. Now, the interest in pornography will unlock this secret for sexually active people in the states, and the choice to cut or uncut will become increasing more obvious. When more and more cut men are unable to deny the complete orgasm of the uncut man change will become.
    I suggest that angry be avoided in this situation. I love the mother of my children, I couldn’t have made my three beautiful children without her. I refuse to let my scar bother our relationship anymore. I care that the mother of my children experiences the sexual connection that she deserves. We have been involved in an open relationship for five years because I realized that I couldn’t sexually satisfy her or myself. She has given me three children, and now she would like to feel sexually attractive. She is thirty three years old and in the prime or her life. How could she be sexually attracted to the genitally mutilated? I attempted to create an environment where we could both have the sexual freedoms that we need to get through this challenge in our relationship. I understand her attraction to the uncut man. I feel upset sometimes as to how this sexual desire has manifested in our lives, and how it has affected our choices. Understand that women in the states have a low chance in finding lasting sexual gratification in their cut partners. This may lead women into making choices based on the sexually gratification in the bedroom than the emotional connection with a cut partner. I can see how my emotional gratifications in life have become important to me through the minimization of sexual gratification. I believe this to be common among older cut men. Any in regards to your wife’s sisters relationship, perhaps they argue more because they are focused on creating emotional security in their life.
    I have more to express in time… This topic is important in my life. I live this topic. It is everywhere and mostly unspoken about in the states. I have to be careful and sincere with how I express this to my family and friends. After all, 80 % of my peers are unaware or ignorant about what we are doing. I feel I have already bothered enough of my male friends with this. Most of them are circumcised. Ha

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 13, 2014 3:29 am

      When I started to write to my future wife ii years ago I did not know how to put it to her well, I am a very reserved guy regarding names in sexuality even today I am like that, names like pe…..s or va… a I say reproductive or something spe. I say genetic material..m or even circumcision makes me feel uncomfortable I say cut and sometimes a genital mutilations, when I make comments like on the Drudge Report its also better not say names so I am not deleted. i grew up in a very reserved environment back in Europe,coming from the land of castles and stories that influenced me, I like to look at things like a child who see magic every where. If I talk with a woman of my I do not say those above names, for the sake of lasting romance or a mystery. A university professor friend of my have this words written on his wall ” Silence is Golden” . He also let his 2 sons to be cut and I tell you it ruined his older son Mathew life. Long story. Its almost one after midnight and my eyes are closing. But I did not finish what I started.I mentioned almost in every letter this cutting stuff in my perhaps hundreds of letters, but in indirect names. This thing bothered me just as it bother you? Can i ask you, you talk about a scar, that I did not know than that scar is left, why it bother you, because it looks bad or what? And what bothered your woman about you sexual? What did she say to you? I can not imagine well not to have those covers. My new wife is still shy about it because I am also but she start to get better and less shy than me, she touch …If you would have all as you were born with and a woman touch you just a tiny tickle is enough. Yes its true that what the doctor rip from a child is the most sensitive, at least 5 times more that the rest, how can a man expel his reproductive without it I can not imagine. Read that intact man when excited, his glans will be totally exposed. Why is that? Is it because they play too much? not my. I love to have it covered in any situation to protect all the extreme sensitive stuff inside, Nature made it for the inside of a woman reproductive and not be exposed and rub on the cloth, . If a woman curious she can undress it and look at the glans, do all woman like look at it? Or even make it look like circumcised……without the scar. So stupid some woman are, why they like the always exposed glans look? Why some love cut man And why there still would be few man that get cut in older age just because of some woman likes. In Europe we do not have this, almost all girls, intact is a norm, there is more to play with for her, more to discover and far more stuff to touch and ignite.But its very late so I say more later.

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 13, 2014 11:42 am

      This could be perhaps a little unusual,two guys one cut the other intact but both passionate about the mutilation done on the helpless, do not think many intact want to go in to this. I am at loss what to say to make your situation any better. You say a lot and hope this evening, will have time to say a few words to it what you say, only I am not so good to express myself so well as you do I am good at war but would not be able to except such a thing as you do. Psychologically speaking I have something what millions in USA just do not, my anger is based on my experience. I can imagine what loss I would have if I be violated on the most sensitive part on human males species reproductive. If I be perhaps my mind would be in different state of consciousness that of submission, you seem to match that. You only read about what was stolen from you and how it would feel to have it. Me I experience it. Can I say perhaps the word empiricism? A knowledge must be based on experience. this what Empiricist as me say, you do not have that knowledge ……..how could you experience anger without empirical evidence? you are in submission because of ? and me not because?. . my consciousness is different from yours

      • Noel Trudell

        May 13, 2014 3:00 pm

        We will find very little emperical evidence about this practice in the states. I find the procedure is very similar to lemurs following each other over a cliff. Where is the emperical knowledge in that act? We blindly follow at times, even to our demise. Please understand that I live among the cut. Anger destroys my relationships with my cut brothers. I have compassion for them and my self. What I as attempting to convey is that not all is forsaken. I don’t agree with the practice on infant boys, however I attempt to find the strengths of both side of the story. Remember, choices have color. They are not black and white. In my learning to accept this in my self and my community I have been able to communicate my feeling on the matter in a neutral way. I have no idea if the brother I am talking to is cut or uncut, and I would choose to insult neither of them. I am a Roman in Rome attempting to have compassion for the situation and the people involved. If I let my anger lead me in this matter, which I have, I find anger and deaf ears. Thank you.

        On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 9:12 AM, The Intact America Blog wrote:

        > Paul Frohlich commented: “This could be perhaps a little unusual,two > guys one cut the other intact but both passionate about the mutilation done > on the helpless, do not think many intact want to go in to this. I am at > loss what to say to make your situation any better. You say a l” >

        • Paul Frohlich

          May 14, 2014 1:26 am

          Perhaps you did not get it?I should not have used the word empirical because its used mainly in philosophy and cosmological sciences . What I mean, since you do not have the experience with something what somebody else do, how can you judge why I feel the way I do? Or in other words a human is a part of Nature just like all other species are, we are not separate from other species. anger is a way of life, all mammal animals including man have it written in to their instinct ,When you come to a mother bear to cut something from her cub when she do not look, and her baby scream in pain the mother run and kill you, she is angry at the one who hurt her baby, i was chased by a mother bear, stupid me was taking pictures had to run in my car and the bear climb on top of the car and my big German Shepherd dog who never feared anything before,. just freaked out Some .human mothers would react the same some not. what would you do if there is a law and all baby boys must be circumcised as this idiotic doctor from Australia is calling for?what would I do? Kill just like the mother bear. Am I angry? No. Actually i am a very calm person but I do hate, I hate those that are against Nature, I hate all human that are at war with Nature. You were cut because of mans war on Nature. I am not calling on you to be angry……….as you do on me that I am……..I will not prescribe to this Jesus philosophy that is somebody slap me I should turn the other cheek.I do as Nature ask me to do in the instinct She gave in to me.But I agree with you that you still love your wife and forgive her. how did this all started in your life, when did you discover something wrong, or was it your wife?

  • Noel Trudell

    May 14, 2014 2:53 am

    My wife first came to me with the words “genital mutilation”: I responded by overcompensating when I found out I have never known the pleasure a natural man has. I responded by opening up our sexual relationship with others. I knew that the seed has been planted. I didn’t what to be cheated on and lied to, so I attempted to create space for the experience with a natural man in our life without deception. I responded with denial. I responded with the question, “How could a person be attracted to the genitally mutilated?” It explained alot though. Most of my sexual experiences were less than I felt they should have been. Come to find out that there are estrogen receptors in the foreskin that chemically help the two unite into one, and a host of other feeling that I have been missing my whole life. I just recently, with my separation, discovered how much of a factor it was in my sexual relationship with my wife. I understand how she would desire something she has never known also. I relate to that desire. The question I ask is “Would you rather know than live in doubt?” Now I know that it makes a difference in the relationship. Her new relationship has endured through amazing challenges and difficulties. I believe that the unspoken energies shared in their sexual unions was beyond anything she has experienced in her life. I love her. She deserves it. I can learn to get over myself, and see the big picture. Sure, I have suffered the pains of this experience, but what is joy without suffering.
    I feel that you are challenged to accept choice in this practice. You express anger, but what is right is only for oneself. I agree that to take that choice away from a baby boy is criminal and insane, I attempt to accept that somewhere we all made the choices. And if we are to begin to accept, than abortions and circumcisions should only be done for medical reasons. Men came intact, who is to question? Potentially healthy babies are gifts from the creator. Who are we to judge?

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 14, 2014 12:02 pm

      I can not argue with you because you seem to be right on many things, but, truth is relative to the observer only, my truth is relative to my understanding and yours to yours.Humans are not the Ultimate Truth in the Universe. here on this planet the most damaging creature to all life. genital mutilation just a small part of human stupidity but I bite in to this one a big way in my war on this creature that gave itself the name human. I hate ignorance. I hate stupidity ignorance creates, I seek ways how to teach rationality to the ignorant and I bite the best I can those that sleeping unable to wake up from their by human seeded self centered doctrines. I am a student of Nietzsche , what do you expect? to be nice to everybody stuck in ignorance? no I kick in the hope to create anger ( metaphorically) anger, as an emotion is good at times.I am in many ways a skeptic I knew by using a simple physical science imaginations combined with experience because I intact,I calculated that man who do not have covers over his glans must hurt a woman, specially when she age, or sometimes not if a painful first sexual experiences happen it will get written in to her mind……….her instinct evolved over millions of years and it tells her something not right. I had 2 virgins. The first 20. In those days I was ignorant never gave a thought what the dam covers are for. It took some 2 month, yes 2 month to do a full love past the hymen. Why? Because the dam glans is not created to penetrate anything its the job for the covers to do and open they do with zero harm to the lady. In the end somehow it reached her cervix and she even did not realized that, and above all it was painless and she did not bleed, My guess is somehow the covers came in first.The problem is when the couple fiddle around with motions in their body and the covers tight against her body they open and expose the glans and that is a wrong way the enter her reproductive opening. the glans is a very soft spongy material that flatten like a sponge against an object like a female opening. you will ask now, ” but I am told that upon erection the glans come out” wrong only in those that play too much or whatever and the covers shrink. A smart guy take care that the covers always cover in any situation, big or small.Its there to protect the softness of the glans he shall train it to be so. They are like a rubber can go way past the glans or expose them to the point where it look just as circumcised all the way to his body no they just vanish. i tell you all this so you can imagine since you never experienced that, but if you go to sexasnature intendedit .com # 4 , video 6 there a girl play show a little of that. my second virgin was 32 and by than I knew what the purpose of those covers are. Again I did not want to hurt because she older never had sex, she wanted a baby and we had only few days for that before I leave back to Canada and even with 8 years of writing we did not know each other physically not used to her I panicked the first few days and we did just a little never reaching past the hymen but one morning we made full cervical point love and she did not complain of pain despite she was very dry because perhaps all went so fast and she did not get ready, her lubrication that is and after she said like if excited ” look’ there was a tiny pink spot on the sheet no blood just pink. It happened so fast because when the covers on the right spot they can deliver the rest very fast and with no friction to the lady and so with that speed there could have been a tiny tear this why the pink? Nature is amazing in Her ways how She create everything so perfect. The covers have so many uses and do not tell me I should not get angry at those that cut them of.Without those covers , my second lady would not get pregnant that day and our boy would not be here. You made children without them as millions as well only with a price. Be glad to have the chance your lady gave you to give life to your 3 wonderful children and be happy for her happiness she has now, she gave you a lot. How did she find out about the genital mutilation?

  • Noel Trudell

    May 14, 2014 3:19 am

    Remember most every man around me is cut and experiencing the same feelings when making love that I was. I just thought, in my egocentric american mind, that that was normal. Ha Ha Ha. I am thankful for understanding how oblivious I have been in my youth. I am thankful for humility, and lessons that open my eyes. I am thankful that I have stopped that karmic cycle for my family and children. And I am thankful that I can bring this to light to willing listeners in the heart of the practice. Like I have said, this is a very “sensitive” topic of discussion with those around me. I use compassion as one of my tools. Anger only goes toward the society as a whole. Yeah, I know anger, there is alot to be angry about, and alot to be thankful for also. Many spiritual practices teach abstinence and sexual denial. Perhaps, this practice is indirectly creating a country full of men who refocus their energies. Perhaps the next spiritual enlightenment will be centered in a place full of unknowingly “jewish” men. ha ha. I just choose to accept, and understand that everything that has a strength can have a weakness. I like to say ” proud people justify their beliefs.” I will choose to remain as humble as I can. I have suffered my pride many times already.

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 14, 2014 12:30 pm

      What part of a country you live that most man are cut? Would not be California, there most not cut, just as in Canada today young mostly not cut. funny, i knew to cut of the covers is a problem but until I talked to you I did not realize this big. And how do you explain to me, that some man and woman like to be cut? I know this can not go to long and one day ” Halo Viagra” with those and woman hurting. They must. Even with a lubricant it get pulled out because the act is not as it was intended by Nature. The intact can control for a very long time but that is play with Nature not good for the Nature given instinct. there are so many sensors in those covers its tricky to fool them, sometimes they can trigger the response even with a small motion, to expel the genetic material out of mans body. When we still monkey we had to act very fast the process of insemination before a competitor chase you away and steel your female

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 14, 2014 12:38 pm

      Steal, not steel, in reference to us one time monkeys…….come to think of it, today we in some ways more stupid than they. sorry monkeys you no stupid, we are, you are not harmful to life as this human specie

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 14, 2014 10:44 pm

      Did you read on the news that a judge in Florida ordered a 3 year boy to be circumcised? The mother oppose it, father want it. And you tell me not to get angry? the Father and the judge deserve to be hung. I grew up in a communist dictatorship and do not know of any communist country to in force such thing in fast there is not one communist country where they mutilate baby boys as in America. you really live in a fucked place. i have 4 intact boys living in the USA and I am pissed of. Over one million each year are forced in to this barbarity. Forced. In America, the land of the” free”? The land of many stupid that is.

  • Noel Trudell

    May 14, 2014 11:56 pm

    No, I haven’t heard of the judge in Florida. I believe in choice. I go to karma on things as such. My mind in too limited to understand how the creation works. For whatever reason, it happened. The boy still has a life, and perhaps he will be refocused on other facets of life instead of sexual union. We can know love without sex, and we can know sex without love. Which is better? That is where choices have color, and are more than black and white. Which is better being cut or uncut? Don’t you see the righteousness in the debate? There is advantages and disadvantages to both. My biological father was a uncut man. He choose homosexuality over heterosexuality after having three children. In early 1980 he moved down to San Francisco and contracted AIDS, and also later on in his life he had to have his foreskin removed due to infection. Did having his foreskin affect his choices, YES! Was he fortunate or unfortunate to have it? Perhaps. At least he was able to make the choice, and it wasn’t made for him. That is what I believe in. CHOICE.

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 15, 2014 12:22 am

      Your father is an adult man who could make a choice but not a child. But the child will not be cut yet, it was put on hold. The story is on the Intact America Facebook. It just came in. Perhaps your father was a famine guy or something and your mother could not take or something. Whatever I was not there to judge the situation. I view homosexuality as a biological disorder. Perhaps its because of the hormones in the meats or power of suggestion, do not seem to be genetic.

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 15, 2014 2:03 am

      Your father is still alive? I was writing to you and my wife called so I did not finish and now I forgot what was I going to say

  • Noel Trudell

    May 15, 2014 12:10 am

    I was born in the 70’s. I understand that circumcision is a dying practice. Yet, I the height of the AIDS epidemic circumcision was recommended for preventing STD’s. Most men that I talk to today were born between 70’s through 90’s. I understand that since the internet more accurate and enlightening information has been shared. I don’t claim that men and women prefer circumcision in the states, we just don’t know any different. However, as we understand more and more boys are growing up uncut, and more and more women and men with enjoy a more pleasant sexual union. How fortunate or unfortunate for them is still “perhaps” for me. I do find it understandable that Hugh Hefner the chief editor of Playboy magazine is an uncut man. He still appears to enjoy sexual union well into his later life. I think that the cut man would just righteously think that Hefner used alot of Viagra, but you and I know that he just still has his sexual sensitivities, and young attractive women around all the time helps too. ha ha

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 15, 2014 1:25 am

      get yourself a Filipina , they do not mind a cut man, 90% of their man are cut but in older age its a custom for them. They tend to be a little bossy but make a wonderful wife. You talk of some benefits in circumcision? like what, that is rubbish , how about to cut of the ears they so hard to wash, or breast to prevent a breast cancer..

    • Betty

      May 15, 2014 11:18 am

      I read that Hefner had to have several of his dollies working on him simultaneously to be able to “enjoy sex”. All while watching porn on a screen, too. LOL This info from a spy/writer. For what it is worth.

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 18, 2014 12:04 pm

      Do you really understand yourself? Freud said that is the hardest thing to do, commenting on his good friend Nietzsche who he envy for his ability understanding himself and said that perhaps no person do or ever will understand himself -(herself) as Nietzsche did. Overstatement but something to it. So I ask you . Do you understand yourself? If you do not you can not understand the world around you. That do not say I understand myself but try my best, When I at the age of about 15, try to understand Kant as Einstein did at the same age and than Nietzsche for the first time, something hit me like no other philosopher did. If you can feel yourself you will will feel also others. You understand the injustice done to you, do you feel the hurt of others as well? Like Falun Gong in China, followers of harmless spiritual practice numbered 100 million just short years 14 ago now prohibited in China,and put in jail and their organ harvested while still alive. Do you feel the pain of 3 million 5-10 years old girls held by their mothers and helpers, because they will just experience the worst shocking pain in their life, a “barber” will start cutting parts from their vaginas, many die.Do you feel the suffer of the creature being killed for your dinner table? I do and so I do not eat it.Nietzsche seen a horse being beaten because he could not pull a heavy wagon up to the hill and came to the horse embrace him with tears in his eyes telling to the horse ” forgive us” If you just concentrate on genital mutilations of helpless babies around you because of your experience, you could miss the horrors man do all around this planet. I was not cut but I feel what is done and all life around. I do not love mankind. Those millions that think as one. I hate dumb idiotic crowds that think as one. It is they that mutilated your reproductive. I hate all those that believe in others and do not seek the truth within .Its in all, but but sleeping, the “them” is more important than the “me” You talk in terms that can not be proven, like the ancient idea of Karma. you understand the words people teach you very well and use them well, but its complicated how many will understand it? Do your best to speak in provable ideas and facts. Think simply, talk simply. I do not say to know it all, in fact I know that I know nothing, perhaps you know more than me. But do we really know as a whole? The human being got knowledge but not wisdom. Knowledge without wisdom is a very dangerous thing. Human is a very dangerous creature. Julia Hill, one day entered the Red Wood forest of California and she fell something and she run and run deeper and than stop, look around and is transformed. she fell to her knees and start to uncontrollably weep. There was Nature all around her, undisturbed by man for millions of years. She become real herself not just people, one with the whole. Later she climbed on 1000 year old tree called Luna and lived on that tree without putting her feet on the ground for over 2 years. The book she wrote on that tree Legacy of Luna is translated in many languages. Luna was supposed to be cut so people could have their stupid furniture. Huge winter storms, bitter colds something, helicopters, people try to get her down, she survived that all and saved Luna life, a symbolic gesture a wake up call for some among us. Its not just genital mutilation of helpless children, we have to see the whole picture we are part of to have a hope for the future of mankind. If you read Julia Hill Luna and on page 9 you feel what she felt you than become the real you and stop being people but you a tiny particle the Universe is made of. Perhaps all I say not the best written but I tried.

  • Betty

    May 15, 2014 11:16 am

    Off topic or maybe not. Can someone advise this fellow what to do with him being 24 years of age but still not fully retractable? From the UK. (I’d know what to tell the parent of a child but not an adult male.)


    • Paul Frohlich

      May 15, 2014 12:51 pm

      Its like a rubber bit by bit put a pressure and one day it will be as it should be. no problem , he is lucky that its not short and do not cover. This guy named Peter a friend of my 22 was worried about it also when he with a woman, me I did not think about it at that age perhaps I was the same, do not remember. It just be in time the way his girl like it and she can be a help as well.

    • Betty

      May 15, 2014 1:11 pm

      Paul, would you be so good, then, as to post your advice on that site? Hope you will. I’m a woman, it’s not my business to tell a man these kinds of things. (Why would he listen to me.)

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 16, 2014 12:51 am

        Your friend got the same problem like in the newspaper article? i wonder, i read how in America the medical mafia, I call them, tell parents ,to force the covers back to clean the glans. This is idiotic. Most of the American doctors are mutilated, what do they know about the covers they do not have? I hate to call it a foreskin because it gives a wrong impression. Only the top is a skin, under it is another material separated from the skin. those 2 join at the tip and at the base and Nature put some kind of sealed lubricant in between so in sexual activity those 2 glide over each other and do not cause a friction to the lady sensitive insides. That is in an adult man, in a baby the inner material is glued to the glans until the age, in my case about 15. If a mother or a doctor force the covers back, it will rip the inner cover , from the glans causing damage. The profit driven doctors just love it. what happen when someone rip a finger nail from your finger? Very similar..And than those basters tell the parent to circumcise The child suffered an injury. If this happened to your friend, part of the inner covers could be fused to the glans? Lets hope nobody touched , nobody ripped and than in time it will be as is supposed to be. If I be in his situation I would experiment, like lubricate something soft , with no sharp edges say a plastic tooth pick and try to slide it in past the spot where the covers stop. If it go in he is OK, if not i would figure out something else. He needs a woman with a little bit understanding…..I could go in to all kind of ideas but that would take forever and this not my language to explain well.Did he try sex? He should and do not see any problems, that would fix it the best. Me at 15 I never uncovered the glans. One day I look and see this strange pink thing, wondering what the hell is that. I touched that and it hurt like fire, finger is to rough to touche a sensitive inner organ, protected for some 15 years and since then do not recall looking or touching there till about 23 when a curious girl did something and asked if it hurt. She puled that back I think I did not look being so shy. No it did not hurt and sex was as it should be. Was I any help? Tell your friend to give it a little pull or push and over time it gets better.

    • Noel Trudell

      May 15, 2014 4:36 pm

      I feel that the 24 year old man resists and tightens to his full sexual experiences. This may cause him pain and contraction. Perhaps he is over anxious or a nervous sort who is a shallow breather. I would recommend that he learns how to breath and relax into his lower abdomen and sexual parts, along with what Paul advises. He may just experience the best “O” of his life when he does. Breath and the whole world breaths with you, orgasm and the whole world can orgasm with you too. Ha ha ha

  • N. Trudell

    May 16, 2014 2:51 pm

    Has anyone considered the difference in the ways a condom fits on a cut and uncut man. Condoms fit more securely on a cut man. So, as for condom and spermicide lubricants, which have often contain a compound known as N-9, a cut man is ideal. Profits, profits, profits. I believe that the foreskin is way more important than just increasing or decreasing sexual pleasure. I believe that it also plays into a man’s hormones. I have met a man who had three older brothers that were uncut. He ,however, was circumcised. He explains that all of his older brothers are more masculine that he is. The foreskin also directly affects the height and closeness that the testicles are from the body. When it is cold, the foreskin contracts, and so does the scrotum. When it hot, the foreskin relaxes, and so does the scrotum. When this system is out of balance, the hormones in the testicles can be affected. Also the foreskin offers protection for the glans from hot and cold, Imagine how much more sensitive circumcised baby boys are to hot and cold changes, than a natural baby boy, especially in water.
    This idea, along with others, has convinced me to believe that a circumcised boy and man are more likely to be more sensitive to their physical environment. Maybe that is why the cut man is more driven in the world of material wealth and attainment, because they lack the ability to feel natural sexual pleasures, and truely enjoy the transcendental natural of sexual union. So, instead of hormonally attracting a partner in their life, a cut man may attempt to attract a partner in a material way. Still, I believe that everything that has a strength has a weakness, and choice is the important topic here, not righteousness.

    • N. Trudell

      May 16, 2014 3:00 pm

      I can even imagine that testicular cancer is higher among circumcised men than natural men. Has anybody looked into that? The balance and connection between foreskin and scrotum is essential in maintaining the ideal temperatures for healthy cellular reproduction.

    • N. Trudell

      May 16, 2014 3:02 pm

      I will choose to trust the body and the creator, before I trust man and western medicine.

    • N. Trudell

      May 16, 2014 5:47 pm

      When I wrote that a cut man would be more sensitive to their physical environment, I meant in an emotional way. A cut man may seek more emotional security from their life. Can money and possession affect our emotional well-being. Even more so in a man who no longer finds pleasure in sexual union? Circumcision would directly affect the way energy circulates in our energy pathways. Physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I could believe that any acupuncturist would say so!

    • Betty

      May 18, 2014 1:23 pm

      Your comments on hormonal effects of circumcision are so true; indeed, ancient people understood this in their own particular, nonscientific way, and that is why they started the practice. I suspect that some supporters and practitioners of circumcision know these things but of course keep quiet about it.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 18, 2014 1:48 pm

        Noel might be correct on this one. Its hard to explain it but in my view when you cut of the vast majority of nerve sensors on mans reproductive, that communicate with his brain……to give signals………..the lack of those sensors do seems or will trigger hormonal changes. But that was the exact aim of those doctors that started this in the first place. To reduce manhood And its amazing this is still done to over million of baby boys in America. in the 21st century. Its so absurd it just leave some of us speechless, looking for words to explain.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 18, 2014 3:37 pm

        Amazing, Noel might be visiting his children on the weekend. What stories I read more and more, wife leave, children separated from a parent because that parent reproductive was altered without his approval and a wife, perhaps rightfully leave for another one, who not mutilated. Not always the reason for leaving, but growing numbers in USA woman do for this reason, all because a professional who is supposed to heal do damage instead for all kinds of reasons, profit one of them. Many years ago before, I was alone on my theory what genital cuttings will do to a man, I was not outspoken because I was alone. Today with people like Noel I no more hide and talk more to others whenever I have time I put comments on news articles and beside other talks I mostly manage slip in, this USA genital mutilation problem for many to read. Some get angry at me some approve, depending how I put it. We all that know must give a little chip for the sake of the helpless children doctors do damage on . The amazing thing is that doctors just ignore. This is after all 21st century. no conscience, no see ahead, they just stay silent, no explanation to the mother, they just cut. In Canada many say something in opposition as I am told, but not in the USA. They just cut. Amazing.

  • N. Trudell

    May 16, 2014 5:23 pm

    Does anybody know any male sexual tantra teachers who are circumcised? “The truth is self-evident.”

  • N. Trudell

    May 16, 2014 6:26 pm

    I could even believe that infant circumcision would increase the likelyhood of the individual to become a consumer. Needing more food and material things to feel good about themselves. This could be due to the blockage at the sacral chakra. The blockage could create challenges in cycling energy upwards. This would create an abundance of energy in the root chakra. After all, possessions can own us, and sexual union is free. What could be more consumer than taking away sexual pleasure in a population. Isn’t that what started it all? Masturbation? Instead of accepting and holding space for children to learn about their bodies, western medicine would condone surgically removing a part of a baby boy at birth? Seriously? Is it a wonder that westerner are often more unaccepting and righteous than other parts of the world? Circumcised infant boys have been taught that at birth. To believe they are better off without a part of their most sensitive parts? How righteous and unaccepting is that?

    • Paul Frohlich

      May 16, 2014 10:56 pm

      The majority of westerners are not cut. And how is western medicine responsible for genital cuttings?Most oppose it if we include Europe and others. And you do not include the Jews and Muslims,they cut far more than the the USA.

    • N. Trudell

      May 16, 2014 11:16 pm

      Perhaps I was misunderstood. When I said westerners, I meant far westerners. All the way to the states. I understand that most European men are natural and uncut. I apologize for the confusion.

    • N. Trudell

      May 16, 2014 11:36 pm

      I am speaking only of infant circumcision. Muslims and Jews cut for other reasons besides medical. Anyways, I have read that some Jewish folk are refusing to have their children cut, and Muslims cut at adolescence not as infants. I don’t dare challenge religious institutions. I am not that righteous. Their is a group somewhere in Africa where the girls get cut at puberty. It is part of their culture, and is a right of passage for the young women. Who am I to say that that is wrong? Life is color, not black and white.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 17, 2014 1:57 am

        Philippines also cut 90% boys around the age of 12 because of customs not religion. I am perhaps the harshest critic of the human species you ever meet. Have zero respect, for any religious believes of those destructive creatures, their gods are just imaginations of the old or mentally ill, their customs based on mental illness of some kind. Religion do not teach logic, common sense,rationality. Only cosmology, astrophysical scientist, some philosophers or particle physicist deal with the real God and try to understand this Ultimate Force. Some do not like to use the name God, many do, like Einstein. Many believe, based on the theory of the Big Bang, that the Universe started out of nothing,and when I challenged Allan Guth who I met for a short time he could not ignore the fact I challenged him on, that Big Ban theory, he saved , is relative only to the observable Universe. A fish can not determine what the ocean is if it do not see the whole picture. we are that fish. We see a tiny part of the ocean and fail to see the planet its sits on and the infinity beyond. Big Ban to me just become another religion. Circumcision is upsetting to me, because it show the mental illness of the human mind. We are going to self destruct if unable to seed rationality in the future generations. A rational human being automatically understand that the human body,and all life and beyond is a mystery we shall not play with. A mother come to a doctor and ask him to circumcise her boy because the father is. The doctor refuse and explain to her, why he -she will not.We need more principled and rational people to teach. I piss on Mohammad , and all those retarded ideas and yet I am tolerant and do not argue.My wife believe in Jesus and I never put her down on that, evolution is a slow process. I know few Muslims well, one even recognize I am right and start to restore what his religion stole from Allah creation, he believe in.Anyway I made my point…………

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 17, 2014 2:39 am

        A group in Africa cut girls? You know very little on this, get yourself a book written by Ayan Hirshy Ali ” The Infidel” I was unable to put it down and read it all night. There is a death thread on her by the Muslims. she now live under the protection of USA, involved in politic in Holland , she made a short movie that cost the film maker his life, churches started to burn , Holland unable to protect her, because , she a Muslim insulted Mohammad. 3 million girls cut each year my friend all over the world not just some in Africa. She oppose male circumcision also. She at 4, sister at 5 and brother at 6, all forced , one day when the mother opposed any genital cuttings, left for a day,all her 3 children forced in to the genital mutilation that day by the grandmother Her sister the most happy girl in the world changed that day, become insane and died in Holland at 20. Look her up.She also give speeches, on Fox News with Kelly and other news media including Canada. Any anti- circumcision person should know her name and read her story. A black African from Somalia, today a philosopher and some of the most intelligent woman I ever read about.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 17, 2014 2:51 am

        Ayaan Hirsi Ali, did not write it correctly. Look her up

    • N. Trudell

      May 17, 2014 2:15 pm

      I was unaware that muslim culture cuts women. I was referring to a society in Kenya that still practices cutting women. I don’t claim to have any answers for anyone but myself. I speak from my own personal experiences and research. Once again, I don’t see black and white. Choices and karma have more color than just right and wrong. I endorse choice for all. The creator I praise is the one that grants free will. Any others are just petty tyrants in my life.

    • N. Trudell

      May 17, 2014 2:54 pm

      As a reminder. this blog pertains to the topic of circumcision and lousy sex, and how it affects people and relationships. I can imagine there are other blogs to express personal beliefs and feelings on cutting infants and children. I choose to see that people are different, instead of better or worse. Challenging moments in our lives can shape who we are as individuals. People who are uncut are simply focused differently than people who are cut. That procedure shapes individuals for their specific purpose in their lives. Also, remember, that preaching falls on deaf ears. Present a balanced argument, and let individuals make up their own mind. True empowerment comes from inside the individual person. If you see the “stupid in others”, how does that speak of yourself? Heal ourselves, heal the world.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 17, 2014 11:30 pm

        I am lost sometimes in your ideas, lot of it is a theory that can’t be proven like karma , that originate from India. Did you look up Ayya Hirsi Ali?

    • N. Trudell

      May 17, 2014 11:39 pm

      Karma compares to synchronicity, as in Jung. Karma teaches lessons in empathy and awareness. And no I have not looked up Ayya Hirsi Ali. When I have a moment I will.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 18, 2014 12:11 am

        Where did you study all this stuff? I like Zen, what you thing about that? I am surprised you know so little about so much talked about female genital mutilation. Just in Egypt with population of 89 million well over 90% of woman are mutilated , that is about 40 million, the same in Sudan , Somalia , Indonesia, and so much more and its growing. 3 times the number girls mutilated each year than the number of boys in USA. The way you say things you would not get upset about what is happening to the other gender around this globe? Me I am deeply troubled not just about boys. Far more girls die from this than boys, just because its not practiced in America, we can not ignore it. In fact you also might not know that girls in USA were mutilated also, not as dramatic as in some cultures , but the clitoris was cut out, not to all but many, because the clitoris just as the foreskin give pleasure. And this was not practiced on some funny cultures in USA but white USA born girls. There is a book written in this by an American woman, she was cut. Will find the title.As for Carl Jung, he was an leftist idiot and so was Freud, both Materialists.

    • N. Trudell

      May 18, 2014 3:13 pm

      Most appreciated Paul, I feel that you believe in chance and right and wrong. I perceive purpose, and intention. I believe that experiences have purpose to shape and direct who we are. Otherwise, life is just left up to chance. I feel the magic in the creation. And again, this is a blog on circumcision and lousy sex. How about we stay focused, and leave the philosophy discussion for another blog? All that are born, die. We all suffer, it defines joy. Ayya Hirsi Ali’s experiences have helped shaped who she is. You apparently find her interesting and knowledgeable. Do you thing she would be different if she wasn’t cut. Would her life focus have been different? The universe works in mysterious ways, or perhaps as you may believe, things are just left up the chance? I believe that we are only right for ourselves, and preaching falls on deaf ears. Do you like to be told what to believe? Who does?

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 18, 2014 3:57 pm

        No Ayyan Hirsi Ali would not be the same if she was not genitally mutilated. She would perhaps have bunch of kids with some Muslim and we would know less of what is going on around this world. But I stick to the point that if we fail to see the whole picture not just genital cuttings……if cuttings stop what else will come up later when humans are ignorant? Can not explain it well. I understand ,that what I study all me life is complex to many and should not mention it in those debates,…..I do it all the time in the comments , like in Drudge Report on this matter.It cost me money because I do less work, but I must do my part,can not be silent.

    • N. Trudell

      May 18, 2014 3:29 pm

      I have already explained that a person’s life may just be refocused in other ways when sexual pleasure in taken away from them. You yourself have acknowledged this. Good or Bad? Right or wrong? To me, judgement becomes the struggle in accepting what is. I am talking about the “perhaps” in the buddhist story of the the farmers who’s horse runs away. Acceptance, to me, is love. Unconditional acceptance is unconditional love. Acceptance of myself and who I am, and the world around me. Yeah, I can make changes in myself to readjust my life course, but I can’t make anyone do it for them. I can make changes by giving my son choice, and leaving him intact and natural. I can share my feeling and thoughts with others who are willing to listen. I can’t however tell anyone what to believe. Individuals have to do that for themselves. Otherwise, we let government do it for us. And we understand how that turns out. I like to say, “The best part of letting someone else make choices in our lives, is that we always have someone to blame.” Ha

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 18, 2014 4:21 pm

        Unconditional love can not live on its own, it needs to be balanced,by the opposite force. The Universe exist on balance. What is the name Ying and Yong? Your philosophy in my mind is not workable.There always will be hot-cold,dark-light, gravity-anti-gravity, bad-good,love-hate, war-peace,bad-good,woman-man, anger-calm and so on. Sometimes it work what you say, but not because of unconditional love or whatever but for other reasons.

    • N. Trudell

      May 18, 2014 5:00 pm

      I call this reality the “Reality of Duality”. Other realities exist only through direct experience. This I would relate to the “Tao” that cannot be spoken of. But duality is the ruler and lesson of this reality. Contrast promotes growth. Light, dark, wet, dry, hot, cold. pain, pleasure, separateness and oneness. Denial, acceptance. good bad right wrong. Feelings and emotions however exist in more than just duality. Feelings and emotions run through our psyche and dreams. These are feelings that permeate our entire cellular bodies. The choices we consciously make either aid or haunt our realities beyond just conscious thought. Even at a physical level in the cells of our bodies. Have you seen the water molecule test by Masaru Emoto? This is like karma to me. 🙂

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 19, 2014 11:03 am

        You did lot of reading and thinking. Taoism is the oldest form of Chinese philosophy and Zen the more modern version and just as Tao Zen can not be spoken. Words can not express so much but feelings and imaginations can but those can not be put in words very well. Taoism started to take hold on China some 5.000 years ago I think. A little bit later Vedas came to India and much later Judaism, in my view a very simple minded religion. Vedas is another religion full of imaginations. A religion is something what can not be proven ,Tao and Zen however on the other hand , do not put words in to your mouth, you have to create your own personal image on Reality. I like that. You are not bossed by somebody else, you are your very own Master and one with the Creator or Creators, whatever that Ultimate Reality is. And since you not being bossed in to anything nobody tell you mother to ruin her son genitals because those do not belong to the mother or her son but to the Reality

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 19, 2014 11:48 am

        But here I have problem with you statements.Can we achieve anything without duality? How can we stop this madness done on children by that what you say. Only some get it. Sometimes a whip is needed to teach the horse to pull. I know horses , grew up with them, we used them for work and me as a child knew how to handle them, harness them and make them pull. But since they were better to me than people, and did not tell me what to do, I felt soon sorry to hurt them as others did, so I used psychology of fear instead of physical force and it worked better than whip. So tell me , what is your idea, you have those that ruin Nature work, love to ruin children genitals before they get older and wiser by experience with those genitals and there are tons of other things people do.I hate to compare horses to those people because the horses have more wisdom given to them by Nature, but imagine for a while they are the horses that are bad, what do you do with those horses without a whip? How about a little fear, psychology of some kind? I think Intact America is doing good , getting more bold than before and ideas will grow over time how to handle those bad horses? Think of it At this moment while I write this and when you read this, there are many little girls screaming,their clitoris being cut out and on some even more like in Ayya all loose stuff cut out and than with a needle and string saw the cut leaving just a tiny hole for pee. The pain is so huge more people are needed to hold that child. Even a tiny few days boy need to be tied well because he will twist his body from all the pain, its like being eaten by a bear alive. Right at this moment of yours . Do you hear the screams of all those children? You do. Its anger in you that you try to deny?

    • N. Trudell

      May 18, 2014 5:16 pm

      The best words of this unconditional love I speak of is “Ecstatic Appreciation”. I felt it when my children where born, and throughout our lives together. I feel it when I am suffering and begin to see the “silver lining” or begin to get out of myself and my personal feeling for the sake of the bigger lesson. Lesson that involve a bigger drama than just my own. We are just characters in other people’s lives, and the main character in our own lives. There is a whole play of duality going on in the world. ha ha And yes, I do feel the world, but I will attempt to uplift instead of suffer with it. Everything that has a weakness has a strength. Duality. Ha

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 19, 2014 12:00 pm

        But again is not duality hate-love, war-peace and so on? That do not mean that we have to cut meat out of fully conscious children or even unconscious for the better of others in the future. Some of your statements remind me Martin Heidegger , do we really need Hitlers to progress, to evolve, better, the human nature?

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 19, 2014 12:23 pm

        I am a beekeeper since I was about 10 , and when I observe the bees doing their work for the good of all life , this is Zen to me, and see the incredible wisdom of Nature a human do not have. A human in a crowd is the opposite of wisdom. The children screaming from pain at this very moment is the result of the man and woman in the crowd. They will never understand the wisdom written by Nature in to the bee.What do human do for the better of all life as the bee do?

    • N Trudell

      May 20, 2014 12:42 am

      I believe that we just found some fundamental differences in our individual perspectives. I meditate on plants, you choose animals. Plants, when they lose a part of them will just focus energy elsewhere. Plants give life and are content to just be. Plants were here before animals. Plants have a provable form of consciousness, and memory. Plants have much to teach in nature as animals do.

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 20, 2014 2:15 am

        I love plants specially trees. did not tell you yet about Julia Hill ” The Legacy of Luna”? If you get that book and read the page 8 and 9 this is how I feel. Would you feel the same as Julia did? i am almost fanatical about the lives of trees, one day i bought a house and there was this aspen very close against the house, in the back, I would not cut, hate cutting trees so I got my jacks and lifted the 2 story house, put on rollers and moved it 4 feet south away from the tree.Am a forest ranger by education and trees are my love . Should not judge me when you do not live in my head

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 20, 2014 2:49 am

        Its the trees that show me or bring me in to the state of mind called Zen. The trees in their silence teach more than the animals. As a child I loved one tree in our yard on the hill, I sat on that tree almost every day. One day my school had some social activity, going on a field trip,I refused and climbed on that tree and my class went by and all laughed at me and I did not care. that maple tree had 4 branches where I could sit like in a chair and I watched the world around. The birds, farm animals, and the huge castle in front of me. Look it up under …..Jindrichuv Hradec castle Czech Republic……. When I was studding to be a forest ranger, I lived in that school, and one day I came home and all my trees gone. My mother let them cut. To me it was like my home was gone , when I finished schooling,I escape to Austria and a year later ended in America. trees and plants are my life. How could you get me so wrong? When I was deciding what my future wife shall be like, I send her the “Legacy of Luna and other books just to have some idea how she react and it was possitiv and today we have a young family, just because of how she felt about that book and also some stuff about the Universe. I knew she was the right person for me

      • Paul Frohlich

        May 20, 2014 3:10 am

        Zen is when you become one with all, the plants, animals and all that exist beyond.Zen is to be absent, free from people.

    • Paul Frohlich

      June 22, 2014 12:42 pm

      You could be correct Trudell. When sex sucks people might re- orient in to different things that please them like foods, and material things. If sex do not sucks they hop in to bed often and their minds are more in some sort of a trance and the above is not as important, unless they make lot of hungry off springs to feed. HAHAHA

  • concerned cynic

    May 30, 2014 1:50 pm

    The problem is that circumcision is a major alteration of the most sexual part of the male body, the tip of the penis. I won’t go into details, but before meeting my eventual spouse, I was very occasionally naked around women my age. That they my backside made it tingle, but did not bother me. Ditto for my pubic hair. I was embarrassed that they saw my scrotum, because I think the scrotum is ugly. At any rate, there is no folklore about women perving over the scrotum. That a woman sees the shaft of my penis does not bother me; call me strange. The only part of my body that feels very strongly private and sexual, is the tip of my penis, my glans and foreskin. This was especially true in America last century, where the foreskin was deemed weird and shocking. That the men depicted in fine art all had foreskins is a fact passed over in silence. I have never heard a woman comment on that fact.

    The American urban upper middle class began circumcising around 1880. Hospital birth gradually became the norm for those living in cities and having money. Circumcision became a common part of the maternity ward protocol. Thus RIC spread through the American population, along with hospital birth. 1860-1920, many articles were published in British and American journals advocating the routine circumcision of boys. We do not know why the arguments of those articles found favour with doctors and parents. At any rate, the American penis gradually became a bald penis, a process that began in the upper and upper middle classes, and worked its way down. Barracks life in the world wars made all American men aware of what city slicker parents were doing to their boys.

    Polite American culture surrounded the mechanics of sex with a great deal of silence and shame. No woman dared speak up and say that circumcision damaged a woman’s sexual pleasure, because a woman who spoke in this fashion was revealing that she had indulged in taboo premarital or extramarital sex. The sexual truth about circumcision could not be revealed before the 1980s.

    Ms Chapin’s post is well written and informative, but more can be said under this heading. Even though AMerica has been circumcising boys for 130 years, there are no American studies of the possible adverse consequences for adult sexual life. We do not know whether circumcision makes PE and ED more or less common. There are no studies of how circumcision affects the aging of the penis. There are no studies of women who have been in long term relationships with both kinds of men. In fact, there has never been a careful clinical examination of a large random sample of adult American and Canadian penises. Pediatric urologists are the ambulance drivers at the base of the American circumcision cliff. American PUs do not reveal how much of their caseload consists of repairing problems stemming from RIC.

    The candle lit in all this American sexual darkness is the many American women who have decided that there is nothing wrong with the natural penis, and nothing right with the American bald penis. And the American women who have experienced both kinds of men, have discovered that intact is more pleasant, and then have shared that discovery with the world via social media.

    • janicecz

      June 22, 2014 8:34 am

      Excellent post!

      • Paul Frohlich

        June 22, 2014 12:25 pm

        Did not get the point, the meaning of your comment

      • Paul Frohlich

        June 22, 2014 12:31 pm

        Ah stupid me , you did not made the comment you just said ” excellent post” ? I got mixed up

    • Gianluca

      June 24, 2014 9:13 pm

      In Europe, where circumcision is not common, the bare glans is considered something very sexual. For example, if you go to a mix-gender sauna where men and women walk around naked in front of each other, you will notice that all men have their glans covered by the foreskin. Retracting the foreskin to expose the glans could be misinterpreted as an attempt to be sexual, similarly to a woman using her two fingers to open the external labia and expose the interior of her vulva.

      Would any parents in the US ever consider surgical modifications to their daughter genitals that permanently expose the interior of her vulva? This is how I feel every time that I see a baby boy with an exposed glans (due to the absence of the foreskin). Just plain wrong. It’s like as if the innocence of a baby has been irrecoverably violated.

      • Paul Frohlich

        June 25, 2014 1:54 am

        You took the words from my mouth Gianluca, not long ago I was telling my wife that the covers ( this what I call the foreskin, 2 overlapping covers) are like the dress for the glans, the glans is a private thing and jokingly suggested if she not in a good moods its a no, no to look under those covers. As a European I see often statues of little boys peeing it to the pool or something the same with other arts and painting, the boys are 100% intact to see the glans would be very offensive. remember a photo of a naked man with his lady beside him in the German Neue Revue magazine, not a porno, his glans was covered, if not than it would be considered a porno. America is so backwards in this regard. Its so criminal what is done in USA to the little helpless people without their consent.

    • Paul Frohlich

      August 26, 2014 6:09 pm

      Very well said. I was with a USA girl once who never experienced intact…one day there was a little problem and I came to the idea why and somehow explained the use of the covers ( prefer to use this word because a foreskin is a wrong name its not just a skin) and she got it and from than on anytime she was ready for love she started to serve herself using the covers properly so she would not hurt and it worked all the time, its simple the covers should be trained to cover even if hard and the covers should go in first and even if she dry it will never hurt. wish I knew this before with my first virgin wife…….

  • Howard.

    June 11, 2014 11:36 am

    What a beautifully concise, yet informative blog! I wish there was an easy answer as to why, we in North America, are still fighting such an obviously harmful custom. Plain logic dictates that amputating such a wonderfully erogenous and functional organ can only have a negative effect on that persons sex life.

    The last paragraph says it all – the unbelievable level of denial that is prevalent within the medical community that they are , in fact, violating their own oath “TO DO NO HARM”.

    • Paul Frohlich

      June 12, 2014 1:31 am

      Agree 100%. Large portions of American doctors act just like an organized mafia

    • Gianluca

      June 18, 2014 3:01 pm

      The problem in America is that doctors are told what to do by the clinic or hospital they work for. Since circumcision is a big money maker, most doctors are coerced into performing it even if they don’t like to do it. Then, they defend themselves saying “It was the parents who requested it”. This masks the fact that parents were not correctly informed about it in the first place and that most hospitals encourage parents to consider it by claiming that there are “benefits”. Also, when parents disagree it’s enough that one parent puts the signature down. Why is it that the handbook that comes with the birth plan does not include a discussion of potential long term side effects, both physical and psychological?

  • iamnotsosubtle

    August 19, 2014 4:06 pm

    I found the article to be biased. There was nothing in the article representing the claimed “pros” of circumcision—only the negatives.

    Objectivity requires input from both sides before anyone can draw any realistic conclusion.

    I’m 61 years old and was circumcised at birth. I certainly can’t say what difference it would have made to me had I not been circumcised because I have no personal experience with an intact foreskin. But I can tell you that my own sexual pleasure my entire life without a foreskin has never drawn any complaint from me for not having one. I have also never had a woman express any complaint for me not having a foreskin; in fact, it has been the opposite. I’ve had a couple of past experiences of women asking me before they were in a position to find out for themselves if I was circumcised or not. When I finally told them that I was circumcised they actually expressed relief. They did not like men that had bad hygiene and were more likely to be orally inhibited with an uncircumcised man.

    I was the 3rd of 4 siblings. Three of us are males and I am the middle male. My dad was uncircumcised. My older brother was (and I imagine still is) uncircumcised. My younger brother and myself are circumcised. Perhaps the reason we were circumcised was because of the increasing prevalence of circumcisions after male birth around t

    Penile cancer, transmittal of STDs and various other medical issues and disease have been associated with uncircumcised men more than circumcised. When I was in the Air Force, year was about 1973, a 40 year old Master Sergeant went on medical leave for a few days to be circumcised. He had a chronic problem with infections and soreness of the glans and foreskin, despite having performed what doctors said was the necessary hygiene after he was treated numerous times, previously. It was a chronic problem. Afterwards, he was not disappointed with losing his foreskin, except he did suffer a lot of pain over it until the scar area healed. There was another instance after I was later married where I remember a friend became circumcised for similar issues as the Master Sergeant. His wife later told my wife that she had not had the problems she previously had with yeast infections since my friend had been circumcised.

    I can also tell you that my personal experiences with women who were willing to talk about those things and have experienced sex with men both with and without foreskins have preferred no foreskins for various reasons. Yes, there have been with women who have said men with foreskins were fun because there was “more to play with”. But other than that, there has never been a woman who expressed that their sexual pleasure was better from a man with a foreskin.

    I understand some of the arguments against being cut. But I suspect most of the male posters in this blog are uncut and are the dubious “minority” in this country, and perhaps have been offended if a woman they interact with preferred a circumcised penis. Women that come out against circumcision—are they really against it because they know from personal experience that sex is more pleasurable with an uncut man, or is it because they they simple don’t like the idea of cutting off healthy tissue when a circumcision is performed and are sensitive to the discomfort experienced from the open wound until it has healed? The only argument I have against circumcision is that parents should wait and let their maturing or matured offspring make the decision—informed or otherwise. Of course, there will be more discomfort from being cut once a male is old enough to make the election because his organ has become larger and there is a larger area to heal.

    There are no doubt advantages to both leaving the foreskin intact and circumcision, but I’m not convinced that leaving it intact at time of birth outweighs circumcision. Sorry. My penis has functioned just fine all these years and still does—and it still is young looking and soft skinned, including the glans—and my testicles and scrotum have never rebelled on me because of some purported “imbalance caused” by lack of a foreskin. I’ve even been told (about 7 years ago) that I “have a nice looking scrotum”! LOL

    • Bettie M

      August 19, 2014 6:03 pm

      Nobody is saying you can’t have good sex. I would say, though, that getting cut as a baby messes with the brain big-time. I don’t think there will ever be any funding for research into this in a medically acceptable way, however, so please enjoy your delusions. You have a lot of company.

      Some of us simply don’t want to see babies tortured and I can assure you we aren’t losing any sleep over men like yourself who like their non-intact status.

      Carry on, then.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 19, 2014 10:35 pm

        Well said Bettie. This guy is under illusion or he just do not say the full truth. Nature knows best, who are we to be critical of whatever caused existence and all that evolved over so many millions of years. That guy lie when he say his glans is soft after 60 years. And what are those some 20.000 nerves that are cut of? A mishap, a screw up by God or whatever? Why the USA have such a high cervical cancer? 18.6 die each year per 100.000. In Philippines where 93% cut its even more, in Cebu City where I met my still virgin wife to be and made a baby there over 22 die from this cancer per 100.000 and the majority of woman over 36 carry HPV virus, just as in USA why so when most man robed of their glans covers? A girl is not born with that virus, it transfer and when sex sucks and hurts a woman people change partners more often and so more transfer like in USA. Finland ( and all Scandinavian countries) where man is no cut the cervical death is 2.2 per 100.000 far less than USA or Philippines, here, in Finland 30% of woman never go for Pep test, why bother? This test can do more harm than good, if the doctor too rough, it can rub in, in my opinion the virus inside the protective cervical mucosa, just as rough glans can and trigger that cancer. Why is it that 66% of USA woman do hurt in sex sooner or later? This number did not change in the last 40 years. A woman with an intact partner will never hurt unless they do something stupid. My wife at 32 was tense tiny and dry it took us 3 days to make a full love but she did not hurt. Today 3 years later she say if I cut we could never make the baby the first time and if so she would suffer. Its such a basic physics, doctors in USA do not get the idea that the covers are an excellent anti- friction device? What an hypocrisy, ignorance. How could a nation of 300 million be fooled in to this mutilation for the last 120 years?

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 20, 2014 1:04 am

      Paul Frohlich

      It’s 12:15 am here as I read these replies, so I’m tired right now. I’ll respond to both you and Bettie in more detail tomorrow. Be prepared to respond to me without insults and unfounded allegations of what I wrote or implied. Listen and you both might actually learn something.

      But before I leave, I’ll give you, Paul, something to contemplate—since you brought God into your counter-argument.

      In your reply post above, you “asked”

      “And what are those some 20.000 nerves that are cut of? A mishap, a screw up by God or whatever?”

      From Biblical accounts, God is actually the ordering source of first circumcisions, and for continuing generations. (After the covenant, it became imposed as Moses Law, and Jesus—God’s own son— was circumcised under it.)

      Read Genesis 17, verses 10 through 14 (below).

      What a mishap and screw up God did on Abraham and every man child in his generations, eh? LOL There were no doctors back then, either, to do such mishaps. During Jesus day, fathers typically performed the circumcisions.

      God said said to Abraham after what God promised Abraham and his people:
      10 This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.

      11 And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

      12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.

      13 He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.

      14 And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 20, 2014 2:36 am

        Religion is a mental disorder.A God created in the image of man. Not the other way. You are a promoter of genital mutilation. Girls have more stuff there and harder to wash, how about to cut them as well? You have been branded on your reproductive by the stupidity and mental illness of man and its nothing of you making, you did not agree , you did not consent to this satanic idea, I am not angry at you, but please do not lie, your glans is rubbing against you cloth for over 60 years and you tell us like if its soft like on those that are not mutilated? get life man. 20.000 nerve sensors, what do you know, yours were cut of. Its like you call God stupid. According to the mythology ” He” created Adam in his own image and than ” He” tell some mythological figure to cut it of? Abraham heard voices. Today its called schizophrenia and if he would have today medication, there would not be a Jew, Muslim or Christian religion and all the wars millions of dead or heads cut of as Muslim still do? You really thing the real God is this stupid or confused or simple minded? To create something so people can cut it of? To create something defective? America lost common sense, the election of Hussein Obama is one of the proves that America lost its mind. If you have any intelligence you comprehend this common sense I try to tell you. If not, well, Socrates once said ” if you argue with a fool you become one” So true. I might be the one…… The human species are like a parrots or monkey see monkey do… no other animal do have such an ability, this gave us science understanding of space and atoms……Einstein would say ” imagination is more important that knowledge” ……….here I give you some happy thought to your Bible…. when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge , God got very angry and kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. Knowledge is not a wisdom. Those two must be balanced or humans will not survive. Go with your genital mutilation propaganda somewhere else, do not waste your time here, go somewhere to some more simple minded people to talk to. I am glad not to be born in America. I would be mutilated. Even the communist did not dare to do such a thing to their subjects they ruled You talk like those progressives in USA you ignored what I wrote. You are unable to analyze rationally? I hope you do I am wrong? Prove me wrong instead of giving me this Bible trash…..Ah, by the way, Paul the Apostle opposed genital mutilation and very forcefully……. God is (as a metaphor for something nobody understand yet) but ‘ He” is not written in any religious books. Only science , space, physics try to understand this God- Nature mystery…..anyway its late…..

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 20, 2014 2:55 am

        Do not teach anyone how to talk to you. I am not one of those politically correct American progressive, do talk the way I want. I did not insult you. When I say you lie, you lie, I would lie to myself to ignore what you wrote. I put my words strait with the shovel as they say back in Czech Republic I came from. At one time as a child I loved America and still do, but the one founded in 1776. What we have today is largely a mental disorder as Michael Savage say, in at least half of the USA population …… but there is a hope, one is, that many American start to wake up and stop genital mutilation on baby boys.

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 20, 2014 12:52 pm

      Paul, I’ve reconsidered my intent to reply to you here on the subject of circumcision. You totally misconstrue anything I write to twist it into your self-righteous, crusader, self-proclaimed omniscient (that means know-it-all), non-civil responses. You’ve said nothing substantive about the subject of my original post. You choose to attack my views and experience rather than show any intelligence in your replies.

      I have one question I would ask you to answer, so that I know something about “who” I have been “conversing” with…are you circumcised or intact? I hope you’ll honor my request to know, as I have decided that I am going to “reply” in the form of a post on my own blog…..
      iamnotsosubtle.wordpress.com …instead of battling with your lack of civility on this crusader oriented blog. It will not appear immediately, so if you are curious of white I end up writing, please visit my blog at a later time after I have posted it.

      I will come back here and post a note to when I have done so. But please answer my question before I do so.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 21, 2014 1:22 am

        You talk like those pseudo intellectuals but with no intellect a typical USA progressive., this what you remind me, they wiggle them self out of any straight question that would harm their doctrines.

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 20, 2014 2:26 pm

      Bettie M
      August 19, 2014 6:03 pm
      (as posted)
      “Nobody is saying you can’t have good sex.” I would say, though, that getting cut as a baby messes with the brain big-time. I don’t think there will ever be any funding for research into this in a medically acceptable way, however, so please enjoy your delusions. You have a lot of company.

      Some of us simply don’t want to see babies tortured and I can assure you we aren’t losing any sleep over men like yourself who like their non-intact status.

      Carry on, then.


      Bettie, I don’t know how you derived your first line from the basis of the subject and other comments in my post. I believe you have totally taken my post out of context. But, your premise in the first sentence of your statement is not supported from the article.

      “Nobody is saying you can’t have good sex.”

      Do you say that with the assumption that “Lousy Sex” is still considered “good sex”. Actually, I would agree as long as you agree with my premise that there is no such thing as “lousy sex” (bad sex)—just some sexual acts are better than others.

      “Lousy Sex” is the headlined title of the article. With that title, the writer implies, purportedly supported by the writing that follows, that circumcised men have “lousy sex” and not “good sex”. The article heavily concentrated on the implication that only intact men had the sensitivity to have “good sex”.

      Words like “Nobody” are risky…Is the author “nobody”. The author was certainly implying that I could not have good sex because I was not intact. The problem is that I don’t believe that my writing ever made any statements that deserved such a response. That was not the real subject of my post.

      I was merely countering the “Lousy sex” title—a negative presumption to substandard sexual satisfaction of circumcised men as expressed and claimed in the article—with my own “satisfaction” with sensitivity from my own experiences since the day I became sexually active. That, by the way, I consider to the time when I first began masturbating about age 11—not when I first lost my virginity by penetrating a vagina. I didn’t even know, at age 11, there WAS such a thing as a foreskin on my penis when I was born. I didn’t even know I had a “scar” behind my glans. But oh—that self-taught/learned means of what can’t be defined as a form of sexual pleasure– felt so good! Believe me, my penis was very sensitive without a foreskin. It still is.

      I specifically made the statement that I could not attest to whether the sensitivity was necessarily different than an intact male BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER HAD A FORESKIN TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. i.e. I was professing no “opinion” SUPPORTING CIRCUMCISION over remaining intact with my statement, merely expressing my own experience with sensitivity without one.

      “I found the article to be biased. There was nothing in the article representing the claimed “pros” of circumcision—only the negatives.”

      That is how my post began, and any writer knows that the “subject matter” one addresses sets the basis of the writing which follows.

      “There are no doubt advantages to both leaving the foreskin intact and circumcision, but I’m not convinced that leaving it intact at time of birth outweighs circumcision. Sorry. My penis has functioned just fine all these years and still does—and it still is young looking and soft skinned, including the glans.”

      That was the ultimate conclusion of my post, acknowledging there are “…NO DOUBT…advantages to…LEAVING THE FORESKIN INTACT at time of birth…”.

      But what do you do…forget the context of all of my writing…you call me delusional.

      “SO PLEASE ENJOY YOUR DELUSIONS. You have a lot of company.”

      LMAO at the arrogance! I reflect MY EXPERIENCE with my own sexual pleasure WITH my circumcised penis, and you say my experience is “delusion(s)”

      “I WOULD SAY…getting cut as a baby messes with the brain big-time.”
      Where in the article is that subject addressed? How does it really attempt to rebut anything I said and support your reply? It is a valid argument, but it is also expressed in the manner that all of the “studies” talked about in the article also reflect speculation. “I would say…” makes your opinion no more value than mine—yet I never even addressed that because it wasn’t even addressed in the article.

      “Some of us simply don’t want to see babies tortured and I can assure you we aren’t losing any sleep over men like yourself who like their non-intact status.”

      Another good one from you. Tell me where in the article that the express subject of “baby torture” is reflected? I didn’t bring it up either.

      That’s fine. That may be THE motivation behind your support against circumcision, but it’s another attempt to change the subject matter to suit your views and insult my efforts to relate your comments to what I addressed.

      Bettie, I do consider that as a “negative”. as well. I observed, not the actual procedure, but the initial discomfort of both of my newborn sons when they were circumcised. I didn’t go so far as feeling they were being “tortured”, but it was never a subject of the article to even elicit a response. Therefore, it rebuts nothing I wrote. I did acknowledge, though in my original post, I did consider, as a negative, that infants aren’t allowed to make their own “educated” decision to be cut…or not to be cut …when they were mature enough to do so. The counter-negative to that would be that the suffering and “torture” would be multiplied greatly were they to elect to do so later. I reflected on that from actual EXPERIENCE.

      “And “WE aren’t losing sleep over men like yourself that LIKE THEIR NON-INTACT STATUS”?

      I admit, what I wrote reflected personally having no problem with my non-intact status. I do love my penis as it is. There, I’ll say it. But I have already acknowledged IN MY ORIGINAL POST that I have nothing to compare it to to be able to say I would even love my penis more with a foreskin. (You seemed to have read that as if I was claiming that I was being told that I couldn’t have good sex.) Quite honestly, I wouldn’t want a foreskin if all of the claims in the article are actually true when compared to my EXPERIENCE.

      The “WE aren’t losing sleep…” was a dig/put-down of any value reflecting my opinions and EXPERIENCE.

      So how is your penis today…ur…I guess I should ask …clitoris, under the presumption that “Bettie” implies you are female. Where does your clitoral hood play into the level of pleasure you feel during intercourse?

      Get it?

      As I told Paul in my previous reply, I am going to write a post on my own blog, as there hasn’t been shown that you crusaders can comment and reply in a civil discussion based upon the entire context of what I write. If you want to continue with insults, putdowns and allegations that misrepresent the context, come on over to iamnotsosubtle.wordpress.com and comment under my post after I write and post it.

      “Carry on, then.”

      • Bettie M

        August 20, 2014 3:23 pm


        1. People function best with all of their normal body parts intact. Take it up with our Creator if this fact causes you anguish.

        2. Some men and boys are not happy about having had a normal body part taken away when they had no say in the matter. They are quite entitled to their feelings of violation.

        3. Those of you who don’t mind being cut – there’s no problem.

        4. Hasta la vista.

        P.S. I think you may be protesting a little too much but that’s just my impression.

        • iamnotsosubtle

          August 20, 2014 6:02 pm

          There was never any “protest” in my original post, other than implicated by my initial statement that I found the article biased.

          Protest too much? Yes, I protest when people treat my non-abusive input with abuse and no substantive rebuttal with facts, or their civilized expression of their opinions. It is obvious to me that I haven’t protested enough.

          You just cited there are circumcised males who now cry foul. I’m not one of them. This blog gets its support by filling a circumcised male’s one head with speculative arguments disguised to be facts to alarm them that they have been “cheated” on their other head—when they have never had the reason to feel cheated.

          This particular blog post claims their penises are substandard to that of an intact male AND a female simply to raise their ire. It is a form of brainwashing to raise their support in joining your bandwagon—-when I would venture to guess that those circumcised males who you have drawn into your web are young and have had either none, or very little sexual exposure to the opposite sex. Way to go. Way to build their sexual self-confidence and be an accessory to shy away from women in fear that they don’t or won’t “measure up”.

          The REAL basis (yours and other blogs/articles about the matter) of being against circumcision is the claim that it is “mutilation” of the penis, not whether anyone is really worried about how great their sexual experiences will be for their offspring or themselves (the subject of this blog post).

          Mutilation is a very strong word that is defined to be “severe damage to…”, “to severely damage or spoil…”t, or “to ruin the beauty of…”. (all based on Webster)

          “Severe damage”, huh? “Severely spoil”, huh? “ruin the beauty of”, huh?

          You’re not talking to a little boy or young man, now. I do not contest the possibility that an uncut penis will yield a better sex life between himself and his partner. It’s just not proven fact. What I do contest is your bloggers belief that my penis has been severely damaged, severely spoiled or less beautiful than it would have been intact.

          And an uncut man, like 35 yo Paul, has no way of knowing what sex is like with a circumcised penis. But he professes to know what my penis looks like after his alleged years of “abuse” to it. He calls me a liar when I say the glans is still soft and sensitive at age 61.

          Contemplate something Paul said:
          Quoting Paul Frolich:
          “My wife at 32 was tense tiny and dry it took us 3 days to make a full love but she did not hurt. Today 3 years later she say if I cut we could never make the baby the first time and if so she would suffer.”

          Tense? Why? Still a virgin?

          Tiny? Why? Women adapt to any size penis—even the first time with the big ones—if properly prepared, unless she has problems of her own—especially at age 32. Yes, women vary in size as well as men, but even the smallest/tightest entrance will work)

          Dry (when attempting penetration)? Inexperience by her partner to prepare her with sufficient foreplay? fear of pain when entering (psychological—his size versus her size); lack of her ability to lubricate?

          3 days! He (he claims SHE) thinks it was his foreskin that made the difference. Paul needs to man up and ask himself the real reasons—and maybe take the wife to the doctor to be examined or get some advice on how to excite a woman.


          • Paul Frohlich

            August 21, 2014 12:36 am

            What can I say? Still did not read all your comments but so far you seem to be a hopeless indoctrinated human specie, to talk reason , logic with people like you is useless.I am a fool to try to tell you anything rational, your mind seems to be rigid , old and no mot fixable., are you one of those progressives on well fare with so much time to write all this?

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 21, 2014 12:40 am

            Of cause I am not genitally mutilated, branded by human ignorance and stupidity, did you thing otherwise? You should talk to Noel on this blog he is cut and his wife left him exactly for this reason

        • Paul Frohlich

          August 21, 2014 12:52 am

          That guy is depressing to read, totally unable to reason.had to put Armin van Buuren trance to get me in some positive mood. your point is well taken Betty, I say it to myself for years, who are we to dare to say the Creator, whatever that mean, to say, that the Reason for all existence would make a defect on the male body. Or in other words, who are we to correct God?

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 21, 2014 1:12 am

        You lost you virginity at the age when the doctor mutilated you sexually as a baby. The time is coming when a doctor in USA will go to jail for this,to do this on totally helpless little people.

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 20, 2014 2:28 pm

      Paul, you don’t need to bother answering my question. After re-reading a previous post, I find that you said you are uncircumcised.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 21, 2014 1:05 am

        I was not mutilated, that is correct, Europe is more advanced in this regard. And we have a less cervical cancer as a result. You mentioned some guy you know who got cut because of problems. This would not happen in places like Finland where only one man out of 15.000 is cut. And as I said before the lowest cervical cancer rate Infection happen if man do something stupid to himself and do not wash.

    • Bettie M

      August 21, 2014 1:34 am

      Paul, I am wondering about your figure of 1 in 15,000 males in Finland being circumcised. I should think the figure is higher, with the large number of Moslems there. Hope the progressives are happy with their push for immigration!

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 21, 2014 10:35 am

        You right Bettie I did not explain myself in full, the number in Finland is actually a little higher that 15.000 but that calculation is based only on the native not theJews, Muslims. And the same go for the rest of Scandinavia like Holland, Denmark, Norway only religious people destroy what our Creator (Nature) created on them. Very bizzare. I get very angry at people that submit to dogmas that conflict with Nature. I should not be but can’t stand stand those that do not understand why they think the way they do. Emigration can or will lead to bad ends. People from other places bring their dogmas with them. The radical Muslims are the worst. The Jews do not bother me as much but Muslims are indoctrinated by Koran 5 times to prey from early childhood that Mohammad is the way to go and the infidels , that is you and me must submit Allah or their heads shall be cut of ……progressives a mostly naive ideology just do not see it, it was them that helped Hitler and today its the same…long story.

        • iamnotsosubtle

          August 21, 2014 11:07 am

          “…only religious people destroy what our Creator (Nature) created on them”

          Stereotyping with words like “only”, when the statement is clearly bullshit, doesn’t establish much credibility for anyone to want to even read what you have to say.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 21, 2014 11:18 am

            Man are you on government dough or something? I have to go work…..not so much time.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 21, 2014 11:31 am

            Simple. Did you create the reproductive when you came out of your mother? Did you? Who created it? Or you ask yourself who was the dumb ass to create it that way with a ” defect”? Sorry, , but the Creator responsible for your existence never screw up. Only humans can.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 22, 2014 11:45 am

            Just realized are you in the military? I forgot. Give you than more respect the Obama clones would not. The major problem with you and billions of other people is this, human is the only ape that is ahead of other animals in knowledge and some of wisdom because this creature, (due to genetic mutation) evolved in to the ability to learn from each other and that made it what is it today, religions, computers, going to space and so on, the drawback is that this creature do not understand itself, why is it , the way it think and do and so there are Hitlers, Obamas,Maos and tons of others like Mohammads and the early Christians, that screw it up by their ” Will to Power” and the docile sheep follow those by millions. The genital mutilation is part of this picture. I was much different from other kids starting perhaps at 3, I loved to be with animals on our farm, in nature which later evolved in to Nature,at 6 not knowing the hugeness of space I already started to see the world as a whole not just from the limited around me. I had few good friends than as a child but starting at 15 ( as Einstein did ) I read ” The Critique of Pure Reason) by Emanuel Kant and understood nothing and fell a sleep and this how my mother find me with that open book on me. The exactly thing and the same age happen to Einstein , no I am not as clever as he was, I just say I have my own Zen. A year later I opened ” Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Nietzsche a German philosopher and my world was never the same since. Freud envy his close friend Nietzsche for his ability Freud could not have to, understand the self,……at that time reading that book I did not know what hit me yet……in metaphorical language the story of Zarathustra explained to the suitable readers that wisdom can not be learned from listening to others it must be , just as Zen discovered within each of us. Jesus said something similar in the ‘ Essene Gospel of Peace”…..long story one script the early Cristian cruisaders did not manage to burn…..any way you can call me what you want but understand you will not or only in part. Listen, I am older than you are you can be my student…………if you dare…… wisdom is in most like you but its sleeping the human apes you parrot and monkey from early age of yours, blocked the potential within you. Go back to your start and become a child again and ask and ask and ask, because you just and me , do not know , and so ask. Lear how to communicate With Nature as a whole , but first start with nature around you. Perhaps read ” The Legacy of Luna” by Julia Hill and what made her drop to her knees in the Red Wood Forest and cry………she become at that moment one with all, the” state of Zen” consciousness, to be one with God……..you can call me what you want and if you piss me I will do the same but this go no where. People of wisdom do not declare war on Nature or Her God………or God and ‘ His” Nature….whatever come first…..God can not exist without Nature and Nature can not exist without God, its like like a light and dark, gravity- anti-gravity and so on. I can teach you only so far , on small things…..and I think you could know something what I do not, however the way you “answer” me …..its just parroting others, can you please wake up and see it? Go and read something and than go back to me if you discover something new you did not know about. Once you discover that you know nothing , you will start learning and and asking. Empty that what they put in your mind first for most an impossible task…….but I must go work……..think…….my time is limited can not waste it on those unable to be a child again….

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 22, 2014 3:13 pm

            You are certainly full of yourself, Paul.

            You start by asking “Just realized are you in the military? I forgot.”

            Are I? No
            Was I? Yes

            Yes, you forgot that only hours ago that I told you my age….61 and semiretired. How many are there in the military at age 61, Paul? OK. You “forgot”. Forgetting is OK. On the other hand, there was no reason for me to bring military service status into the comments under a blog dealing with circumcision and “Lousy Sex”.

            But—what I find funny— I’ll quote you again:

            “Listen, I am older than you are you can be my student…………if you dare…… wisdom is in most like you but its sleeping the human apes you parrot and monkey from early age of yours, blocked the potential within you.

            Remember, Paul—I JUST QUOTED YOU ABOVE. Please don’t come back like you did before trying to make it appear as if this is what I said to you.

            So, you are older than I am? Really?
            I don’t recall you ever telling me your age, but I do know you related that how three years ago, your wife, either age 32 then or now, could not take in your penis for full love making and it took you 3 days before you could. I presumed you were around the same age. I’ll be 62 in December. How old are you?

            Full of yourself? Absolutely. All of your discussion any more evolves greater and greater about how you THINK you are a superior being to me, without knowing anything about me other than your foolish assumptions because I’m not a rubber YES stamp on everything you say and believe.

            You are a fool, Paul.


          • Paul Frohlich

            August 23, 2014 12:00 pm

            Fools are those that parrot others, for most of my life I danced to my own feelings and ideas. For this did not have and did not seek friends and the few I had in my childhood were poor and very close to nature. They teach me to find foods in the forest and or meadows to survive . My family was not poor but it was real down to Earth experience .Look at your talk you copy what they told you. My age? When I have 4 kids born in USA and a 5th now with a new wife I might not be 30? Now the best friend I have is my wife and her family , it took her many years to comprehend me. To most I am too complex.I left the old country in my early teen leaving my parents, brother, sister and other relatives. My brother become a prominent Haiku poet in central Europe and publish books and my first cousin from my mother site Stanislav Komarek I always had fights with about ideas become a philosophy professor at the Charles university of Prague and also head of the philosophy department there at the university, he published 28 books in science translated in to German, Polish, and Dutch, and try to convince him to try to enter in English, he is conservative as me, a rare thing for a professor and a hate by some of his students and some leading left leaning European intellectuals give him hard time, look him out on your computer. Do that make me special? No. Those guys above would not wast time with you only the fool me do such things.Yes I am a fool talking to you, and others like you, but I just play and smile am in to social psychology or psychology of the masses and the way they act and why they act the way they do. sometimes I achieve what I want sometimes not but its fun. You can call me stupid and I like that and smile. My dear friend there is a potential wisdom sleeping inside you, are you too old to wake it up? Old means never to be able to change because the cup is full of ideas given by the masses and no more space to add some new…..I just try to prove to myself where Nietzsche was mistaken……but I am a fool like Zarathustra when he carried a dead man to his cave, I am a fool to teach the dead but few wake up. Zarathustra gave up dropped the dead and said to himself to carry a child instead…………its all metaphors…. ah! have a good time.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 23, 2014 4:57 pm

            I think your continued rambling in your last post that has absolutely nothing to do with circumcision, and indications within your rambling of how you interpreted that post quoting me, pretty much proves that you have a lack of comprehension focus on what you read.

            There’s no point in explaining it to you. You don’t comprehend much of anything I say.

            You do need some English comprehension classes or training. I don’t say that intending it to be a putdown because of your foreign origin and language, but simple fact that has been proven here over and over. If you don’t want to accept that as friendly advice, fine.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 24, 2014 11:54 am

            Who cares about my English. Back to the male genital mutilation. I spend 2 hours this morning to study cervical cancer rate in the world and circumcision rate as well. Finland the lowest cervical cancer death rate in the world 0.9 per 100.000 and the lowest circumcision rate in the world. In Israel most man are cut and in USA some 75% man over 30 are cut the death rate is 1.7 for USA per 100.000 in Israel 2.1. Countries that cut around twice as high death. Second best is Scandinavian countries and they cut very little except Muslim and Jews. Why in the hell the cervical cancer in Finland is the lowest, why not the highest if the male genital mutilation prevent cervical cancer? America you do not have trust in God as it say on your dollar you trust in your doctor above all, you are a Godless nation. God is just a talking point, a bumper sticker for you. Male genital mutilation in USA is one way to say ” God you screwed up, we must fix it for you because our doctors say so”

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 24, 2014 8:57 pm

            Paul asks: “Who cares about my English.”

            Obviously not you. Comprehension is the worst part.

            As FAR as cancer rates, why don’t you bother to identify what has been attributed the primary cause of cervical cancer. Its referred to as HPV, an STD called the Human Papilloma virus. If you ever heard of a pap smear, that is a test used to detect the possibility of cervical cancer. What might you imagine that PAP stands for in its relationship with HPV?…maybe the PAP part of P in HPV?

            Your study say cervical cancer one rate, circumcision rate for that country, and you conclude by comparing those rates with other countries that cervical cancer is caused by a lack of foreskin, eh? For all you know, whether they drink milk at the same rates as circumcision, would you come on line claiming that cervical cancer is caused by too little or too much milk consumption. Yeah, you would—and claim your study scientific to boot.

            You then should maybe research penis size by country to see who had the largest percentage of the longes penises and see how that correlates with your conclusion, because those pebis lengths are generally what it takes to contact the cervix with a penis in the average woman unless there is heavy thrusting and there was little foreplay to where the uterus was prepared for the penis.

            I don’t buy into your methods or means, Paul. Since you also believe that getting pregnant is dependent on having a foreskin, I really can never buy into anything you would claim.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 25, 2014 11:00 am

            I am short of time have to run people wait for me so no time to even read and think, later,A never said lack of foreskin cause cervical cancer but it is my view that if HPV is present by the cervix, which ever way it got there, rough gland can or in some conditions damage the cervical mucosa, specially if the girl is under 17 and the virus will enter past the protective wall of the cervix. It seems like most USA woman carry some HPV and there are some 100 of different kinds if I am not mistaken and not all cause cancer but those that can do not live inside the cervix. If woman smoke take drugs eat some garbage as most Americans do the virus can also start to be active before it get inside the cervix. But one thing is clear and the USA doctors should say it in the open and not be such hypocrites,the rate of clinical therapeutic circumcisions in a non- circumcision culture like Finland, is approx 1 in 16.700 so how come those cultures have less of cervical cancers? According to USA doctors and the sheep that believe them they should have more than USA or other sexually mutilated nations. Yes the glans covers can carry that virus more easy from one girl to other but a baby girl is not born with it something must transfer it in to her and not just a sexual act but sexual act is the major reason, if genital mutilation prevent this transfer why than most USA woman have it? So cut man will transfer it as well, all the suffering of those poor helpless babies like you at one time is good for nothing and it makes things far worse just do not be a chicken do some search and read comments on the internet from thousands USA woman how they suffer from sex with the male sexual organ that was not intended to be unprotected. The protected one will shine like a mirror even if dry yours will never shine because it got microscopic tiny cavities it become a secondary skin, your Creator did not intended it that way but this cost me time and I am late….

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 25, 2014 11:49 am

            So far, Paul, the significant time that I have spent surfing the web searching circumcision related blogs or sites have found comment sections where women have expressed either their choice of preference of cut or uncut, and why they say that. Rarely are any of their “whys” been that the cut man irritates more than the uncut, or causes more female sexual health issues. But the very few that do is clearly visible with what else they say that has been clearly biased by the issue—when they start spelling out such speculative “facts” there are “20,000 nerves” being cut away with a circumcision. The only places you find that number are on sites that have joined the bandwagon against circumcision—all of them with their so-called facts being nothing more than speculation.

            At least you’re coming around to admitting that much of what you say is your opinion.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 30, 2014 11:08 am

            So how many nerves is cut of 2, 6, 100, 2000, 20.000? I do not care it never grow back and so its a mutilation. They say a boy is born with 26.000 and its reasonable to conclude that only 6.000 nerves are left, in some more more depending what those bastards mutilators cut of . People like that, in a rational society would be hung. Doctors duty is to repair not to do damage for the sake of ideas or profit. Like in the Wild West put on a horse and hang, they harm the most innocent and helpless among us.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 24, 2014 1:08 pm

            And whatever I wrote about my wife again who cares perhaps I did not explain well…..in fact we did have sex the first time but it took 3 or 4 day to make it the right way. After 8 years of writing and never met before in person we both were a little freaked out, me the most, but I knew something this time I did not with my first wife also a virgin. I am a very sensitive person, sex must never hurt,Nature put something on all males and even a very dry not ready lady if she know what to do and what those covers are there for on her boy she will never hurt. To put it simple, with exposed male glans its a bad way to start sex it will pull on her or push just like …..just try to push you finger in a tightly lips on you mouth, try it right now, it will hurt, but if that finger would have what all intact males have , fully covered not even the tip of the finger seen, the finger would slide in with no pain, even when the lips would be shut tight to its best. Nature- God- Creation, whatever, its amazing there is an intelligent thought in anything what we see and experience from sub- nuclear particles like photons, the creators of life on all suitable planets across the space ……the magic of life start with photons, they communicate, think over vast distances as one unit. When we polarize 2 photons and that shoot them apart and change the polarization on one the other will notice it and match with it, no matter what distance the other is at, it match instantly , beating the rules of speed of light which is 186.000 miles per sec.the photons consciousness, do not travel it transfer instantly. …..anyway just a thought…. anywhere we look there is magic.Only the blind do not see.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 24, 2014 1:37 pm

            Man you so grouchy what happened in your life? Put a little smile in to your life ……there is a theory and something in it must be true when a baby is mutilated on his genital and his mind just born experience the worst pain in his life time in such an early stage it can change the chemistry in the brain. The brain is set up by evolution to feed , hear sounds and so on not to experience such a pain.Just a thought.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 22, 2014 1:46 pm

            my wife sister married an air force military guy, 2 years later he die from a heart attack her sister Dinah met a Florida guy and 3 weeks later he die from heart attack at 42, the first one heart attack could have been triggered by sex with a young wife , for a cut man sex is a marathon…..anyway America you eat too much dead animals, it plug you veins . A human is not designed to eat animals, Nature evolved it to be a mostly vegetarian. I am on this food since 16 and in the last 15 or so years mostly raw with the help of juicer and a food processor because we lost the ability we had while evolving in to what we are today. it keeps those on similar foods fit, never seen a doctor and its good for a sex life, provided that the male is not sexually mutilated. My 2 and half year boy live on soya milk formula for children never had cow milk,and the rest is just fruits like bananas, mangoes and other tropical and he is more healthy and energetic than my first boys that ate cheese and milk and eggs. He is a total vegan on his own tastes we did not force it on him . Did I give you enough to chew on man? I lough , you do not need to answer ……remember Socrates?

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 21, 2014 3:32 am

      ” Paul Frohlich permalink
      August 21, 2014 1:22 am

      You talk like those pseudo intellectuals but with no intellect a typical USA progressive., this what you remind me, they wiggle them self out of any straight question that would harm their doctrines.”
      You must miss me, Paul. You’ve been a busy boy tonight. But I’m going to ignore the rest of your ramblings. You lack comprehension and represent yourself as pseudo-minded.

      Let’s see if you can comprehend my response to your your pseudo-comment:

      “You talk like those pseudo intellectuals but with no intellect”

      That’s being redundant, Paul.

      FYI, for what it’s worth, I’m politically conservative. You are confused trying to stereotype me as a USA progressive. Those are the political liberals in this country that are driving this country into the dirt.

      Remind me, please (as if I’ve ever been directed any “straight question” by you that I’ve “wiggled” on, and especially since you have me confused with USA progressives)

      “they wiggle them self out of any straight question that would harm their doctrines.”

      What was the straight question you refer to?

      Good night.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 21, 2014 11:03 am

        So when someone oppose human doctrines that conflict with Nature ( God) he or she is a pseudo-intellectual? The most intelligent human beings are children they ask and ask. The sad part is there is not too many parents and environment that will teach them the right stuff and so many just end up indoctrinated and we have a screwed up planet and other non- human life that suffer due to this creature that gave itself the name “human”. Its not the meaning of the Universe only a tiny friction of it. For most part , at this point the human is the most destructive creature this planets life ever had.. I and many of us try do our best to change it. We must our our children have no future.

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 21, 2014 12:17 pm

      ” Paul Frohlich commented on Lousy Sex.

      in response to iamnotsosubtle:

      ” Paul Frohlich permalink August 21, 2014 1:22 am You talk like those pseudo intellectuals but with no intellect a typical USA progressive., this what you remind me, they wiggle them self out of any straight question that would harm their doctrines.” ********************************************************* You must miss me, Paul. You’ve been a busy boy tonight. But […]

      So when someone oppose human doctrines that conflict with Nature ( God) he or she is a pseudo-intellectual? The most intelligent human beings are children they ask and ask. The sad part is there is not too many parents and environment that will teach them the right stuff and so many just end up indoctrinated and we have a screwed up planet and other non- human life that suffer due to this creature that gave itself the name “human”. Its not the meaning of the Universe only a tiny friction of it. For most part , at this point the human is the most destructive creature this planets life ever had.. I and many of us try do our best to change it. We must our our children have no future.

      **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Paul, you are confused. I know that I write long posts, but I hope you will actually read this entire post with an open mind and try to comprehend what I write.

      First of all—your obvious confusion—YOU called me a pseudo-intellectual, not the other way around (read again the quoted portion of YOUR post). I referred to you as “pseudo-minded”—two different things.

      You don’t seem to understand what people say. You block your mind with false interpretations (that pseudo-mind thing) to suit your defensiveness and continue to accuse someone of what you think they said and refuse to go back and verify what they actually said. Intelligence comes from more than just asking questions, it also come from listening and comprehending what people say before one opens mouth and inserts foot.

      You ignored my question in the post you gave the above reply, and instead think I called you a pseudo-intellectual. And you claim I avoid answering “a question” by skirting around it? You are avoiding my question—that sought what question it was that you alleged I avoided.

      You also should stop referring to God as if Nature and God are synonymous. [ Quoting you: “So when someone oppose human doctrines that conflict with Nature ( God)…” ]

      God is a deity and the creator. Nature is the natural continuing environment (of God’s) creation —for those who believe in God, or a God who is the creator of nature. I’m really not sure of who your God is, because you seem to ignore any changes or modifications that history has recorded that came to be that do not suit your expressed position on the issue of circumcision.

      I totally agree that God created man with a foreskin. A male is NATURally born with a foreskin, although Genesis 1—In the Beginning—never expressly says so. But to continue believing that a foreskin was a natural part of the male anatomy since creation, that must be assumed, since circumcision is later prominently “mandated” later, in Genesis 17.

      So Paul—–I AGREE PAUL—-a foreskin is part of God’s creation when he made man with one. and it has naturally continued to be a part of the penis anatomy ever since.

      But if I subscribe to your thinking that everything should remain the way that God created it, and ignore that which God since modified, I would be a crusading advocate that everyone should be walking around naked. After all, God created us naked, and we are born naked—so why shouldn’t we all be naked today, just as Adam and Eve were created naked and naturally remained, until God ordained clothing that covered penises (with foreskins), vaginas and female breasts? If I advocated that, you would probably call me me a “crazy USA progressive”. LOL

      Which leads me to closing on your allegation of which of us is the “progressive”, between you and me, on this issue.

      “Progressives” are people that want to change the past—as if being the “enlightened ones”. Your stance and membership in the crusade that wants to abolish circumcision, that has existed nearly forever, makes you the progressive here. I’m not convinced that circumcision should be abolished simply based on this “Lousy Sex” blog, therefore, I’m not joining the “progressive” bandwagon—at least at this time. The crusade to abolish circumcision is the “progressive” movement because it seeks to change what has existed nearly forever. It is not my resistance to abolish circumcision (as you seem to believe by your notion that I am a “USA progressive” imbedded in your pseudo-mind) that makes me the progressive, it is your insistence that circumcision must be abolished—changing that which has occurred for thousands of year.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 22, 2014 2:22 am

        Marxist just as the American progressives..( its in the Communist Manifesto as you might know) man over Nature Marx called for as the founders called that , the USA founders used the word God- nature I prefer God- Nature. I started to use those words because of my wife, she is a Christian. so I use God to please her and Nature I started to use this word since I was 15 when I started to study philosophy in Vancouver BC. I also learned later that the founding fathers of USA used the term God- Nature but not with capital N as I do. Under the Nature I mean all in existence not just this tiny dust in the Universe we live on. Nature is all that is seen. God is what we do not see and is reason for existence. Look English is my third language after Czech and German, do not expect me to type as you do in your mother tong, I could type and put my reasoning well but I do not care people like you just piss me of,if you do not get me I do not care. I have a strong ties to USA I have 4 USA born children , boys and they are exactly and intact as your God intended it to be. Today my oldest boy left with his wife and 2 year old boy (uncut) to San Francisco so I am a little down, but will not move to USA until that Obama is out.My daughter in law is born in San Francisco and have a close friend there who was married to a guy for 2 years, he came from the East of USA and is cut. His wife could not stand the way cat man move in sex and hurt and she divorced him because of that………one of the first progressives was Abraham with his idea to cut boys. A true conservative , preserve what Nature creates………..I know you are again getting confused the way I put it, one moment I say God and next Nature…..its the same this time I give you a little plus you agreed with me on something…..but must go sleep, why do I waste time on you I do not know you do exactly what you blame me for,,you just do not tune in to what I say………my wife just called but had to stop because my 2 and half year old boy is fighting another boy his cousin, I do Kung Fu for 11 years and gave them some lessons………..she calls………….

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 21, 2014 12:34 pm

      ” Paul Frohlich permalink
      August 21, 2014 11:18 am

      Man are you on government dough or something? I have to go work…..not so much time.”

      Yes, “something”. No, I am not on “government dough”. At age 61, I am semi-retired, but plan on starting on social security at 62 in a few months.

      Yes, I do have time to freely spend on areas of interest more than most people.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 22, 2014 2:26 am

        Good for you. Me working 7 day a week sometimes 12 hours a day

    • Bettie M

      August 22, 2014 2:58 pm

      Paul, I am glad you are healthy on your kind of diet; I agree that people eat way too many animals. But I was wondering about your young son – you said he drinks soyamilk. I am not saying anything one way or another, but there has been much information appearing for quite a number of years over the negative effect of soya products, including milk, and especially on babies and young children. According to some researchers/scientists, etc. that is the worst possible thing you could give them. Even cows milk would be better, if it is at least diluted with water and a big of sweetener added, to make it more like human milk.

      “They” say that there is something in the soy food that messes with a growing child’s hormones and it is serious. The child may be energetic and look good, but in a few years they develop problems of all kinds related to hormones. I’m just passing it along, not telling you how to feed your child. I do not have the final word on this, I don’t have all the facts, but I’ve seen the antisoy viewpoints for some time, before internet became popular. FWIW.

      I did read years ago that monks in the far east would consume soy products so as to remove their sexual desires.

      Best to you. Hope you will all be healthy.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 23, 2014 12:50 pm

        Dear Betty, absolutely you are correct soya , corn are GM foods very bad and it also kill lot of my honey bees, but my boy is still in Philippines until my wife get the papers to move to Canada, that country do not use GM foods yet to my knowledge but there is a push for it. He do not drink just a soy milk its formula……I trust my wife what she is doing so far but you remind me to check it out……but he is doing so well and look so healthy……..is it perhaps because of all the ripe organic tropical fruits he consume like crazy? But I prefer he drink goat milk much closer to human milk than cow. She listened to my advice and got a goat but they have a bad woman neighbor they fight with for years and she poison her goats before and even dogs, its complex she really want to be out of there……….thank you to remind me will contact her and tell her what you said. Yes I also read that soy is bad for reproduction I no more eat tofu but few eggs instead. But why is it that when I came for just 3 weeks my wife become pregnant in that time, I did not expect it and I still ate lot of tofu, but it was from a Chinese store that produce its own tofu out of organic beans and even do not put any preservatives or other chemicals the lady told me when asked, its spoil so fast, she said its the traditional method her costumers ask for. But still I stopped eating it ,perhaps that s a mistake? In Philippines they have a tree called malungay ….spelling not correct….and my wife family use it every day and her mother gave birth to 11 children .my wife told me that a year before I came and I looked that up, its a fertility tree , its leafs are consumed by many there and most grow it and it even grow by the roads wild. My wife Maria said that is one of the reasons Filipinos have such a big families.But bananas because of the potassium and the poor eat lot of them there. Also blended almonds with fruits and little water so it blends, I drink for at least 15 years and its my main food that keep me going all day……almonds and walnuts are also fertility foods….did you read the story about this man in India who made a baby at 100 years few years ago? When asked what he eat he said just almonds and milk. Me I hate cow milk but drunk it raw from our cows and still warm from the heat of the cow, other milk I just hate. But I love my almond blend can not be without it , if you wish i tell you how I do it, I must go now.

    • Noel Trudell

      August 22, 2014 11:04 pm

      Well, here I am again. lol I just have to say this once again. “For everything that has a weakness has a strength, and every thing that has a strength has a weakness. Nothing is as black and white as anyone attempts to make it. I will comment that I feel that all of this between Paul and iamnotsosubtle is a typical masculine “pissing contest”. Seems perfect for a blog like this. 🙂

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 24, 2014 9:51 pm

      Well Paul, I’m truly glad your are happy being a natural, as born, circumcised man. I’m glad it’s all you claim it to be for you and yours and that your wife is happy—so you say.

      I’ve begun a blog series titled “Diary of a Circumcised man”. Over the course of it, I will ultimately write chapters of the life of my penis. You’ll be surprised to ultimately learn the wear and tear it has had of many different vaginas. Yet it still keeps on tickin’ like a Timex watch; albeit reduced a bit in horsepower only because, as you should be willing to acknowledge, age does that after reaching one’s sexual peak.


      • paul frolich

        August 30, 2014 10:51 am

        Hm……You are a strange guy…………perhaps you write in a way so I react in some ways? To be honest with you, when you repeat the opinions of those genitally mutilated mostly USA doctors do not waste your time I skip it, do not bother to read it. If you wish to have contact with a guy like me you will do something on my terms and that is to look up” Male genital mutilation” as a start and that provide you with links to American and European or Jewish doctors as well that oppose any genital cuttings, and there is tons of other non medical links.As.I imagine your grandfather, father you sons and grandsons, I say close to 100% correct none of this American profit driven medical mafia informed any of those above the function and purpose of that what they did sliced of. Right? Yes. I am right. You are so ill informed. When I read a comment of yours I realized you have zero idea about the function that Nature provide all mammal male animals with. I try to write simply to be understood even by a child, my English is not as good as yours, ……the other side of me is actually complex to most, got in to psychology in early age due to my mother a psychologist, but was sort of boring , next was philosophy and than it was space and physics and it all made me to see the real world in much different from most. This run my life and thoughts. I can’t stay on one subject say like genital mutilations, I see space of no end and mystery beyond mysteries. I like to understand life and the mind in all living things, people and other species humans are related to including fish, birds and bugs. I asked you to look up some music l like……….just to ………..so I might see how your mind operate the way it do now so I can comprehend people like you, and the cause……….why humanity act the way they do. Just as Nietzsche and similar I am at war and want to understand my enemy. I am complex, but the other site of me is a child to balance the complex. Good luck with your book……

        Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 02:21:32 +0000 To: [email protected]

        • iamnotsosubtle

          August 30, 2014 3:03 pm

          I do see an error I made in the post you quoted me–an obvious one.

          I had said “Well Paul, I’m truly glad your are happy being a natural, as born, circumcised man.”

          It should have said “…uncircumcised man.”

          Other than possibly correcting any obvious errors I may have made, like the above one, I will not be replying in sibstance to any more of your posts on this blog.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 2:35 am

            No, no, no please come back you even did not try to listen to that trance music? so sad I am booooooooooooo I cry…..

    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 24, 2014 10:13 pm

      Noel posted:
      Noel Trudell permalink
      August 22, 2014 11:04 pm

      Well, here I am again. lol I just have to say this once again. “For everything that has a weakness has a strength, and every thing that has a strength has a weakness. Nothing is as black and white as anyone attempts to make it. I will comment that I feel that all of this between Paul and iamnotsosubtle is a typical masculine “pissing contest”. Seems perfect for a blog like this. 🙂

      My reply to Neil:
      Strengths and weaknesses; Is that like pros and cons, Neil? 🙂 I’ll compare my position to shades of grey (balancing pros and cons of circumcision, and not simply a black and white decision), which I indicated from the start.

      Finally, a comment from someone I can “like” here. If I missed your earlier comments to this effect in the article thread (thought I had read them all), I apologize for not noticing before. Thank you.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 26, 2014 7:46 pm

        Noel was cut , wife left him because of that and he is very pissed of at those profit driven , USA doctors mafia like organization, my statement not his. You and him are both cut, he hate it you love it. You in self denial. And are many as you.

        • iamnotsosubtle

          August 26, 2014 9:04 pm

          Garbage, Paul. A wife does not leave BECAUSE a man is cut. That’s total nonsense.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 27, 2014 3:03 am

            Really? Is this some kind of a sarcastic talk or what? USA woman do leave a cut man sometimes, I know of 2, but who knows if there is something else behind a story but the friend of my daughter in law left her man just for this reason . One day doing some project in a house I heard a cut Filipino guy doing sex to some woman she about 24 and he cheated on his wife in Manila, there was too much bang , bang and that woman was mad about something in that sex . other story on Fox News a woman had sex with some guy and the bed and wall shook so hard that a picture fell on her head knocking her out and was taken to a hospital. She than sue the hospital, this bang, bang bang with a cut man is not much romantic with some woman but most in America just do not know its not natural. Will not blame the guy but a stupid ignorant doctors that just explain nothing to a parent before a parent consent to this mutilation of a baby.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 27, 2014 12:29 pm

            To oral sex. It makes me feel uncomfortable why some woman would want it , some like Intact America woman of the month Audrey Terron she prefer intact, over cut, more stuff and better looking glans to put in her mouth, I guess. Uncut look shiny, clean….like a candy to chew on, the cut is dull, nothing to play with and boring.Audrey had both , cut and intact, she know the difference. Me just hate the feeling to let it go off in a place it do not belong to. Some can get so excited and do damage with the teeth. And what if some get pissed of and think her boy cheated on her and bite in to it as a revenge? Scary business this oral is I say….

    • Gianluca

      August 26, 2014 4:45 pm

      I would simply argue with “innocent until proven guilty”. Since the foreskin cannot be proven guilty of having committed anything bad in a newborn baby, one should give it the benefit of the doubt and let it live. If an adult decides that he needs a circumcision for one reason or another, then so be it. The point is doing something versus doing nothing. If you circumcise, you are actually doing something that will probably turn out to be unnecessary. Do you give to any baby a tonsillectomy or an appendectomy? And yet, we are much more likely to get tonsillitis than any problems related to the foreskin.

      Maybe, it worked for YOU this way, but are you speaking for all men who have been circumcised as infants? Are you also speaking for all men who are victims of botched circumcisions? Less than 1% of intact men will undergo a circumcision later in life and many of them are religiously and not medically motivated.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 26, 2014 5:49 pm

        Right on, I could not say it so well.A man not pushed in to it by a religion….its almost a zero chance he would let himself to be genitally mutilated, as now Denmark doctors and public start to call it by 86%, unless he fall blindly in love for a girl that want him cut it did happen to some guy and she left him and now he is crushed, sex suck for him not the same as before obviously….

        • iamnotsosubtle

          August 26, 2014 8:19 pm

          Woman leaves man because he is cut—goodbye and good riddance.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 27, 2014 2:33 am

            My wife said she would never do that if she be with a cut guy but she would make him restore.Noel send me a link and it explain why a woman can hurt sometimes or some all the time… but real .love sometimes overcome sexual problems…..

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 27, 2014 1:33 pm

            Paul, that’s fine if you believe that what Noel explains to you, but I have no idea what he explained, so I can’t comment on that. But one of the biggest problems that makes it “hurt” is lack of foreplay. Men can be too quick to go for the money. If they really care about sexual performance, they will consider not skimping on the foreplay. When a woman “wants you”, she will let you know, believe me. But ther are many reasons why a woman may hurt—and NONE of them is because the guy is cut.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 27, 2014 1:39 pm

            oops, sorry Paul, I mis-commented on your post. It is the link Noel sent that explained why women “hurt”….

            Would you post the link here so I can read it as well?

      • iamnotsosubtle

        August 26, 2014 8:14 pm

        I have never claimed that circumcision is a necessity at birth. Leaving the foreskin as it is if there is not a problem is certainly a pro argument for arguing against circumcision. But it is one pro.

        The only alleged pro of remaining intact in this blog is that the sexual satisfaction and performance is good with the uncut man but is “lousy sex” for the circumcised man. As a cut man, I merely stated my confidence and satisfaction of being cut; based only from my own experience. I made no such implication that I was speaking for anyone else.

        • Paul Frohlich

          August 27, 2014 2:24 am

          OK , this time I have very little argument with you…. my first wife and even my oldest son tell me I like to provoke for the sake of discussion or conflict, whatever, many of us are…..but also at the start you said you would prefer that boys should grow up and make their own decisions. This is the most important thing in my arguments but perhaps did not mention it so much if I recall, the rest is secondary. Its a human rights violation of the worst kind right here in America the so called land of the free, not so when a tiny individual do not have a right to his own body, it do not belong to his parents or anyone else, its his.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 27, 2014 10:30 am

            You are correct, Paul, that I think parents should consider allowing the boy to make his own decision, but I also don’t believe in outsiders making the decision for both the parents and the boy. I can see how you derived my “preference”, but what I said was it was the only factor that I could see against circumcision, based on my own knowledge and experience.

            The following quote is what I said in my original post you refer to, just to make sure it is clarified:

            “The only argument I have against circumcision is that parents should wait and let their maturing or matured offspring make the decision—informed or otherwise.”

            But that would be my recommendation to parents after actually considering the pros and cons of circumcision, rather than doing it simply because that’s the way it’s always been done, or because the father is circumcised. Over 30 years ago, I never considered the pros and cons. I was the only guy my wife had ever seen naked first hand or experienced sexually. She had no basis of questioning it, either. So, what I said is actually a compromise over my own past actions as a parent, as my wife and I had both of our sons circumcised at birth. I would still likely make the same decision today—I’m still on the positive side of circumcision. But you’ll not the I did acknowledge that uncut does have some pros—just as circumcision does.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 27, 2014 12:47 pm

            Yes I did note, remember later you wrote that, but do not agree with you to force on your own boys something they did not ask for, did not consent. They or their children heading in to a future where if a boy in the age of computers and tons of info. he could have troubles with his lady and can, will resend his father, grandfather and their ignorance. But its too late now to cry about, your future grand children or grand- grand will be intact. Hard to blame you, did not consent in the first place, your reactions are predictable. If you be left intact we would not have this discussion or you could pick up fights with cut like me with you.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 27, 2014 8:17 pm

            I have 2 circumcised grandsons right now.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 28, 2014 2:23 am

            Nothing to be proud of. Do you believe America will genitally mutilate their boys forever? This mutilation dropped to 50% for all US new born boys, in part because of the Mexican invasion, but those grandsons of yours will be a minority. In 20- 30 years the mutilation will drop sharply and calls for a total prohibition will get louder as now in Europe.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 28, 2014 10:00 am

            I’m already predicting crusades like yours will eventually lead to a law….like has happened with the gay marriage movement

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 28, 2014 1:26 pm

            I am not happy about the gay movement at all, people with a biological disorder, this is madness, they not all bad people , I blame it on diet, environment, power of suggestion. But sorry man as for the cutting of healthy parts from people that can not resist and consent to it that is a different picture, that is not what the constitution is about, this will, must be illegal one day and me and growing number all around the world we will do our best for a total prohibition . You know who Mark Levin is, he got pissed of about the San Francisco push for prohibition about 3 years ago but is silent lately on this matter he as an attorney know this mutilation from the legal, human rights point, is in trouble, in a civilized society run by justice and laws this mutilating act on helpless citizens can not continue like it do now. It must stop, let the boys decide when older. Was watching a video about a psychologist speaking in Colorado, he was cut, and talked about what that do to a brain in early first month first life experiences. We can see the results on people like Noel, Glen Beck and the whole nation as well. This is 21st century not 3000 BC. Are you a Jew that it matters to you so much? Do you know many Jews in Israel refuse to cut their boys? Not in USA,they vote the democrats mutilate boys and are more stupid.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 28, 2014 6:42 pm

            Paul, even with our Constitution, the rights of the baby, who cannot make informed decisions, is vested with the parents. Your movement seeks support of outsiders who have absolutely no say over a baby, unless the parent. You want laws that stick other peoples noses into the rights of others. If you are truly a political conservative, I can’t believe you want act as the progressives and liberals are doing—making laws that tell others what they can and can’t do because they are busy-bodies.

            This decision has no business in the courts, yet I still predict it will get there because of progressive liberals. This decision should still ultimately be from the informed parents, on behalf of the baby, based on real scientific facts that will appropriately inform parents of what is true or not true. Thus far, virtually everything your movement espouses is speculation, innuendo or lies. Little facts.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 1:22 am

            Man you are full of knowledge and good in English but wisdom is lacking? A child is not a thing. A parent must feed it, protect it, but not willfully damage anything on his body or hers. A human is too stupid to correct Nature (or God if you wish). By Nature written in instinct a mother protect her newborn at the risk to be killed to keep that being from danger. Did you or your wife witnessed the genital mutilation done to your sons or grand sons? No. Rarely few will, if all would, the cutting would stop in no time. Do not call yourself a conservative , you did not conserve what God put on your sons. You and wife are a progressives no matter who you vote for. if the left cut less I do not know, but if they do I would give them plus but still would not vote for them.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 10:17 am

            We are born NATURally naked. So much for anyone being a conservative in your mind.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 11:24 am

            You crazy. We are born naked and intact genitals,God do not mutilate them for us.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 2:27 pm

            Do you think God created the foreskin on man when He created him with the prospect that his glans might become rubbed and abraded on clothing?

            One of the things I learned long ago (used to like to suntan naked, and still will in the appropriate environment) is that ultraviolet radiation exposure on the glans will be quickly destructive. Man was created naked…the creator did not spell out the need for clothing in any circumstance when he was created. Man had to roam the environment when he was first naked. The glans flopping around bushes, brush and trees as he might walk through it could be damaging, right? The sun existed before man was created. Believe me, I know how easy it is to get sunburned on the glans.

            Do you have any suspicion of why briefs as underwear appear to be preferred by circumcised men? Yes, uncircimcised men also wear briefs. Do you know of any circumcised men that wears boxers? There may be some out there, but I’ve never seen any studies regarding the choice of underwear. I have seen polls of what a woman’s preference is for her man. They usually relate to visual stimulation issues with a man who wears briefs in her sight versus a man who wears boxers.
            Briefs protect the glans from the abrasion that all the so-called intact experts claim that destroys a man’s sensitivity early on and (they claim, as you have done) make all circumcised glans turn to leather or rough.

            Things are different from man’s evolution from original creation—whether under the evolution or creationist theories. Think about it. Nakedness is a modification of nature—just as removing a foreskin is. Most of the theories against circumcision seem to come from those who refused to do it because they don’t like the thought of discomfort (according to them, excruciating pain) in the newborn, circumcised male.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 12:40 am

            The rationality in some of your arguments are are amazing to be polite. First I have no idea what briefs or boxers are, never in my life did I have any shorts, if hot all I wear is blue jean, if colder long johns.Nothing under any briefs or what would make the area hot, even at 15-20 minus Your glans would freeze to death and fall of if frost would hit it for some time, my protected by a double cloth full of blood vessels that keep it reasonably warm even when exposed to minus temperatures for some time, you want to bet which one of our glans would last longer to run in subzero temperature? at some point yours be frozen solid and no more functional while my very cold at that point but still not kaput as the German say. Never thought about the Sun burn guess you could not walk on some of those nude beaches of Europe And Nakedness is not a modification of Nature what in the Hell you say? But genital mutilation is.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 1:08 am

            Wife called. Where was I ? So called intact experts? And there are no so called pro cut experts? Or promoters with an agenda? It go both way. Agree? We just fight for the basic human rights, is that bad?

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 2:47 pm

            Paul Frohlich commented on Lousy Sex.

            in response to iamnotsosubtle:

            We are born NATURally naked. So much for anyone being a conservative in your mind.

            Paul responded:

            You crazy. We are born naked and intact genitals,God do not mutilate them for us.

            In which I must reply:

            This is another one of your totally inept responses because of mis-comrehension.
            My total post had to do with born without clothing as being natural that became changed by man. You insist that the true conservative supports leaving nature as it is. How about going back to being naked—especially in the warm climates where man originally existed and evolved from? That’s commonly referred to as au naturale

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 1:28 am

            Inept you inept me, whatever I do not care , whatever we say could be twisted around and 2 plus 2 will be 3. My point was simple we all naked and we all born as intended by Nature. I stand on the site of Nature and you not so, all you do is try to feed me with your pseudo intellectual arguments. This why I called you a progressive before and the way you talk you seems to be one. People like Levin, Bush, , political right, are not real conservatives if they do not think and alter anything on a baby body , not conserve it as delivered by Nature, you can jump up and down and argue but if you logical you can’t say I wrong on this one. After all you agree with that before, but you are a good twister and for the sake of argument you say something opposite next time just to try to argue

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 10:41 am

            “A child is not a thing. A parent must feed it, protect it, but not willfully damage anything on his body or hers.”

            I never said a child is a “thing”. It is a person—a person too immature to make its own decisions at birth.

            Where we really differ is that I don’t consider the circumcision to a baby as “damage”. The damage comes from lack of personal care; just as the damage to an uncut man’s penis can and will happen with lack of personal care.

            How large is a baby’s foreskin, Paul? How large is the “wound” caused to the baby’s penis at birth compared to the size of the wound that would occur when the person becomes circumcised as an adult? How easy and quickly will it be for the baby’s wound to heal compared to the adult’s wound?

            I recall reading one of the comments on here coming from an adult male who says he was circumcised at age 14 without having any say or informed consent. He blasted circumcision because of his end result, as if it was the same thing as compared to a baby’s circumcision. He didn’t tell the REASON he was circumcised at 14, which leads me to suspect that there was damage to the areas that he claims were excised and resulted in him having no sensitivity—destroying his sex life. i.e. the damage may have been done that required the amount of excision or otherwise he may have had to have had his penis amputated completely. I don’t know what the circumstances were in his case. I am certainly sympathetic for what happened to him, but it may have been necessary to prevent further loss of organ.

            My dad (who was uncut) underwent prostate removal because of chronic prostate infections and enlargement that also caused lack of bladder control and frequent urination at night (he was in his late fifties). He was still a virile man, according to my mother. It was supposedly not going to affect his ability to have sex…he would just shoot blanks. But after the surgery, he was left impotent because they had to cut away nerve tissue around the prostate that affected control signals to the penis from the brain that resulted in erection. It killed his sex life and devastated his self-worth—according to my mother. I didn’t learn that from her until after he died at age 82.

            Leaving a foreskin intact at birth or not is not a black and white decision simply because everything looks fine at birth.

            Wisdom comes from experience and a practical use of knowledge. One must gain FACTUAL knowledge before one can apply wisdom to any situation. Sometimes, decisions are made where wisdom can’t even be applied with any guarantees. This type of decision is one of those, in my opinion. You can be damned if you do or damned if you don’t in the future from earlier decisions made after weighting the pros and cons.

            I do know, and have said so, that my experience debunks many of the so-called “absolutes” claimed by anti-circ crusaders. I’ve even seen RN (registered nurse) posts that are full of crap on here.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 12:32 pm

            You really dug in and lack of intellect as I stated while ago you just do not get it, you smart , do have knowledge, on some more on some less but you lack wisdom, sorry I will not lie to myself and be nice to you. You treated your children as a property like a cattle you branded them and I have no patience to keep on explaining to you, perhaps there in an intellect within you but your ago, your pride just do not let you to admit that you wrong. you try to feed us with some American doctors garbage but would refuse to listen to the other American doctors that oppose the old class thinking. I just can not go in to all indoctrinated trash of yours…. stupidity to listen to, just spoils my day, you see only one side, this is out of balance ideology you will die with the old and not new ? Sick of people like you telling us that God screwed up, man smarter than God who must be corrected. I am pissed because you desperately insist that you have the right to do damage on peoples body at age they unable to say no. You contradict yourself from the last statements where you said that you agree genital mutilation should be left on the adult to decide. Now you say it heals slow at that age, you so indoctrinated you refuse all the evidence from other intact countries where people do not drop dead because not mutilated. you really believe that what the American psychology medical propaganda tells you A famous Kung Fu Master or Sifu as we call our Master, said once that he learn from his students. I learn from you and similar as well, something about the mind, but no use to waste time to go with you in to that.I took you into my class as a student, so far you failed miserably , usually students like you newer complete the art, be it martial or other wise, you will quit. A student do not teach his Sifu , he, she is to listen and learn something she, he did not know before.Find out where I could be correct and why, this is the start on the road to wisdom. Except the fact that those that loaded ides in to you all your life could be wrong. Man the tiny particle somewhere, lost in endless space is just relative ideas. Nature and the Ultimate Reason for all Existence and all Universe, or Universes, is the only truth there is. If you have any intellect tune in. Go beyond humanity and learn how to tune in the whole picture. Put your pride down for a while man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 2:55 pm

            Paul, I will never let some punk kid, who obviously has less education, knowledge, experience and also has less real life sexual exposure to women like I have, try to make themselves out to being more superior than I am.

            Have you noticed who keeps coming back when I am finally absent for a period of time, with post after post expressing how you think you are the authoritive source. You are a spammer, Paul. I now keep responding because it has become fun and a pastime when I have nothing better to do.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 2:30 am

            Hahaha that punk kid pissed you of? It is in my nature to answer any one when time. Non- educated? By who you educated? Each day I moved around and talked to the University of British Columbia students and not by doing some cleaning job. I spoke personally to Alan Guth at a seminar at the Edmonton science center a top 25 space scientist in the last 100 years who saved the Big Bang theory, me the “uneducated” one dared to oppose something in that theory and Alan had to admit that the theory is only relative to what we see and since we do not see the whole picture we are just like a fish in the ocean asking how the ocean came in to existence. In short the Big Ban is not necessary the explanation how we came in to existence. It can be fool of holes and will be in the future. I prefer the Steady State theory of no beginning or end What would you say to him Mr educated? If you be really educated about the real stuff that matter than your consciousness would expend beyond the just human and would not sit by the computer to try prove to some stranger you will never meet that mutilating the genital of some helpless human being is good. People of intellect would not give a fuck. And would not write book about some sex or what. as you do.Albert Einstein would not. I do not expect you answer me or even read this I am just write to myself and do not care. I have fun while listening to Armin van Buuren ” Tomorrow Land 2014 over and over again for the last 10 days, because I am so crazyyyyy………..!! And no estacy how about that?

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 2:05 pm

            try sexasnatureintendedid.com and argue with the hundreds of woman commenting in there and perhaps not a good idea to show to your wife, if she smart she could start having ideas you might not like but if she in love with you ….love as an emotion is blind…. , why you argue with those like me, you loose time , I loose time and zero results. You never see what a blind looser you have been so far? To believe in man and nothing but man and not something beyond man? I will keep on communicating with you if you point out where you have been mistaken, where I gave you ideas or those similar to me. To answer me with a speed of light, never stopping and think, repeating the old lines, you just waste my time. I gave you at least day full of my valuable time and so far no results, getting tired of this……..Extending my house, beside other jobs, what a fool I am, how much more I would have done on my house if I did not waste time on you? If I see some results however my time was not so much wasted, I love to talk with those that never stop learning and discovering, like children do, new ideas.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 3:55 pm

            I’m going to do like I said before and tried to do. This will be my last response to you here. The only reason I did come back and begin responding again is because I would open my e-mail and see how you went on a posting spree—after I had told you I was done.

            You’re a child, Paul. If you want to post, come on over to my Diary of a Circumcised Penis blog articles that will be done in progressive articles if ever gets any hits or comments to make the time even remotely appear worthwhile.


          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 3:01 am

            I made a mistake did not intend it to send it that way. Sometimes I do respond to something on Drudge Report. If I wish to provoke I do and get lot of negative responses, and sometimes do get lot of positive responses it depends what is it all about. On doctor Mercola web who is internationally known, I said something about genital mutilation and got the most pluses out of all about 32 the first day did not check in since it could be more now.And D. Mecola even never mentioned circumcisions, I got pissed and poked in to what I thought would,be a wasp nest but no one tried to sting me except one lady had her doubts.

          • Bettie M

            September 1, 2014 11:24 am

            @Paul Frolich

            You mentioned Dr Mercola and positive responses (upvotes) to your mention of circumcision at his forum. Mercola is very much pro-circ; like Dr. Oz he has a kind of anxiety about it; the mere mention makes him feel kind of crazy and unsettled, it would seem. He understands that in himself, I think; and that is why he won’t mention the topic any more even when to do so would be highly appropriate (for example, when he is listing all the unnecessary procedures & surgeries that victimize the public). He simply can’t bear to get the topic going on his forum. Too much truth about his skinned member.

            He knows he’s on the losing side so puts his efforts into being an internet marketer of vitamins and promotion of the anti-GMO point of view. Thank god for that, anyway.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 12:53 pm

            Really? I get E mails from Mercola for some 2 years and at first liked him for that GMO and vaccinations stuff but that is just a hook to catch the fish and sell his products? As you see I am very passionate and the only fool on this blog to spend so much time with people like “iamnotsosubtle”, he actually is subtle in the way he promote genital mutilations even the name he gave himself is subtle it say the opposite what he is. To be subtle is good in some in others its poison that can do lot of damage. I did suspect this guy is an American progressive the new communists of America, but worse, the communist are strait shooters the progressives are very subtle pseudo esoteric intellectuals. I always say that it was the early progressive mind of America that introduced genital mutilation on boys and even girls for some time. As a child I lived under the Czech communist and listened to Radio Free America at the age starting perhaps 7 and so I started to love America in a very early age and than I came to experience her in person. It took a while but started to notice something bizarre, bit by bit something to bug me even before Intact America existence and it was a shock to me the more I knew what a circumcision is, that my beloved America would do such a thing, I was so dumb did not get it that those man are actually cut, I thought they train it to stay like that, think its possible……. How should I feel? I hate the communist but there is not a communist country on this globe that would force parents to do genital mutilation on their babies as America did in the 1940 and still do today in a very subtle ways using psychology on new parents to continue this anti- human rights brutality in a place that pride itself in personal liberty, constitution and so on. People like you Betty are like a breath of fresh air,a hope for the future, you have intellect and that ‘ iamnotsosubtle” do not. We need people of real intellect not just to stop this brutality done to babies but for other matters that will make this tiny place in the Universe a better place. That guy was really pissed to be told he not wise and no intellect and finally felt silent. He started to get on my nerves. There is a huge difference between intellect and intellectuality. Anyway, thank you for the info on Mercola. Love. Paul.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 1, 2014 9:23 pm

            Paul can’t even get straight what…… NOT…..SO……SUBTLE…..means. It means NOT SUBTLE.

            I don’t promote circumcision, Paul. I have never promoted it in this blog nor any other. I’ve merely said that I am comfortable with the lack of skin over my glans.

            I have also said that much of your “facts” are not facts.

            You are a total lunatic here.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 2, 2014 12:59 am

            On Intact America they show this new book called ” Unspeakable Mutilation” by Lindsay R. Watson and the let you read part of it for free I did and say its some of the best written. And was thinking about you it fits you perfectly and was thinking perhaps should have treat you with more understanding, you did not get yourself in to this situation, if you read what Watson say who is cut also you might know what I mean

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 2, 2014 1:52 am

            Was looking in to this book on the new Intact America news its called ” Unspeakable Mutilation” by Lindsay R. Watson who himself was mutilated as baby and one can read part of the book its very well written some of the best and I was thinking about you Watson who I believe is psychoanalyst and deals with the victims of circumcision put it so well, can not explain something what fits you you have to read it yourself. Watson talk about how some man dream to murder those responsible one killed himself, because he was in such a mental state he could harm or even kill his parents. You are a victim and I should have been more easy on you, you do not see yourself as a victim and Watson explain it so well , why people like you act in this way. His book deals with cases from all around the world, not all are “lucky” as you…….

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 2, 2014 1:54 am

            Thought my computer froze but it did not and did send it twice.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 1, 2014 1:22 pm

            Did you notice Bettie, I did not up to now, this ” iamnotsosubtle” in response to me talk of us that oppose him and say this: ” Try to make them self out to being more superior than I am” Wow!! this guy is something, no man of intellect would say such thing to be superior to others, all progressive left feel about them self in this way. And he pride himself on how many chicks he had sex with, ( spreading the HPV ) what stupid woman fall for such fuckers? Sorry I hate to use such words but with a crap like this I have to. He got nothing in his chicken brain but his mutilated toy or as the actor John Leguzamo put it ” it looks like a mutilated monster”………..very sorry for those that are, they did not ask for that.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 1, 2014 9:28 pm


            Paul now continues his lunacy with Bettie.

            Again, Paul has interpreted totally backwards. I made no claim to being superior….I said that your methods and means is trying to place YOURSELF superior to me and others.

            If you want to communicate in English, learn how to comprehend it.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 2, 2014 2:22 am

            Really? I even wrote it down and have it right in front of me, it say…” try to make them self more superior than I am” Check it out but later I said to myself you just made an error we all do, so you did not mean it that way. Forget it its not important. I am just super angry about this whole mutilation thing done in a country that pride itself for its constitution, much hypocrisy in this place….you choose the wrong guy to talk this with, mutilating of people unable to consent made me hate many Americas people so much ignorance.

          • paul frolich

            August 30, 2014 1:40 pm

            You can not describe what wisdom is , there is no easy words for it , its a personal experience just like Zen you can not teach it so easy. As long as you will claim that that Nature- God screw up you are not wise yet. wisdom is the observation of the Ultimate to learn from , people teach us read and talk or what but wisdom? ….they do have it not in most part You desperately try to justify something and if so you just piss me of. Do not argue with your Creator that is not wise………next,again to repeat and be more accurate, you have only skin there no folds yes it will move more than other skin we have all over the body and slide over that what it covers under it but its just a skin. Folds on the other hand can expand if pulled forward by a lot if flax ahead of that what it hide , the glans, or if you go the other way towards your body from point A to point B your body it will stop, can`t go any further, the glans uncovered but still lot of slack, folds left. It represent up to 80% more coverings than what you have left now. When you get hard, not much if any slack left the intact plenty of. Man! how large a baby folds are? What a question! Naturally its a baby all will grow, you say cut it of before it gets big? my God read your mind a little. Again if you believe in some kind of a deity like God, than , anything you do, ask God first not people. wisdom start where God start in your mind, not some Biblical mythology but the real thing and that real thing is all over around you in you and above you, just learn how to look, ask and also love. Love is the essence of wisdom. When your child is born love it the way it came, it came from God. I call it the Ultimate Reality or simply Nature, but for others understanding I call it God. But in my mind God is just a metaphor for the unexplainable. I have a feeling that if you be given a chance and your wife is pregnant with a first child you could think twice before damaging his reproductive, or I think you be curious how it feel to be as your God intended it to be . No? Ah yes you would and once you experienced that and with sexual experiences and treat it well and do not let yourself or your wife ……do some stupid things that can create microscopic damage and infect it………..my feeling is that by 99.7% you would hate to let it cut of. you would be a real fool. Some do it out of a blind love for a girl in a mutilated countries like America where doctors in this regard are dumb, stupid ill informed………..I gave you the Finland study or other cultures around there the clinical therapeutic circumcision 1 to 17.700. You a born in a wrong place. And did you visit Armin van Buuren? Just curious how your mind would react, my wife love it and for sure my little boy will as well. No I never take drugs as some do at those concerts , my happiness is not based on some stimulants but on deeper thoughts .Most of those at the concerts are happy and intelligent people this planet future needs nice kids,not those old hippies loaded with dope and stoned to hell or rapers created out of mostly screwed up families ( some OK, I like Eminem a little) anyway…………

            Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 15:11:38 +0000 To: [email protected]

    • Gianluca

      August 26, 2014 6:49 pm

      @ Noel Trudell who calls it a “masculine pissing contest”. What about the baby? Does he have a say in it? This is not about “what’s better big boobs or small boobs?”. This is about something that was done to you at birth through a painful surgery!

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 28, 2014 3:10 am

        Noel is the father of 3 children, 2 girls and one intact boy , he is on my Facebook , nice kids. He claim his wife left him for an intact guy, because of his circumcision.

    • Gianluca

      August 27, 2014 2:54 am

      The point of this article is that a lot of men do suffer from the negative consequences of circumcision. This is the reason why there are products like “CIRCUMserum”.

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 27, 2014 3:06 am

        what in the hell is circumcirum for?

      • Paul Frohlich

        August 27, 2014 3:09 am

        CIRCUM serum that is, some drug or something?

      • iamnotsosubtle

        August 27, 2014 3:31 pm

        “The point of this article is that a lot of men do suffer from the negative consequences of circumcision.”

        I’ll reread the article again soon and apply a focus on the “point” you claim it to be. You use “a lot of men…”. I got the impression when I read it before I commented that the article claimed that ALL circumcised men suffered from the consequences of circumcision and that they were, or would be, doomed to “Lousy Sex” because of it.

        I don’t subscribe to it’s all the “fault” of being circumcised. Why? Because I’m nearly 62 years old and my glans is still soft and supple and has sufficient sensitivity to do what that sensitivity is meant to do.

        Has my age affected me and my penis? Yes. But I also know why. It’s not BECAUSE of the fact I’m circumcised.

        It’s not the level of that sensitivity alone that results in erections or orgasms. Circumcised men need to take care of their penis just like uncut men do. If they ignore what their glans penis is becoming, it is because of their negligence and not because of the fact of “what is”.

        I read about CIRCUMserum just now on their website. I’ve never felt the need to seek out that type of treatment for my glans. As a “skin cream”, maybe it would increase sensitivity by cleaning and softening the glans. But even the literature presented on their main page uses “may” and “can” as potential drivers to sell the product, not “will” or “does”. Product companies like CIRCUMserum, in my view, take advantage of people who simply don’t take care of themselves and seek a miracle cure for what might ail them, when the person can take steps on their own to remedy their problems.

        • Paul Frohlich

          August 28, 2014 2:34 am

          If true what you claim, and I have my doubts than all genitally mutilated males all over the world must feel the same? Right? And your wife never used lubricants? Ask her to join and tell us her story.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 28, 2014 6:26 pm

            Paul Frohlich commented on Lousy Sex.

            in response to iamnotsosubtle:

            “The point of this article is that a lot of men do suffer from the negative consequences of circumcision.” I’ll reread the article again soon and apply a focus on the “point” you claim it to be. You use “a lot of men…”. I got the impression when I read it before I commented that […]

            If true what you claim, and I have my doubts than all genitally mutilated males all over the world must feel the same? Right? And your wife never used lubricants? Ask her to join and tell us her story.

            Paul, the above is what I see in my e-mail notice of your comment, so I don’t see the completion of my comment. I was responding to someone else when I made it, based upon the “point” of the article claimed by the other person. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t make it easy when replying through e-mail, as I am now, to go back and see what you have read as my claim.

            I’ll just respond about wife and lubricants. My wife would never join this to attest to anything. We’ve been divorced since 2003, just under 25 years of marriage. Sex also had nothing to do with the divorce.

            Early in our marriage, she did not lubricate well. She went to the doctor where he found that her estrogen level was low. After therapy, she lubricated fine. It was also find that lubrication problems were also a problem when she was on the birth control pill. and her periods were either irregular or missed. All of her lubrication problems were medical, and when they were a problem we did use lubrication.

            Women need to be aroused to self-lubricate. Foreplay is necessary. Since I was 21 years old, I’ve used long foreplay to a fault. Women normally had to either tell me to fuck them, or they would grab me and pull me to the vagina. When that happened, it was ALWAYS a slippy-slidey time, even with my well above average thickness.

            I’ve said it before, if a woman does not self-lubricate sufficiently, it is either a medical/phychiatric issue on her part ot there is not enough foreplay to prepare her. A foreskin is not a cure all for anything.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 1:40 am

            My wife is still in Philippines and no computer,it broke but she got an tabled for my boy to play games, but only one hour a day or less he can use it, she would be shy to talk about this stuff to strangers even to me she is shy and me somewhat with her as well. Sexuality creates life, its a miracle made by Nature. Most humans do not seem to look at it that way . Once it stop to feel as a miracle romance is often no more and couples drift apart or are bored with each other. This miracle is damaged by sexual mutilation done globally to both sexes, to fight this criminality I , we must not be shy.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 11:11 am

            Man! You are a perfect example how America got screwed by 100 year of progressives ideas. like a sheep you eat everything what given on the plate, your child is a machine for you that must be fixed because God screwed up, no power of intellect to get out of the box they put you in, just be lazy in the mind and follow the masses and their leaders because they say so.No more the so famous Wild West mentality , rugged individuality and all that culminated in the election of the dumbest USA president ever who just cares more about some gulf play or how to ruin this country, he probably even was not born in, and most America like the dumb idiots they were chanting ” Change , Change” and some fainted because of the force of the new messiah. And the other side, the rhino republicans dumb as most, no common sense, hand in hand with the left, let America flood with strangers from other lands even if they stupid and uneducated, let that Barak Hussein spend, spend, ignore his lies ……..you agree with that but that do not make you logical, or wise, you let your very own children, your very own blood and flash reproductive be cut on because you were told its the right thing to do, just like the cattle to brand it because its your cattle to look after, your own property and those that disagree and tell you not to , you call them progressives left, not realizing you are that as well. Perhaps if you 18 again and with internet, or born in different culture, you would get it, at 62 you are just dug in and nothing will move you, your indoctrinated consciousness will not admit that you have been fooled, you must believe the old you. I tried my best so you think and many at your age can and do change but you stick to that what they put in your brain, you must stick to those ideas that branded your brain , you brag how horny you get at 62 and the rest of mutilated must be as well, right? Read Silvia Silverstone the Jewish actress yesterday on the new Intact America news, she refused to let her sons to be mutilated and she said what I say in long time, why to ruin something what Creation put on us? She said something similar and so other famous or not Americans start to say the same. Those I respect even if some made, or make the mistake and vote for the so my hated left.Its so frustrating to me to see hear millions talk, how they love God, but posses lack of intellect to think deeper than that. I have no mercy for the blind human sheep, will shoot at it left and right from my hips, not a nice politically correct guy. I am sure you have ways to twist this what I say around but if I be you, do not bother unless you realize one day where this way of thinking of yours came from and admit you have been wrong all those years. At 61 you should have some wisdom by now, so far you did not prove that to me, I am sick of the same old.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 1:10 pm

            Quoting Paul Frohlich in sresponse to me:

            ” like a sheep you eat everything what given on the plate…”

            END QUOTING PAUL

            My response to Paul:

            ROTFLMAO right now

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 28, 2014 7:09 pm

            Now that I’ve read the post I replied to, and the apparent one you replied to, I don’t understand how my “claims” have anything to do with female lubrication. My comments in that post had only to do with the glans penis and taking care of it. You respond to it about my wife, and about whether ever needing a lubricant?

            The lubricant (smegma) on an unut glans and under the foreskin prevent friction from the foreskin moving back and forth over the glans. If that bit of lubrication on the glanbs helps you initially slip into a dry vagina, more power too you. But you claiming that a woman need supply no lubricant for an uncut man is absolute bullshit.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 1:04 am

            Man, wish you be intact for a day you have no idea what you talk about, what spegma? most intact that wash regularly do not have it but a little bit lubricant will come out moments before sex, this lubrication do not help much, its the folds that eliminate friction, I explained that before and you did not get it, but I understand even me I did not know the so called “foreskin” is not a single skin, the eye lid is a single skin, not the folds, they are the best anti- friction device evolved by Nature, man is unable to reproduce it. In 2008 I started to suspect that its a double over lapping material. When its cut of from the adult and spread, the surface area would be that of an index card or the size of your palm, total 15 sq inch, 2 years later when getting a computer it confirmed me correct. I repeat again. If you intact, your wife would be able to insert her index finger ( provided no sharp or long fingernail) and if she wish for the fun of it she can hide her finger totally under those folds without exposing your glads, in some intact man this might not be as easy when his folds are to short…. anyway when her finger is in, she can now put her thumb on the outside skin and press against the hidden finger inside, now she can move her thumb and it will dance all over like a drunk man on the ice, no friction to the thumb or the inside finger and no hurt to the folds, when a girl do it, it gives you high, its loaded with nerves. Made of 2 fused materials with each other but space in between it slides on each other, not the top skin not the one on other side… what its called? it slide inside…..or more simple take a small shopping plastic bag put a little cooking oil or your wife lubricant needed for sex, put it inside that bag and now place your thumb and index finger on opposing sides and you will be able to move those freely, the friction will not be on your fingers but inside that bag, the inside parts will slide over each other. You, your sons and grandchildren got robed of this unique device , if all of you be left as Nature intended it, you would love it, your glands would shine, would have up to 80% more sensitivity on your love toy, no lubricants needed dry or not. Got it? When woman dry, its the folds that slide on each other, almost zero friction to the lady and when she lubricate only than the folds stop sliding on each other and get hooked past the head. Only an intelligent thought can invent such a thing. most call it God.Me Nature.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 10:06 am

            Paul, who do you think I’m more likely to believe—you or the medical sites and technical literature–about the foreskin and smegma?

            There are two things clear to me: you lack an education in the female anatomy and you lack an education in your own anatomy. Simply having an uncut penis does not mean you know all about it.

            Do a little reading about smegma. The good thing about smegma in the uncut man is that it is constantly produced and provides lubrication of interaction between the foreskin and the glans. The bad thing is that it will accumulate and cause problems if appropriate hygiene is not maintained. Smegma is NOT just instantly produced when a man is about to have sex.

            Women also produce smegma to similarly maintain lubrication of the clitoral hood (equivalent to foreskin) over the clitoris (equivalent to the glans).

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 11:14 am

            Those that feed you with that crap are mutilated them self, read those doctors that are not.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 1:16 pm

            Paul, you apparently seemed to think that smegma is only that excess that accumulates that needs to be washed off.

            I’m not talking about double standards of doctors. That are no doctors in conflict, nor is the medical community in conflict, with what smegma is. Smegma is always produced by the foreskin unless there is something wrong—and it is the lubrication that allows the foreskin to roll back and forth easily over the glans.

            Show me where doctors or the medical community is in conflict with what I jusr said.

            The only conflict is what you claim it to be from everyone else.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 30, 2014 11:18 am

            The conflict is that “spegma” ( what an ugly word) is not to prevent friction, the folds prevent friction. The male lubricant is only to keep the glans soft.The mutilators robed you, for a lousy $ 600 or what, just because of a doctrine you would not wash, so they did not trust and cut the function from you.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 30, 2014 2:03 pm

            That Master sargent …..what you called that? got infected as in most cases because he was masturbating like a maniac and caused microscopic tears for infections to happen. Simple fact the American doctor just do not know because most are idiots. An intact guy with that problem should learn how to get that juice out without dry frictions. That thing was made for a nice wet love nest in a girl.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 4:41 pm

            Go and look up ‘ Armin van Buuren You Tube videos” Than click on Armin van Buuren ft.Sharon den Aden- In and Out of Love to hear the beautiful sounds of her voice and when that ends in 4 minutes, click on Armin Van Buuren “Tomorrow Land” it last about 1 and half hour. not the concert that start at night but the one by daylight. And than have patience and observe it and look at the happy people with hands up. Why I am telling you this? Do not know. I met a guy in Nevada 10 years ago, of your age now, on some project we did and he told me to move his pick up and when I did this music came up in the CD of his and I asked ” You listen to Trance?” He did and was nuts over it, was in to it just as me, even knew more than me. He told me this music will overtake regular music in 20 years and 10 years later Trance music is taking the globe over internationally. Armin van Buuren is the Nr. one DJ internationally but not the only one in to it. At the concert you will see is about million people, united in to one. Just observe the happiness, no Woodstock , Beatles could do that. stop for a while to live in the land of yesterday and try if you can to imagine the tomorrow one. People came to see from all kind of countries waving their flags, one from Israel, and someone commented “how he wold love to rip that flag down, and someone said to him ” this is not the place for hate”. I see fucked up world of man, Isis in Iraq murdering, cutting of the heads of children, woman , man, while the USA president just play golf and do not give a shit that after 5000 US people died to free Iraq, he pull out and let those cock crotches take over, I see China harvesting organs from people with spiritual practice called Fallung Gang, 14 years ago 100 million in numbers now, prohibited. I see little girls being raped and killed by some human beasts (or even boys). And could not help to flash back to places that are just genitally mutilating little boys and girls right now when you read this, when you or I watch those happy faces. Or a woman being stoned to death in the Muslim places. Stop talking about your horny toy and try to see, imagine, while you watch, something on a larger scale of consciousness. And by the way, what you see is mostly young people from Europe only few cut on their reproductive and still alive. A land of tomorrow.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 10:13 am

            “…When woman dry, its the folds that slide on each other, almost zero friction to the lady…”

            That may be so, but with almost zero friction to the lady, the nerves in her vagina will not be stimulated. The foreskin may protect her vagina from irritation because of dryness, but she will certainly gain no enjoyment if she feels nothing. Sex with a dry vagina is worthless for both parties…foreskin or no foreskin.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 29, 2014 11:22 am

            The dry vagina is just an example I make to show that the folds work in any condition. I am not of some habit making love to a lady when she dry and not ready, I fly fast with my words and some times miss to explain, miss words or even sentences Woman who experienced both cut and intact, most prefer intact, go and do some search.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 1:29 pm

            Paul, the shaft of my cut penis has what you call folds…I call slack…that allows it to expand when erection greatly increases it’s length and thickness. I have skin, when in an unexcited state, that is like a mini foreskin ring that rolls up behind the rim of the glans. When erect, that mini foreskin disappears.

            Why do young boys before reaching puberty have a foreskin that is “stuck” or remains attached to the glans such that it cannot be pulled back?—and is recommended that no attempt to do so should be done until it naturally develops—purportedly once the boy begins producing smegma from the inner mucous membrane lining—which is different from the outer skin of the foreskin.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 30, 2014 11:34 am

            You not correct,at least in my world, my medical book for maternity nursing teaching, written in San Francisco with over 1000,1046 to be exact that what you call a foreskin is called folds. Its written by doctors. That what you have left is not folding, it folds nothing. it hide nothing. When you fold something you cover something. You cover the other site that is connected to it. When you fold a towel you fold it over. The ” foreskin” is not a skin it folds like that towel. Get your facts strait.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 30, 2014 11:43 am

            One more thing for you to chew on. Go in to any medical book written by the USA medical mafia with pictures of the male organ. The folds are missing. Basters! This why I say, put them on the horse and hang them for being such hypocrites , for some 130 they lie and lie and the simple minded American sheep of zero intellect and objectivity just bought in to it. I try to educate people like you with some intellect left, potential or otherwise……to be reminded about the other site of the story.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            August 29, 2014 2:05 pm

            “Woman who experienced both cut and intact, most prefer intact, go and do some search.”

            Believe it or not, Paul, but since my entering this hornets nest of discourse on this “Losy Sex” blog article, I have been searching and reading variious “input” from medical sources, blogs and polls that I can find. I’ve even asked and discussed the issue with a couple of women on the interenet. The only ones that will discuss the issue with me are those who are protected by psudo-names. Those with real names are shy about talking about sexual issues.

            But, here’s my observations:
            1) The medical community has no factual determinations regarding certain claims about uncut versus uncut claimed by the anti-circumcision crowd. The sudies, as limited as they are, have only come to speculative conclusions. The scientific community will never come out claiming anything as fact unless the research results are undeniably conclusive—for example, how many nerves are contained in the typical adult foreskin. Some in the same community claim 10,000; others in the same community claim 20,000, others claim between X number of nerves to Y number of nerves. But somehow, the anti-circ community has adopted 20,000 as if it is absolute fact—when there is no such authoritive source that claims that number as absolute fact.

            2) Blogs vary from polls alone, with results, followed by comments from readers, to articles with survey results with commnets from readers. These polls and surveys ask the question :”Which does a woman prefer, a man with an intact foreskin or a circumcised man.”

            It’s very interesting to read through the comments and derive from them on what experience or “facts” they base their choice on. But the women who prefer the uncut man also spout many of the “specifics” that are only unique to those who are simultaneously on the bandwagon to abolish circumcision. Those people’s alleged facts are copycat repeated from one blog to another—yet they can cite no source of authoritive validation. Their bias shows based on speculation—not fact. How convenient it is to create your own “facts” when you want to try and convince people to agree with you.

            Some women express their “preference” only because all they have ever experienced is one or the other. That is hardly scientific. How can a woman possibly know how sex is with an uncut man versus a cut man when all she has ever had is one of them. There is no experience—making her input highly biased. Further, sexual excitement and satisfaction is just more than feeling a penis inside a woman. The cut man may be a dud in his mind-set level of satisfying the woman rather than satisfying his own pleasure. The uncut man can be the same way. The women may have their choice simply on who was the best one able to trip her trigger and excite her to the level of orgasm. It is not the foreskin that makes pleasurable unique with one type of penis or the other.

            On these polls….not one of them I have found votes more in favor of the uncut over the cut. They have all sided in “preference” to cut—in the over 50 some percent range. But these polls are not scientific and proof that the choice has anything to do with the status of cut versus uncut.

            If you had any technical knowledge or education in statistical methods and accuracy, you would understand what I am saying. Refusing to hear or understand what I say in favor of your own misbeliefs on the “choice” one expresses makes you the one who blatantly follows like a sheep or continues to argue his misconceptions for the sake of bilking someone intoi believing what they say.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 31, 2014 5:31 pm

            I am not as stupid as you might think of me ……..Anyway I am conscious that we all have our own agendas by it on your site or my site, but your site is relative to mans ideas, my on that what evolved that. Do you realize that you missing up to 80% of what covers you now have left? For your image if you intact and place fingers on the spot where your scar is and pull towards you body until it stop your fingers ( when its soft) only about 25% of your glans will show up, all you would see the folds the rest what you still have now no more you can see just folds, you would have to use the other hand to uncover all and look like circumcised. You missing anywhere from 50 to 80% of covering materials. If I cut it would be 80%

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 31, 2014 5:52 pm

            It depends from which culture those you talk to. Most cultures that are intact do not speak English but in Glamour magazine survey most American with experience both cut and uncut they felt more stimulated by the intact but even that is not accurate, it depends on the age the younger she is the more she might, (and I stress the might) see no difference if she excited and lubricate a lot and also love that man. The woman that hate the cut do so because of of being hurt physically or emotionally bu the cut, the sex the cut must do is a totally different motion, not as Nature intended it in our millions of years of evolving, its complex to go in to , no time for this. The uncut beyond any doubt will do less damage in specific number of woman if use of the folds is done correctly and in some other intact no need for that…………too complex for words only experience can really teach and or a big book to explain perhaps, if possible at all.

          • Paul Frohlich

            August 31, 2014 6:53 pm

            No time yet for your other 4 comments, but that what you wish to write can sell, sex is always a good business. In my case me too will write but its more complex with me despite the fact that 2 of my close relatives are writers and can help. My brother just informed me that some of his writing was translated in to English for the first time and is excited about it, my childhood close friend cousin of my got a TV show wrote at lest 28 books by now is known in several European countries and those 2 plan to get me in to some project in writing a documentary. Do not know have a second thought, I am me …..do not sell the me, no more so good in Czech or German, can not even talk to them properly what I wish to say, I think in English, yes, not as well as you…… I need years to do a good book correctly the English is not my problem but the thoughts I wish to express and how, to be understood. That what I think most just do not care for. I have to use a particular psychology to ignite interest. I want to give my little part if possible to help a few to see the world differently and for the good of this planet. I imagine reality as a whole , us here are insignificant …………sort of …..we are significant but relative just to our space………our space is boring I want understand the beyond of that. And I am not alone.This is the reason I can not stick with you and similar to one subject, this why I am slipping other stuff in . Here it seems people like you are weak, . from my early childhood I become connected to something I call Nature and had fight with my sister over that starting when she about 11. My mind due to some particular circumstance, or experiences started to divorce from these around me……….this place is such a mess because a human as a whole is not very wise specie when it joints ideas of the masses, only people like Einstein , Sagan, Nietzsche ,or not so known like Julia Hill and many not known at all, can understand the way I feel. My anger with you and similar is the inability to tune in to something beyond humanity, you so in to this cut, uncut stuff, ….perhaps because sexuality is such a loaded subject, instinct in all mammals that is responsible for life is a very powerful instinct that can move mountains, you just do not seem to get something …………. ah! let it. You obviously wrong on the subject of genital mutilations , boys or girls, but to understand this you have to do a long search on your own and one day you could see what you do not know now

    • Paul Frohlich

      August 27, 2014 12:03 pm

      Did go back to your first comment to remind me what you wrote. You live in a culture that for the last 120 years mutilated most of man on their reproductive and so most or all of your lovers just did not have experience with uncut. But if you would be living in places where woman know only uncut it would be a different story. With uncut no lubricants are needed. Your wife and girlfriends never needed a lubricant? When I came to America I was puzzled what this young guy was talking about,some great sex with his girl last night and a lubricant, he was telling me that petroleum jelly is not good to use but some other one.The drug stores were full of lubricants, thought it was for hands so I bought one but hated the slippery feel on my hands. Guess he thought I used that with some girls. As you know at some age woman will not lubricate naturally as when young. Did you ever hear the term ” scared cervix”?, by the way, and how it prevent a woman to get pregnant? Tell me what would make those scars in the first place?…..anyway, even a young girl will not lubricate under some conditions, psychological or otherwise, it happened to me with some USA girl. The intact male advantage is that he can get in when she dry, if he do it correctly she will have it deep inside with a speed of a lightning no pain, and it gets her in the mood fast and natural lubrication of her own. Millions of years in evolution is the reason for this, the early us did not play around to get a female ready, she had to be chased and the business had to be quick or some other male get her first. I did this for the fun of it to teach my American girl the purpose of the sliders and she got it very fast and started to use the folds to get it in, on her own to get in the moods, she just served herself without the lazy me doing that job. Now she wants me back, can’t stand the sex with a cut pharmacist she is with. To late I have a wife now who treats and read me better.

    • Gianluca

      September 15, 2014 1:41 pm

      This has become a long thread. But I think it helps to go back to the original post by Georgeanne. Her claim is not that all circumcised men experience worse sex than any intact men. Her claim is that there are on the market a lot of products designed specifically to alleviate the negative effects of circumcision. I copy-paste here part of the blog:

      “Don’t believe me? Then explain the uniquely American proliferation of lubricants and masturbation creams, the existence of which many Europeans—most of whom are intact—find strange. CIRCUMserum is available for those who want to combat what it calls “Dullness Syndrome” by restoring “natural feeling for more intense sex”; Stroke 29, Wicked Cream, and others are designed to help circumcised men seeking solitary pleasure, who find the after-effects of circumcision to stand in the way of sensory pleasure.”

      Without a demand there is no market. This points out that there are men out there who do think that circumcision gives them “lousy sex” such that they need to resort to some sort of help often in the form of creams and/or lubricants. Georgeanne does not claim that every single circumcised man does so, but that many do, how many we don’t know. We would need more statistics to investigate how many men are affected and how.

      I’m sorry that “iamnotsosubtle” is taking it personally, but the point of intactamerica, I believe, is not to make circumcised men feel inferior, but rather to discourage parents from circumcising their newborns and at the same time giving a voice to those circumcised men who feel they have been violated.

      • iamnotsosubtle

        September 19, 2014 1:46 pm

        Where you err is that you think I take it “personally”. The simple fact that I am circumcised and have no complaint in being so does not imply that I have taken any of this blog “personally”. Actually, I believe that the intact men are the ones that take it “personally” in a country where they are the minority. Minorities don’t like being minorities—and intact men, I’m sure—take it personally when a woman who is only familiar with circumcised men do not get too excited with a partner who is not. People are simply resistant to change.

        You make this particular blog post into one that centers around the creams, etc. being sold to enhance sexual pleasure. The words “don’t believe me….” that leads to the product issue implies otherwise. The “don’t believe me” clause uses the fundamental claim of “lousy sex” being the circumcised male’s claimed demise is what brings the creams issue to bear—as if that is what circumcised men must resort to for good sex. I have never used any of those products and don’t care about them.

        As you said, there really isn’t enough data to conclude that the creams and other aids sold in this country are simply because circumcised men are alleged to have less sexual pleasure than intact men. The data would also need to reflect how many intact men purchase those same “aids”. Whenever anyone advertises a product to make something “better”, I believe virtually anyone (including intact men, in this case) will bite to see if the product proves itself to improve sensitivity and pleasure.

    • Gianluca

      September 19, 2014 5:14 pm

      These products are specifically designed to alleviate the consequences of circumcision. If you are intact, then you are not circumcised (per definition) and thus you don’t need them. And again, you cannot speak for all men out there who are circumcised, in particular those who suffer the negative consequences of it. One in 500 circumcisions has acute side effects that are likely to affect sexual life later. 3% have minor side effects, mostly excessive bleeding, that can indicate too much skin removed leading to painful erections later in life. These men need a voice and parents should be discouraged from performing it on their children. The fact that you are happy with it does not change this reality!

      • Paul Frohlich

        September 20, 2014 12:20 pm

        It takes intellect many Americans and other around the globe seems to lack including ” iamnotsosubtle” to ask a questions just like Intact America woman of the month Audrey Terron,who was puzzled as a child about something her girlfriend mother kept in the kitchen drawer some device that mutilated her son genital. The little 4 year old Audrey had more intellect and curiosity than the adult or most adults in those days. To the mother that device represented something wonderful to remember or what? The biggest problem I have with so human species is lack of curiosity and imaginations. Albert Einstein considered imagination far more important than knowledge. Human knowledge cause troubles if intellect is lacking. Example.Some guy called Mohammad was a good leader in wars and become respected and he had some ideas he than started to promote and was considered a prophet by the weak minded of no wisdom, 1300 years later there is some billion people that believe in that crap because they are indoctrinated by knowledge that creates cockroaches like ISIS that cut of heads of woman , children, because of what some book say. Circumcision is the same, an idea that started in Egypt, just a knowledge that go from one generation to other. The child have more intelligence than the adult. The adult is full of knowledge but no imagination. It is the knowledge of the adult that can screw up the child mind. Knowledge do not represent intelligence The child would not get the idea to have his or her part of genital to be cut of, only an adult would do such a bizarre stuff. Humans evolved the way they did because of their ability to parrot, monkey each other. This gave them knowledge that is growing from one generation to other but again knowledge with no wisdom is a very dangerous thing. Carl Sagan predicted that if human do not get them self from their tribal consciousness they will self destroy. How wonderful it would be if all children be like little Audrey, to ask and and ask with no end of asking. Genital mutilations are a result of no asking. People like “iamnotsosubtle” are adults full knowledge but the big picture is lacking in their mind. ” Why I am?” ” Why things evolve the way they do, why would Nature evolve that thing on the reproductive?” ” What is the reason for existence?” “Is there end to the Universe?” ” If so what is behind the end?” And so on and on, asking, curiosity imagination in Einstein words is a part of growing to wisdom. And without wisdom humans will not survive as Sagan predicted.

        • iamnotsosubtle

          September 24, 2014 9:09 am

          These posts are so laughable.

          One claims that because products are designed for circumcised men, they are not needed, or therefore usable by intact men. There are many products designed for purposes other than which they are used in this world. Products advertised to improve sexual gratification will get people to “bite” on them regardless of whether they were designed for “them”.

          Another (Paul’s) preaches about intellect, and further descibes an adult as one with “knowledge” but no “imagination”. Even intact men cannot claim to know what other intact men purchase for what potential use. Paul seems to think that intellect comes from having an intact penis.

          I will agree that Paul is full of imagination. His posts reflect such. The problem, Paul, is that imagination doesn’t make something a fact.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 24, 2014 12:37 pm

            You are indeed an idiot to put words in somebody mouth. Or at lest an ignoramus at best. Who said that intact man are more wise? Einstein as a ” Jew” ( he did not call himself that) was most probably genitally mutilated at birth but one of the wisest man alive. And sure if he alive today he would by up in front to oppose genital mutilation of any kind girls or boys. Just as growing number of Jews oppose it also ,and reject this anti- Nature stupidity to be done to their babies. Thing before you come up with stories. So far you prove yourself to be good in English but not much of an intellect. You talk like an indoctrinated machine of some kind, so easy to predict. I advise you to examine who, what kind of an environment put those thoughts in to your mind but doubt you will, most characters as yours will not try or are unable to do so.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 27, 2014 7:41 pm

            Paul asks in his previous post, after calling me an idiot:
            “Who said that intact man are more wise?”

            Who’s the idiot where nothing I said implied wisdom of intact men?

            Again, Paul, either learn some english comprehension or just shut your ignorant mouth.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 28, 2014 12:13 am

            After living in America and Canada most of my life I feel my English is not so bad to understand what you said. you would not be schizophrenic by any chance? I know what you wrote, you forget so easy.Whatever, not a big deal, I am just not very kind to those that promote genital mutilation.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 28, 2014 10:03 am

            You know what I wrote, eh? You know what I wrote supports your claim that I referred in any way to “intact wisdom”?

            Your BS by trying to skate from it is another overwhelming sign of your lack of integrity in owning up to your ignorance/ability to comprehend what people write before you open your mouth and insert foot.

            It’s easy enough to copy and paste what I wrote in the post you replied to if you really think I said what you claim. But you don’t because you know it doesn’t support what you say.

            Then you try and steer away from the subject attempting to excuse your ignorance by laying it on your not being nice to those that (you think) support “mutilation”.

            Tattoos and body piercings are much closer to being “mutilation” than circumcision at birth. But what you still can’t figure out is that I have never “supported” circumcision, nor have I ever “supported” or been against remaining intact. You just don’t like that I don’t rubber-stamp your BS.

          • paul frolich

            September 29, 2014 12:03 am

            OK my friend, this what you wrote on Sep.24 2014 9.09 I did copy it for you those are your own words.” Paul seems to think that intellect comes from intact penis” ( I give you a credit for the ” seems”, so your statement is not definite but still ” seems is another word for probability.) And for this I gave you an answer with a big stick. Shall I remind you what you said to that?…….whatever…. next in the same note you also say of me this again in your own words “The problem, Paul,is that imagination doesn’t something a fact” and also you added “another (Paul’s) preaches about intellect and futher describes an adultas one with ” knowledge” but no “imagination” So now back to me.the last sentences are not an insult but its a window on the degree of you intellect. You ignored or forgot,what I said before? Those are Albert Einstein words not my. I am more educated in those directions more than you are.Since my age of 15 I was and am in to this stuff. Imaginations are not facts, you right,but it is because same geniuses had a good imagination , it gave you a computer, cell phone, and sadly a nuclear weapons as well. Imaginations took us to the Moon and one day beyond. The territory I am interested in require lots of imaginations to bring us facts. Get it pal? And since you obviously lack imaginations its hard to explain to you some more down to Earth stuff like genital cuttings. With no imagination you are unable to be in someone else mind and than the way you give your arguments you give the impressions like if you support genital mutilations. Tatoos ( how you spell it?) are stupid I do not have them, but I rather have tatoos, than damaged reproductive and its done to a child where tatoos are an adults decisions. Huge difference. You say to be against circumcision? OK if true, but you stand on a fence, just read yourself. Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 14:33:30 +0000 To: [email protected]

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 29, 2014 9:13 am

            Paul, when you quote something I say in reply to you, it is necessary to apply my response to what you said…NOT just pull some words out of a hat and apply some abstract application to them.

            As far as imagination…if you knew anything about my education and work experience, it would be impossible for you to legitimately claim I have no imagination.

            For that matter, explain to me what “imagination” has to do with evaluating the pros and cons of whether one is intact or circumcised.

            The brain is really the most potent sex organ, and that is where imagination makes for great sex, regardless of whether one is circumcised or not.

          • Paul Frohlich

            October 6, 2014 10:13 am

            you really are the case of self denial psychologists talk about, desperate prove you points and ignoring the real world. When the brain do not have the sensors necessary it will not do what it will as Nature evolved that that for. Go on Intact America news for this month and under the Colorado events where some man talk on a video and after this renowned Australian psychologist, Gregory Boyle, who was cut will,talk about this mutilation he is very upset about this emotionally. Its a criminal act to do this on babies because of the psychological effect on the development of the child. It influence its personality. Only USA and Israel do this criminality on people that can not decide for them self.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 28, 2014 12:37 am

            But to your credit I remember you also stated few month ago, that you do not support genital mutilation on those unable to consent. Not sure if I can believe that since my feeling is you promote genital mutilation in a very sneaky way. For this you are on a wrong place. Very few people in here would go for you propaganda.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 28, 2014 10:16 am

            Paul, I’d have to go back and see how I precisely said what I did. But I have never agreed that circumcision is “genital mutilation”, and have posted as such. I have always supported the parental RIGHT to make that decision at birth on behalf of the child (whether right or wrong in their decision).

            But I know I did say that I think it might be preferable that a child be given the opportunity to make that decision himself. But I would NOT support any law that would strip those parental rights from determining what they feel in the best interests of their offspring.

            That is why my attempted place in this forum has always been to debate the issue with pros and cons and actual RECORDED FACTS—such that parents of the future take into account their “moral obligation” in obtaining all the facts before making their decision.

            Unfortunately, my place here was immediately met with insults, innuendos and the general child-like attitudes that ignorant people assume while they attempt to pat themselves on the back as if they are superior in intelligence to those that might not be supportive of their views.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 28, 2014 2:29 pm

            Well whatever, sorry when I loose my temper, this subject just piss me of, I feel you push for this, and I call it the correct name, a mutilation, and no parent have any right to cut of something on a persons body that will not grow back, without his or her consent. plain and simple. Why do we have to discus something like this in the 21st century? This is a basic violation of human rights, it kills the constitution. who cares if we have the right to do blah blah blah freely as the First Amendment call for, when me , if born in USA, somebody cut something from my body because as the story go, some say its for the “health reason?” Ball shit! This is my body! Not that of the parent. Its not Nature or God that tell the parent “Ups I , we, screwed up cut that of, there is an error” its not on the parent to decide if God or Nature screwed up. It, they do not. evolution remove over time all that is defective. The parent did not create me, something far more complex did, something no human can understand yet. this ” something” some call God, some Nature, others the Ultimate Reality, whatever, we do not understand it. When I get 18 I am free to do what I want with “my” body. But please let children be children,let them be as the Creation gave them to us. I was born the way all life evolved over those millions of years, my body is a result of millions of years in evolution, my body, your body its a miracle beyond understanding, its not defective, how could any man judge evolution? Nature, God whatever, I repeat myself……Human create nothing, except big mess all over this place. Humans build hospitals that are full all the time, with the sick mentally or physically. What is going on with this dumb creature? On one side it invent a computer and on the other its the most illogical animal on this planet it destroy with its ignorance…..nuclear bombs,wars, stupid religions, rapes, cutting of heads due to ideas ……….it makes one sick to name it all to think about all the stupid things this creature do.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 28, 2014 2:46 pm

            “It they do not” I made an error , when I read back what i send, do not even understand myself…..those words. What I said was that ” it” ( God) or they ( perhaps both Nature, God, nuclear particles that combined them self in living things some 700 million years ago………..my mind is a little complex for others to read, love physics, space and see the whole picture and do often errors in the way of of my speech. I need time ,time that I do not have, to put my arguments understandable to others.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 29, 2014 12:05 am

            I just screwed up a little and send to you by Email, sorry.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 29, 2014 1:04 am

            Again you are getting insults from others because you similar to Obama mentality, you have a lack of imagination, just as Obama, you play games and people are not stupid, they know something just do not fit in to the picture. On this blog you must be for or against and something in between just do not fly so well. But you might know, if you be fully against, you will loose, so you play in between games? Perhaps not? Its just a guess. You are perhaps not conscious why you piss of people on this subject. Again I repeat if you did not get the Email. You wrote on Sep. 24 2014 9.09 am those words, I quote: Paul seems to think that intellect comes from intact penis” Unquote. In other words Paul is not that smart he is an idiot. Right? But you know what I do not give a shit what you say of me, I feel secure in that what I am, people that know me personally, university professors included and 4 university professors in my family, back in Europe, they all respect me even if we constantly in verbal conflicts. And no, I never mention to them this talk on genital mutilation, they are not cut, its not a problem there. But one professor named Norm Davis a microbiology professor at Alberta U of A university, I know him well, my boys were friends to his boys while still in Canada my kids now in Nevada and California, his boys were cut but I never brought up that subject to him, but now I do, to his older son Matthew, that is, on his Facebook. I was like his second Papa, he called me, he hated his father and I suspect it started due to the genital cuttings done to him, he was a troubled kid who often run to my house and stay there for days with my kids never came home and Norm hated it. I loved to talk to Norm for his knowledge on space and nuclear physics, he is a genius in that but I did not have the guts to tell him something on genital cuttings. Today I would, but he moved to the East. Anyway, I repeat again Albert Einstein words, remember, not my words. He said what I did not get right away but now I do. Einstein said: ” Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge”, just think about it before you try to put me down what I said on “knowledge” and “imaginations” Its somewhat metaphorical but so true.Be critical of Einstein for those words not me.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 29, 2014 9:42 am

            Paul, you threw into your post something I contribute to your imagination…you said:

            “I was like his second Papa, he called me, he hated his father and I suspect it started due to the genital cuttings done to him…”

            I always loved my dad…he was intact but I was circumcised. I “imagine” you will tell me I loved him because he was intact despite the “mutilation” he and my mother imposed upon me at birth. lol

            I do wonder why an intact man (at age 46, when I was born), who had already had one son before me that was left intact at birth, decided to have his next two sons circumcised.

            Woe is me…he passed away in 1988, and my mother passed in 2005…so I can’t ask them any more. But then, it has never mattered to me that I am circumcised. I also have no “imagination” to wonder what would have been so different in my sex life had I been left intact.

            Paul, your dedication to changing the parental decision process against circumcision is admirable, but you and your friends are taking a bullying, sledge hammer approach to it in how they respond to those who sit on the fence about it.

            But I must tell you that “imagination” plays no part in my decision making process of determining fact from fiction in debating issues such as this. There is no debate in places such as this blog—just hard-core imagination. For that, I give you an A+.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 29, 2014 10:02 am

            OK, will think about in and might say something to that later but now must do some job someone is waiting

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 30, 2014 10:57 am

            No, will not tell you what you imagine what I will say, on why you loved your Papa…. ( (always hated the word dad it sounds like dead and nobody notice that, just like ” football” what ball, that strange egg looking thing? People in America do not think, no imagination no wonder some Europeans say America lack intellect, whatever not all like that, America will wake up, or at least many)…. anyway your Papa, or father, was intact, perhaps because the just born Americas progressive beast did not get him yet. Should also mention that the founders of America had better intellect than the European leaders had in those days. But when today so many vote a guy as stupid as Obama is, its indeed an intellect less nation. Your parents just like most Americans, fell in the communal trap of progressive collectivism, capitalism was still the way, I talk about a social collectivism The so admired American rugged, free spirit and individualism was written in the books only, no more in the minds of its people. God become a bumper sticker, its the doctor who become the real god to listen to. You loved your Papa because he might have been good Papa. Lucky for him I was not his son, and with the knowledge I have today, the one responsible for my mutilation would be in Hell until the moment of their psychological total brake down. Just like this cut guy I read about, who psychologically broke down his mother for his mutilation, not his father, he was not for it.His mother wrote the story, she now fight against genital mutilation of boys and say it was the worst mistake in her life to put her son under the knife. I am lucky to be born in a different culture, but some of the stupidity penetrated there also.When I was studding to be a forest ranger, I noticed many boys did not look like me down there in the shower we took, those from the east of the country….it looked so strange, in some….or it was because this how they washed they exposed the glans. Anyway, all above are just my opinions.

      • iamnotsosubtle

        September 24, 2014 9:17 am

        Gianluca says:

        “… One in 500 circumcisions has acute side effects that are likely to affect sexual life later. 3% have minor side effects, mostly excessive bleeding, that can indicate too much skin removed leading to painful erections later in life. …”

        What are the stats behind medical recommendations for circumcision regarding men in later life that are not circumcised?

        There are both sides of this equation that don’t reflect equality. If you are going to debate an argument, reflect both sides of it.

        • Paul Frohlich

          September 24, 2014 12:53 pm

          One in 500 circumcised man will have reduced sexual feelings? What? Who said it? What an ignorant statement to declare that the glans covers are good for nothing and those thousands of nerves cut of are good for nothing as well?. No wonder, with this kind of a mentality this place is fucked up as it is. Air, oceans,rain forests,foods polluted, diseases wining despite all the drugs, wars,murder of woman and children, rapes. How can this human specie survive with so many idiots?

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 27, 2014 8:05 pm

            Paul—why are you asking me “who said it?”. If you read, it is Gianluca who said that. Talk to him. You’re talking to my hand.

    • Gianluca

      September 24, 2014 2:16 pm

      To “iamnotsosubtle”: Less than 1% of intact adult men will undergo a circumcision (which includes both medical and religious reasons). So, now you have both sides.

      To “Paul”: I did not say that only 1 in 500 men will have reduced sexual sensitivity. I said that 1 in 500 infant circumcisions has immediate acute side affects (that will have reverberations later in adult sexual life). Of course, you then need to add all other side effects that show up later and/or are not reported.

      • Paul Frohlich

        September 25, 2014 10:55 am

        Sorry ” Gianluca” it seems like I did not read well. Also did not realize it was your statement. Where you got that number? But with each mutilation there is a 100% effect and that is huge pain to that person, psychological effects written in to the forming brain cells and so on and on…..

        • Bettie M.

          September 25, 2014 12:27 pm

          Not one infant circumcision of the nonreligious variety should be done, ever, if the entire penis is healthy and normal – and even then, alternatives should first be sought in every corner of the medical universe. Putting knives and clamps onto a baby’s sex organ is too horrible to contemplate at any length. 25 years after “discovering” infant circ, just by happenstance, I have not been able to wrap my mind around it. Doing this to a child is beyond wicked. It is demonic.

          • Paul Frohlich

            September 25, 2014 12:53 pm

            Not exactly sure what you mean by ” nonreligious variety”. Religion or not, it is an evil act done to a person just a few days old. And do not forget 3 million girls each year across the globe just as cruel and in many cases worse and more deadly.Otherwise your point is very well written.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 27, 2014 8:57 pm

            I would counter that Bettie’s point is not very well written because it does not describe her “discovery” of circumcision by “happenstance”. The actual circumstances of her experience plays into how she contemplates the issue—yet we don’t know what that is.

          • iamnotsosubtle

            September 27, 2014 8:52 pm

            Describe your discovery by “happenstance”.

    • Gianluca

      September 24, 2014 2:28 pm

      To “iamnotsosubtle” above: It is Georgeanne’s correct observation that these products are specifically targeting circumcised men. Whether they are used by others as well or not, I don’t know. But the fact that companies have recognized a market and are advertising it specifically for that, suggests that there is a demand. If there is no demand there is no market. Companies must have figured out that by labeling it “for circumcised men” increases their sales, which means that they are targeting a specific part of the population.

      Of course, you can use a deodorant for other purposes other than putting it under your armpits. But the fact that companies label it for that purpose suggests that most people will use it that way, since companies want to maximize sales. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make a lot of money with it and then they would have to figure out how to advertise it better.

      • Paul Frohlich

        September 25, 2014 11:21 am

        The sad reality is that ” the power of suggestion” (If the right words) submit, cancel the Nature build in maternal instinct given to all mammal females, only the human one in America and elsewhere on this globe, mans ideas overpower this instinct to protect her baby even at the risk her life. People like ” iamnotsosubtle” are victims of this total submission to man, by the females that gave them life. And than those victims try the best to justify this mutilation done on them.Disturbing………it makes me hate humans that submit like that to each other.

        • iamnotsosubtle

          September 27, 2014 8:46 pm

          Paul, the sad reality is that you and the intact crusaders are the very ones attempting to use the power of suggestion to allege mutilation and harm. Also, I have NEVER attempted to JUSTIFY my circumcision status. That is one of your delusions.

          You claim great pain and psychological impact on 100% of babies circumcised at birth. I merely tell you that you can’t prove those claims by me.

          That response in no way justifies my circumcision status. I am not a data sample that justifies your hypothesis. But I doubt that you can understand what I am saying, so it’s not likely after this length of time you ever will.

          • Paul Frohlich

            October 17, 2014 10:48 pm

            Imagine a society with a custom where all ears are cut of by all new born, an ear less society.When people from other places come and tell them its wrong to cut ears when babies are born, is this bad? Some kind of a seeding, a power of suggestion? What so bad when intactivist oppose mutilating baby boys genitals? A power of suggestion that is not so good?

      • iamnotsosubtle

        September 27, 2014 8:23 pm

        Companies do recognize markets for products. It’s prudent business before investing a fortune in a product whose potential market has not been investigated.

        But companies also CREATE markets with deception and propaganda, or outright false claims. How many products are sold to increase penis size, etc. that don’t actually work? How many “amazing discovery” weight loss products have found a market that don’t work?

        Markets can be created in people because certain “beliefs” can be created in those duped by propaganda and allegations.

        Were these markets of products targeted at circumcised men created because circumcised men, themselves, have complaints about their sexual function? Or have these products become a “market” because of the allegations from intact crusades that circumcised men suffer inferior sexual function because of lost sensitivity?

    • Gianluca

      September 25, 2014 2:19 pm

      Paul, no worries. I figured so. The number that 1 in 500 circumcisions has acute side effects is from the latest report of the AAP. They also mention that 3% have “minor” complications like excessive bleeding. I’m not sure what “acute complications” involve. If I have time I will update on this here. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of statistics about it because many complications, especially those that appear in adolescence and adulthood, are not documented. There is also a study performed by the Danish pediatric association documenting a rate of complications of 3-5% (I’m not sure about the exact numbers) when circumcision is performed in toddlers. Again, this number does not contain complications that are felt later in life by the person. But, I agree with you that the major complication of circumcision is the loss of an entire organ – the foreskin.

    • English girl

      November 30, 2014 5:10 am

      “a 40 year old Master Sergeant went on medical leave for a few days to be circumcised. He had a chronic problem with infections and soreness of the glans and foreskin, despite having performed what doctors said was the necessary hygiene after he was treated numerous times, previously”

      His infection was caused by excessive hygiene due to paranoia over not being circumcised in a cutting culture. Contrary to what cut men think, the foreskin and glans should NOT be washed, and certainly not with soap. The glans just needs to be retracted for a second or two while in the shower, but not every day. Excessive washing causes soreness and smells, due to the good bacteria being killed, allowing bad bacteria to colonise. The same is true of the female genitalia. The “necessary hygiene” recommended by the ignorant doctors made the problem worse. If the man had only left his penis ALONE it would have healed, and the problem would have gone away in about a week. He’d still be enjoying his foreskin today!

      • Paul Frohlich

        January 24, 2015 1:47 pm

        You have something in this statement that made me think. Years ago I used a soap but only once, it burned so no more , but over washing can create problems just like in a girl if she wash inside each day,the fluids evolved for a reason and are also antiseptic in both sexes. For a guy just flush with water when the white stuff is seen and than leave it alone. Infection is easy to avoid. Its an internal organ that evolved only for one purpose. Reproduction. Any other ” modern” kind of stimulation must be done carefully so not to cause a dry friction, that guy not only over washed, but could have done something else often and bruised? That can cause infection. Just like in a girl it will sooner or later.10 years ago I had no computer and no other info. available in N. America books, but I concluded that life long exposed glans will become rough and can cause microscopic damage to the cervix, today more start to realize this . Philippines with most of the man cut, they have some the highest cervical cancer rate in the world beating even the breast cancer and that do not include uterine tumors and cancer also the highest and their stupid government still promote cutting and its done for free, because , they say it prevent cancers. How stupid some human apes can be. No logic.It took millions of years to evolve life to its perfection as it is today. The only thing that is not evolving very well is some human species.

    • Gianluca

      February 6, 2015 4:34 pm

      I use soap every time. I never had a problem, but I use only gentle soap. I do it mainly for moisture. But everybody is different. Everybody should try out different things and figure out what works for them. It’s hard to tell what other problems the officer had who is mentioned by “English girl”.

      • Paul Frohlich

        February 6, 2015 5:04 pm

        For intact, is it not better to use an olive oil or organic coconut oil or something instead of some mild soap for moisture?

      • Paul Frohlich

        February 6, 2015 5:46 pm

        My feeling is, when a man or his girl play too much with intact, rub dry on dry, not just the glans but that what cover it, this asking for an infection, this is an internal organ and the inside cover next to it as well or the big nerve, frenulum? all that any microscopic tear will be harmful, Nature intended it only for one purpose, a naturally lubricated female insides. Any other touch should be under lubricated conditions. This why the girl doing stuff to her boyfriend in “sexasnatureintendedit” in # 4 video 6, she put a sun lotion on him, he is intact, without it he would be in pain, there is no way she could do what she do without any lubricant. That thing did not evolve for what is done to it today. A today woman with intact do not need do oral to him, if she lubricate it, she will cause him even more pleasures and less the mess from him some might hate……

  • T.Noel

    August 26, 2014 7:34 pm
    • iamnotsosubtle

      August 26, 2014 8:55 pm

      Great link! Thank you. It was a very entertaining read. It took my mind off of my heavy duty libido and continuous horniness. And here I thought my daily desire for sexual gratification since age 11 (I’m almost 62 now) was caused by my circumcised penis. And I’ve thanked my penis daily for it! That’s unjust enrichment! LOL

    • Paul Frohlich

      August 27, 2014 2:03 am

      Thanks. I read what you send and printed some of it and send it to my wife she like to read such stuff, hahahaha. She knows about you and that you a bit crazy like me

    • Bettie M

      August 27, 2014 1:46 pm

      St Thomas Aquinas, writing 1267-73

      [God ordered circumcision for] the diminishing of fleshly concupiscence which thrives principally in those organs because of the intensity of venereal pleasure.

      Procutters: how do you know for an absolute fact that the creator of the universe ordered this? Do you believe everything you read in the bible, and act on it? Why pick and choose what ancient laws you should abide by, and which you don’t?

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Marilyn Fayre Milos, multiple award winner for her humanitarian work to end routine infant circumcision in the United States and advocating for the rights of infants and children to genital autonomy, has written a warm and compelling memoir of her path to becoming “the founding mother of the intactivist movement.” Needing to support her family as a single mother in the early sixties, Milos taught banjo—having learned to play from Jerry Garcia (later of The Grateful Dead)—and worked as an assistant to comedian and social critic Lenny Bruce, typing out the content of his shows and transcribing court proceedings of his trials for obscenity. After Lenny’s death, she found her voice as an activist as part of the counterculture revolution, living in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco during the 1967 Summer of Love, and honed her organizational skills by creating an alternative education open classroom (still operating) in Marin County. 

After witnessing the pain and trauma of the circumcision of a newborn baby boy when she was a nursing student at Marin College, Milos learned everything she could about why infants were subjected to such brutal surgery. The more she read and discovered, the more convinced she became that circumcision had no medical benefits. As a nurse on the obstetrical unit at Marin General Hospital, she committed to making sure parents understood what circumcision entailed before signing a consent form. Considered an agitator and forced to resign in 1985, she co-founded NOCIRC (National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers) and began organizing international symposia on circumcision, genital autonomy, and human rights. Milos edited and published the proceedings from the above-mentioned symposia and has written numerous articles in her quest to end circumcision and protect children’s bodily integrity. She currently serves on the board of directors of Intact America.


Georganne Chapin is a healthcare expert, attorney, social justice advocate, and founding executive director of Intact America, the nation’s most influential organization opposing the U.S. medical industry’s penchant for surgically altering the genitals of male children (“circumcision”). Under her leadership, Intact America has definitively documented tactics used by U.S. doctors and healthcare facilities to pathologize the male foreskin, pressure parents into circumcising their sons, and forcibly retract the foreskins of intact boys, creating potentially lifelong, iatrogenic harm. 

Chapin holds a BA in Anthropology from Barnard College, and a Master’s degree in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University. For 25 years, she served as president and chief executive officer of Hudson Health Plan, a nonprofit Medicaid insurer in New York’s Hudson Valley. Mid-career, she enrolled in an evening law program, where she explored the legal and ethical issues underlying routine male circumcision, a subject that had interested her since witnessing the aftermath of the surgery conducted on her younger brother. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Pace University School of Law in 2003, and was subsequently admitted to the New York Bar. As an adjunct professor, she taught Bioethics and Medicaid and Disability Law at Pace, and Bioethics in Dominican College’s doctoral program for advanced practice nurses.

In 2004, Chapin founded the nonprofit Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality, a company that designs software and provides consulting services designed to reduce administrative complexities, streamline and integrate data collection and reporting, and enhance access to care for those in need. In 2008, she co-founded Intact America.

Chapin has published many articles and op-ed essays, and has been interviewed on local, national and international television, radio and podcasts about ways the U.S. healthcare system prioritizes profits over people’s basic needs. She cites routine (nontherapeutic) infant circumcision as a prime example of a practice that wastes money and harms boys and the men they will become. This Penis Business: A Memoir is her first book.