DECEMBER 2015: In lieu of a December Intactivist of the Month, we want to acknowledge all of YOU – die-hard intactivists who are raising awareness about the harm that forced circumcision inflicts on our baby boys and the men they will become, and promoting each person’s right to keep the natural body they were born with.

So, for everyone who speaks out even when it’s uncomfortable to do so, for those who write letters to their local newspapers and post comments on the web; for those who distribute flyers and cards; for those who show up to demonstrate in all kinds of weather at all kinds of public places; for those who initiate painfully difficult conversations with their sons, with their brothers and sisters, their parents, their friends; for those who donate to their favorite intactivist organizations.

You are our Intactivists of the Year. Together, we are pulling away the curtains, exposing the truth about what is done to babies by doctors in American hospitals. Pat yourselves on the back, pop the champagne — and then get back to the work of changing the way America thinks about circumcision!