As more and more men learn about sensitivity loss from circumcision and aging, they look for ways to feel more. Various products purporting to meet this need and improve sexual sensation have entered the market.

Now, without making any product endorsements or claims as to their efficacy, we’ll tell you a little bit about some of the available products — things that men whose penises lack their natural protection (the foreskin) might use to make sex and masturbation feel better. Products that claim to “recondition” or “rejuvenate” the penis fall into three categories: protective coverings, moisturizers, and sensitizing agents.

Protective coverings: Senslip, and Manhood are examples of foreskin protectors designed to cover the glans and allow it to regain suppleness and sensitivity. They’re designed to be worn under regular clothing, and to be removed at night and during sex.

Moisturizers: Coconut oil, today’s rage, appears high on the list of moisturizers and lubricants for use during masturbation or sex. Silicone oils also seem to be very popular. Other moisturizers safe for the penis include perfume-free lotions and creams containing Vitamins A, C and E. Stay away from anything with perfume, and from petroleum-based products. But be sure that if you’re using the products during sex, you check to ensure the ingredients won’t degrade your condom (coconut oil and Vaseline have been reported to do this).

Sensitizing agents: Finally, there are a couple of products on the market that claim to contain re-sensitizing agents, in addition to moisturizing and lubricating ingredients. These include CircumSerum (and it’s European version Sensum+), and Man1 Man Oil.

CircumSerum and Sensum+ contain, among other ingredients, cinnamon oil which the manufacturer states “works by activating the Transient Receptor Potential A1 (TRPA-1) channels responsible for the heat and cold sensation of the skin.” Man1 Man Oil contains vitamin supplements, an anti-oxidant, and an enzyme that together are supposed to restore nerve function and increase blood flow to the penis.

An estimated 70 million American men lack the foreskins they were born with, as a result of an unjustifiable mutilation foisted on them when they were too young to consent or resist. Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs are working to reach this enormous market with products that might help to reduce or reverse the damage done by circumcision.

Again, Intact America endorses no products, nor can we confirm the efficacy (or even safety) of the compounds and devices described above. But we want you to know what’s out there! As awareness grows about the harms of circumcision, we can expect to see more products entering the mainstream. Do your research, and we’d be happy to hear about your experience — via email [email protected].