IOTM – Heather Hironimus

April 2015: Four years ago, Heather Hironimus could not have imagined that she would be in the center of a national debate, let alone an ongoing court case drama. What she did know, however, was that she would go to any length to protect her baby boy from harm.

Similar to the story of many of our fellow intactivsts, Heather initially thought of circumcision as a non-issue, something all parents just do. In December of 2011, Heather signed a joint parenting agreement with her son’s father, Dennis Nebus. Upon researching the practice and learning of its dangers, Heather changed her views on circumcision.

Unfortunately, Nebus did not share Heather’s concern with the harm of circumcision. When he realized that Heather did not want to have their son circumcised, he initiated legal action.

A year, a gag order, and multiple denied appeals later, Heather is still protecting her son from the court system as well as from any doctors who would circumcise her son. In February of this year, she and her son took refuge in a domestic abuse shelter, where she is evading a court-ordered arrest warrant.

Heather and her son have been embraced by the intactivist community. Many organizations and advocacy groups have joined together to support this mother and son during this time.

Heather’s unconditional love for her child, and her desire to keep him as nature intended, is clear. Her willingness to do everything in her power to keep her child safe (even risking a jail sentence) makes her our April Intactivist of the Month. Long after this court case has ended, Heather will remain an inspirational figure in our movement. Her story will serve as a testament to the power of intactivism and a mother’s bond with her child. Our thoughts and prayers are with Heather and her son.

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